Today’s subscriber issue: an astrology tribute to Bob Dylan

Today's Planet Waves rolls out today at 9 am.

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17 thoughts on “Today’s subscriber issue: an astrology tribute to Bob Dylan”

  1. I’m one with Jere on this. Lots to absorb, output not necessarily forthcoming anytime “soon”.

    Not expecting that piece of space debris, nor the apocolypse. Jere, looking forward to your next post.

    Eric. Thank you.

  2. ..oh, and Joan Baez does a righteous version of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”. (“Silver Dagger” too).

    ..I’m gonna have to bake on the multiple frames comin’ through P.W. right now.. It all makes sense in this disparate sort of way.. I’m just attempting to verbalize it, in order to understand it.

    ..That’s a great Dylan sesh. I need to stare more into the opposition of our Suns, just to gain a broader sense of who and where I am.

    ..(Pretty positive I’ll be back)..


    P.S.: ‘Pretty positive’, and not fully committed, is because I’m not really positive that a chunk of space debris isn’t gonna come down and bonk my noggin any moment… (That’s probably tied into the Whole conversation too, but I’ll have to work on the verbiage.) πŸ˜‰

  3. ..only part way through the article,.. have two words (of which Len was kind enough to say the other day), “Woody, Guthrie.” And I guarantee even Bob would make that bow…

  4. the other interesting thing about the astrology of the “bob sets out” chart is that he is 19 years old. you see every 19 yrs we have what is called a metonic return which means every 19 years the sun and moon return to the same exact places in the zodiac on the same day of the year.

    so bobs previous solar return was also a lunar return. the solar and lunar return happened on the same day. in this vein it is always interesting to look for themes between the 19th, 38th, and 57th years of life which relate to the natal moon theme -in this case it is balsamic, the phase of casting off the old shell of the previous cycle of growth and starting out raw, fresh and vulnerable

  5. “permission to say something that means something, and to take an unpopular side of the issue when that’s the right thing to do”

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks.

  6. “Taurus is often mistaken for a reserved, stable earth sign. It’s earthy like a volcano, or the place where two tectonic plates meet. There can be constant tension, even if it’s deep under the ground. People with strong Taurus in their charts have a lovely presentation, but they are on fire inside.”

    That is perfectly written. I had a Taurean lover who fit this description perfectly. Earthy, sensuous but on fire inside.

  7. “One day in late 2007 I answered my phone and it was Rob Fraboni, the producer of the Planet Waves album, buying one of everything I had to sell. We have been friends since.”

    That’s a really good example of synchronicity.

  8. A great one, e.

    Funny, listening to Dylan while in the shower is a kind of full body anthem that applies memory, history, as well as sensory expression. Makes you wanna sing out loud. Its a good day to be alive!

  9. I thought Planet Waves was the perfect name for an astrology column and changed the name of mine from The Navigator to Planet Waves in the summer of 1998. The first articles in the series actually appeared on Rob Brezny’s Televisionary Oracle, then I spun the series off into its own entity, using what I learned writing that series (the first place I really developed the news-astrology genre).

    One day in late 2007 I answered my phone and it was Rob Fraboni, the producer of the Planet Waves album, buying one of everything I had to sell. We have been friends since.

  10. Wow! With Virgo rising(Gemini MC) and Aquarius sun, I am going back to school at age 59, to get my LPN degree(was doing massage and energy healing work while also working full time with data entry); and yesterday started packing boxes for the day I will be moving – couldn’t figure out why I was packing boxes because I am not yet sure when I will put the house on the market.

    BINGO! Read today’s horoscope and found out.

    PS…The Dylan article is incredible!!! I read his autobiography, and you have captured him so well!!!

    I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to all of you that make this happen for us out in the crazy world…you all help me make it through this life

  11. Eric,

    Re: (“He said he was never a spokesman for a generation,” said Rob Fraboni, who produced Dylan’s 1974 Planet Waves album. “)

    ::::light going on:::: Is THAT where you got the idea for calling this site “Planet Waves?” If so that is really a cool link between an amazing man and this amazing website. What a tribute that is to both!

  12. the chart for Dylan’s answering the Call to Adventure is priceless! Natal Moon, Jupiter Saturn stellium in Taurus meets transit Sun, Jupiter, Saturn stellium in Capricorn. Jupiter-Saturn recurrences are powerful stuff!!

  13. It’s on its way. We had some late edits and mailed at 9:30 am ET. The run time on the mailing is about 45 minutes. (Then contributors/colleagues get it.)

  14. keep breathing, BR! it’ll get there. anatoly has to do the mailing in several waves, to three separate lists. so it’s not instant for everyone.

    and although i thought we were done at 8:55, i found out about 15 – 20 min later eric was still tweaking things. so i think we finally *started* the mailing process close to 9:30.

    you should see it soon, i swear! happy to hear you’re looking forward to it.

  15. 9:55 and counting. Inbox still empty. It’s really ok, bro. But Dylan is such a carrot. And Rock Music as Journalism?!! Your brilliance shines. Are You a star, or wil one be named after you? YOU rock.

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