Tuesday, Mar. 11, 2008 | Moon in Taurus

Venus and Mercury are now at the end of the journey through Aquarius and courrently straddling the North Node; Venus is in a separating aspect while Mercury approaches it’s conjunction. It’s our sense of idealism that is pulling us forward now, helping us find that crucial balance between heart and head.

Today the Moon continues her journey through Taurus continuing the indulgent mood, increasing our craving for physical comfort, helping us enjoy the simple pleasures of life. With a concentration of planets in Pisces and Aquarius this is providing us much needed emotional grounding as we allow our imagination to soar. As she squares the planets in Aquarius, the lesson we need to learn is that our relationships can only benefit from allowing each other freedom to express out own individuality — it is “space” that is now bringing us closer together and strengthening bonds.

Meanwhile, I just got back to dentist after having my wisdom tooth extracted. Definitely not the most pleasant experience and I’m nursing a fat numb jaw. My time in Mumbai is flying as it always does but I’d rather not think about that for now. I will be taking a few days off at towards the end of the when I take off on a real vacation somewhere by the sea, before I return to the big apple.

I leave you now with the Oracle, enjoy the Taurus Moon… I will be back here tomorrow with daily transits.


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== Archive Quote

“Before you decide that you can’t have what you want the very most, take a look at the whole situation, and also consider what happened when you’ve found yourself in a similar situation before. A healthy measure of doubt would be a good thing now, particularly doubting your own propensity to be negative. It’s vital that you sort out your actual feelings from what you think is going on in someone else’s mind, and to find out from them what’s really unfolding in their world. The most intense astrological activity is brewing, boiling and all but exploding in the corner of your chart where you are the most easily blindsided but most genuinely need to look. Dream activity in the hours just after sunrise will reveal a lot.”

— Eric Francis, Planet Waves Oracle, Nov 29, 2002, Capricorn – Weekly

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