The Sibly Chart

USA Sibly Chart for the Declaration of independence.
USA Sibly Chart for the Declaration of independence.

As promised, here is the United States Sibly Chart — the most commonly used chart for July 4, 1776. This link gives you the chart in another format; and this gives you the background on the chart, that is, how it came into being. I sum this up the audio post associated with this blog entry.

There are about a dozen USA charts, most of which center around July 4, 1776 and which vary by the time of the chart. There is also a 1777 chart called Scorpionic America, which is my favorite, cast for the signing of the Articles of Confederation.

This chart was popularized by my old Centaurish friend, the late David Solte, astrologer and historian. As I am sure anyone who knew David or loved his writing agrees, we would benefit from his mind on these charts right now. We’ll just have to channel him.

Due to factors in the background of the Sibly Chart, mainly what seemed to be an uncertainty factor about the time, I was noncommittal about the document — that is, until the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Those are basically predicted in the chart due the position of the ascendant — 12+ Sagittarius. You may recall that Pluto was in that very degree when the Sept. 11 false flag attacks happened, and Saturn was in Gemini close to the descendant; the operative fact is that on Aug. 5, 2001, the Saturn-Pluto opposition was exact for the first time precisely in the Sibly ascendant/descendant.

That was good enough confirmation of the chart’s validity for me. The floor is open for comments on the chart; I have put my own thoughts into free audio on PlanetWaves.FM.

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  1. For the action on the 2nd/8th axis, a (para)phrase comes to mind: “In this [chart] nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Maybe Uranus/6th represents Benjamin Franklin himself, referenced by some as “the First American”? The Universe has a sense of humor. 😉 4th house (family, plantation) Chiron (unhealable wound): slavery. Government (Saturn) partners (Libra) with the corporate/professional world (10th house)–reinforced by the presence of Juno (marriage) in the 10th which exactly opposes the 4th house Chiron.

  2. Yes I totally agree with you on the Sibley Chart. The Pluto on the AC for 9/11 is good enough for me too. It is an interest chart if you look at the lesser known bodies like Black Moon Lilith and Priapus (Anti-Lilith) is tightly conjunct the Moon too.
    Lilith is way more popular in Europe, I think having Priapus conjunct the US Moon makes her even more taboo for American women.
    Here’s the chart:Awakenings & the Tower(9/11)
    Also Jamie did some interesting work on this too and came to the same conclussion for Sibley.Which mundane chart for the USA?

  3. Permit me to suggest another possible date and location that I personally consider the founding moment of America: The signing of The Mayflower Compact, Nov 11, 1620 (O.S.) at Provincetown Harbor near Cape Cod.

    The Mayflower Compact was the first government founded on a site that would later become America. It was the first government of any kind that derived its powers from the consent of the governed. So it is in a direct lineage to the Declaration of Independence.

    Now that would be an interesting chart to cast. But there are problems, the date is in “Old Style” according to the old Julian Calendar. And of course there is no specific time known.

  4. “There’s a necessary element of chaos in authentic creative and sexual experiences. This is part of the lure: we want something different, and most of us secretly crave that feeling of going out of control.” April monthly Sagittarius; PW

    Looking at the Sibley chart with its Sagittarian ascendant, and there is so much in the audio that rings true and informs, what else apart from Saturn currently on the 10th cusp resonates?

    The grand trine brings Mars Uranus across 7th cusp…….the Saturn Juno 10th applying 11th cusp……. and Pholus, South Node, Pallas and Moon across 2nd 3rd into play.

    There is also a grand square in the cardinal signs, Eris ,Chiron and Saturn giving some real attention to that 8th house of luscious intent!!

    If you factor in Asbolus(courtesy of at 16.22’22 Rx Pisces, this gives a clear opposition to Neptune!!…but also trines the Cancer cluster and Makemake in Scorpio 27. 45,10….Lilith 14….and Aphrodite and Circe!!

    There was never a more fierce or trusted and committed warrior…or truer friend to those in need!! At a moments notice they responded to world events bringing a longer term wisdom and creative truth!

    At home, as with all global leaders whose foreign policy is seen to be immaculate, it went progressively from bad to worse. The identity and self esteem became less secure as the lessons of successive genocides were never really learned!!

    Finally, the mass illusion of which you talk, driven by the confusion of Asbolus opposition to Neptune Midheaven has driven the people to look at……

    “- surrendering lower-order ego-drivin motives and standing in the wisdom gained from the sting of past experience
    – strategic planning and enterprising action based from this wisdom”

    Makemake in the Scorpio 12th


    You guys have recognised the struggle that is ahead…… it is indeed a long march. At the moment of genesis, which this time surely is, be sure to indulge in just a little of that Sagittarius monthly!!

    Thanks for the space efc

    a big love to all


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