The Rights and Responsibilities of Passage

By Len Wallick

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 14th will bring us the New Moon in Aries. This represents a longitudinal (to the degree) conjunction between the Moon and the Sun. That’s why we can’t see the Moon right now. The only exception would be when there is a simultaneous conjunction of latitude. That is Moon in its node, intersecting with the ecliptic, the path the Sun follows across the sky. That would be a solar eclipse. We will have one of those later this summer, on July 11th in the sign of Cancer. This eclipse, taking place in a cardinal sign will potentiate the cardinal T-square with Jupiter and Uranus nearly conjunct in early Aries opposing Pluto still retrograde in early Capricorn and Saturn, the pickle squaring in the middle, direct in the last degree of Virgo.

But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. Tomorrow’s New Moon will (like so many solar-lunar conjunctions lately) will be another incidence of a multiple conjunction. Completing the menage-a-trois this time is the most prominent of the minor planets with no official name as of yet – 1992 QB1. The mucky-mucks of astronomy should be getting embarrassed that we are nearly two decades down the road with no moniker for one of the most important discoveries in their recent history.

There are no accidents, however, only synchronicity. The astrological energy of 1992 QB1 seems to have been feminine from the get go. One of the two astronomers given credit for the discovery is a Ms Jane X Luu (what a great name!). It was 15 arc minutes into the first degree of Aries – talk about an Aries Point event! Venus was at 28 degrees Virgo, in near-opposition. Luna was in early Libra, also nearly opposed and just off a conjunction with Venus. Given this chart, the sense is that the feminine energy is expressed by transition across thresholds. The sort of experiences that are culturally expressed as rites of passage and ceremonies of initiation. Those can be challenge at best a trauma at worst. Many seek to avoid or postpone such moments. No wonder astronomers have not bestowed a proper name yet.

As if bridging yesterday’s astrology into tomorrow’s we find our hero, Venus pointing the way again. This time, literally, as the focus of another yod. This one finds Haumea (the Hawaiian goddess of fertility) in Libra, forming a sextile with the centaur Pholus (small cause, big effect) in Sagittarius with Venus inconjunct to both. Once again the two planets in sextile work to reinforce one another and anyone who is fertile knows that a small cause can have a big effect on the lives of those involved. It thus is for Venus, at the apex of the yod to redirect and divert its journey and adjust to the consequences of its fertile placement, crossing the threshold into the second half of Taurus, the sign it rules. And that, once again, takes us back to the big picture.

About five years ago in Planet Waves, Kirsti Melto ( the author of the astrological blog.”Lunations”) paraphrased fellow Finnish astrologer to the effect that “The last phases (of a sign) carry the possibility to purify the soul so that new life experience is possible”. Sounds like a threshold to me.

Like all New Moons, tomorrow’s is a beginning, a point of germination. All the more potent because it takes place in Aries, the first house of the zodiac and one of the cardinal signs that will host the outer planet T-square activity coming this summer. In conjunction with 1992 QB1 and its cachet of thresholds it serves as an important milestone on the way.

For tomorrow finds five important planets, three major and two minor in the last degrees of their signs. Saturn is, has and will be a major player the cardinal events. Uranus, another player, and Neptune are approaching an interesting contrast. One of them (Uranus) will make the plunge on through to Aries in the last week of May. The other (Neptune) will get cold feet and pull back from the brink of Pisces a few days later at the beginning of June. This apparent coincidence will bear watching for comparison.

As for the minor planets, Chiron is about to taste Pisces before making a long term commitment. Juno on the other hand will leave the earth of Taurus behind without looking back as it soars into the fresh air of Gemini.

Finally, the nearly motionless (one arc minute per year) Galactic Center has recently defined this as a century on the threshold, having reached the same in territory Sagittarius. So that’s what we are looking at with tomorrow’s New Moon. The long time coming is finally here. The long time to be is about to begin. If you are reading this you have been informed that you are not just a witness but a participant. Nice to have you with us. May we be able to co-create in mutual support for the benefit of all.

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6 thoughts on “The Rights and Responsibilities of Passage

  1. Well, I’m back Len. I read this earlier today and could not get the picture/memory of “how about a Hawaiian Punch?” out of my head. Please forgive. But you know, this yod is just all about happy-stuff. Like Venus and Taurus all about comfort and plenty, Pholus, the keeper of the wine, in fun-loving Sagittarius, and though I don’t know Haumea well, she makes me think of Hawaii and in ever-pleasing and lovely Libra. . .so where’s the punch? Where’s that difficult adjustment that somebody always has to make in quincunx’s?

    Oh, I think I get it. It’s the party at the end of something. Like New Year’s Eve. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling pretty darn good, all things considered. My chores are done on schedule (so far), had enough money to pay my bills (so far) and even the lilacs are in bloom.

    Have you read the sabian symbol for the New Moon? It seems to fit in with the association with 1992 QB1 and threshold crossing, transformation, new beginnings. . .

    Here, let me read a little to you: Aries 25 The Possibility For Man To Gain Experience At Two Levels Of Being “The revelation of New Potentialities.” Dane Rudhyer was an Aries himself and not what I usually picture as Aries-ish. So often we get into habits (not always good) and I have a habit of thinking of Aries as totally “me first” usually, at least in the beginning. My bad. And with you saying things like “May we be able to co-create in mutual support for the benefit of all” just forces me to become conscious Len! I mean, this is Aries time. . time to be selfish, no?

    Here’s some more of what Dane says about 25 Aries: “Be open. Be able and willing to shape your translucent mind in the form revealing spiritual fulfillment.” (He’s referring to the previous symbol of curtains blown by the wind to form a cornucopia) “And you will be able to experience life and power on inner as well as outer planes.”

    Don’t you think that sounds like a new beginning of something? Maybe I need to start thinking of Aries as new beginnings and can the selfish part . . . it’s all for one and one for all. Let’s party today and drink a toast to the coming changes. Tomorrow’s New Moon joined by the thresholder QB1 is just the beginning of creating a new way to live. . . .and for the benefit of all, I should add!

  2. Jude and Jere,
    Thank you for your kind words. It helps. Jere, glad to hear about you and your chart. Still finding new things in my own, amazing how that happens.

  3. ..and a boys. Very cool assessment. Don’t mean to freak you out, just playing.
    Your words were very kind today.

    I’ve almost connected to my chart.. Good feeling.

    Love and Awareness..


  4. “The long time coming is finally here. The long time to be is about to begin.”

    You old smooth talker! You know how to turn a girls head.

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