Towards Reconciliation: Taurus New Moon

By Len Wallick

Peace like a river ran through the city / Long past the midnight curfew / We sat starry-eyed / We were satisfied”
— Paul Simon

Overnight tonight for most of us (2:51 AM EDT) we experience a New Moon when Luna and the Sun exact their monthly conjunction. This time the location is very close to the middle of Taurus, a fixed Earth sign. It means that we are also very close to the second cross-quarter of the year, the halfway point in Sol’s journey between the first degree of Aries (Vernal Equinox) and the first degree of Cancer, which corresponds to the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s two meaningful events taking place at nearly the same time. Whether In the context of what the planets are doing, or not, the theme for astrology and your everyday life is one of reconciliation.

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Nearly all conjunctions have three features. A new beginning, a merging of energies and the potential to overlook something right under our noses. When the luminaries conjoin we do not see the Moon for a few days. Shortly thereafter they begin dividing their time, with the Sun providing the light of day and Luna illuminating the night, growing first larger, then smaller before merging again to begin a new cycle. This cycle is called a lunation and each one is very much like a reincarnation for the Moon.

The personality of any given lunar incarnation is set in the beginning, when the Moon returns to be one with the Sun and is hidden from our view. The sign and degree where the convergence takes place are the primary contributors to that character. Taking place at the midpoint between seasons, the nature is conciliatory, with one luminary figuratively and literally meeting the other half way.

That’s what reconciliation is about. It creates the foundation for a new beginning. It is a restoration of harmony, balance and consistency. It is not usually found, it is made. It does not require capitulation, nor does it seek to dominate. It is not acquiescence, it is a mutual satisfaction. Sun and Moon merging energies in such a way symbolically indicates an opportunity for everyone to actually do something very much the same in their own lives.

The place to begin is, as a conjunction would have it, literally right under our noses (and behind them). Reconciliation begins in our hearts and minds. In places out of sight, very much like the New Moon, we can return from the cycles of our life’s journey and join with our inner source of light and life. It may take a little time, a bit of solitude. It is often a good thing to get outdoors and walk or sit among the beings who spend all of their time in witness to the sky. However it is done, the result is the same. Assuming you’re able to get there, it is a feeling of refreshment and renewal, a new beginning for an old soul. There is no time like the present.

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10 thoughts on “Towards Reconciliation: Taurus New Moon

  1. Dear Len and everyone,

    Sorry to be late but was digging holes in my bedroom wall trying to save a fallen baby bird yesterday. No success, alas, but have a plan that will prevent it from happening again. Emotionally spent, from this and the brouhaha of the OBL story, I am finally reporting in to say how divinely insightful your story was and how grateful I am to be in Taurus-land.

    As a testiment to the events and on-going evolution of the planet in bringing balance to our over-emphasized yangness, there was a very yin configuration taking place Sunday night/Monday morning. The goddess Juno who tirelessly seeks equality and fairness in relationship, finally turned direct in Virgo at 13 degrees and 59 minutes. At the same time Pallas-Athene, the goddess of strategic planning and protector of the state, was sextile Venus, the goddess of love. These symbols, Pallas in Aquarius at 13+ Aquarius and Venus at 13+ Aries, harmoniously brought the individual and the group together, while forming a yod to the powerfully just-direct Juno, who took all that feminine energy and turned it to the goddess Ceres opposite her in Pisces.

    Dane Rudhyer has said of the opposition that it is a complimentary aspect or it is possible to be that. Ceres the nurturer at 14 + Pisces was also trine the American Sun (Sibly chart) in Cancer and provided him a restorative tonic. The beginning of a balancing of factors provided through the cooperative effort of the heavenly symbols of yin. Nice going ladies.

  2. Beautiful. It’s been so tough lately that reconciliation seems like the holy grail to me! So the notion that now’s the potential time is both a relief and scary-I feel so bruised that trust is in very short supply; risk of failure feels so high. Reconciliation, yes, but out of 2 being whole, not out of capitulation or control. The one part that has me the tiniest bit hopeful is that it can begin in solitude, in the woods. Thank you so much for that! Out there-and alone-is the only place that feels safe nowadays. I’ll give it a shot this morning and see if some peace can come and I feel like I can get back in there. Loving everybody’s comments here, by the way!

  3. poetic as usual, Len. thank you.

    and what’s not to love about 13 Tau? whether you’re getting your hands on tomato plants
    or something else that needs to be carried-( is it big enough to be considered baggage?)
    ha! hey. I didn’t start this … this Self Awareness Month thingie………


  4. Reconciliation: “It is not usually found, it is made.” In the dark of this taurus new moon you encourage us that we don’t have switch on our flash lights and to find it. We just have to connect with an inner spark of ingenuity and find it in our “hearts and minds.” That’s definitely the place to start, Len.

    Yes it can be hard work but I’d rather be consciously active than passive in reconciling a whole host of disparate entities and feel part of the process. Heck, here in Canada, we may be just hours away from writing a whole new chapter on reconciliation and nothing could make me happier. At least I’m hoping — with my fingers and toes crossed.

  5. Could only repeat Jude, toddy, word and Jere to you Len. Such insightful, gentle guidance especially as it sits on my Venus in Taurus at 12 degrees. Sounds like Hazel is spot on for your tomatoes, jere. Let us know how they taste. Well, here goes. Reconciiation, huh? Right under my nose, huh?

  6. Yes, get those plants in with the new moon in Taurus! Do you know about planting them deep to make them have more roots? Take off the leaves from the bottom half to 2/3 of the plant and then plant that whole stalk down in the hole and water, the plant will make this HUGE root system and do really well, at least that’s what my mom, the tomato goddess, used to do. She’d plant them under the Pinon trees and they’d climb right up the tree and you had to climb it to pick the fruit!

  7. I’m gonna come hang out with you for a few, Len. It’s a bit too chaotic for me out there right now.

    So, I’ve got 24 tomato plants that are in dire need of transplantation, and I’ve still got the bed weeding to do. Alright, guess I’d better get to work.

    Thanks for the chill space to hang, dig ya man,


  8. Reconciliation is a PERFECT theme for this moment, dearheart — thank you for your gentle, encouraging guidance.

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