The Pattern and the Cycle – Neptune in Pisces and the Moon

By Len Wallick

Give me a kiss to build a dream on.” – as performed by Louis Armstrong; by Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby and Oscar Hammerstein II

Neptune enters Pisces in direct motion today. It will station retrograde in the first week of June and return to Aquarius in the first week of August. In the first week of February 2012, what was once and is once again defined as the outermost major planet in our solar system will return to Pisces for the long run of about 14 years.

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We have seen this pattern before: A toe in the water followed by a short withdrawal and, finally, the long term plunge into a new sign. It has been previously repeated by Pluto (2008), Saturn (2009-2010), Uranus, Chiron and Jupiter (2010-2011). Neptune is the last of the outer planets to follow suit for the time being. Therefore, today marks both the beginning and the end of a cycle of patterns. The idea of patterns and cycles repeating between a beginning and an end is very much like the structure of music.

In the case of Neptune on its first day in Pisces, this song of cycles begins with the Moon. The melody will be patterns we have seen before. Going up a third to harmonize there will the opening and closing of cycles. Steadily working below them both is a fiery counterpoint holding a tension and a smoldering rhythm periodically releasing it. The whole thing starts with the Moon forming the first aspect to Neptune in Pisces in over a century and a half. Later this evening (overnight for many of you), Luna enters Taurus forming an earth-sign-to-water-sign sextile. In astrology, this sort of angular relationship nourishes like the rain nourishes the soil. It also encourages further achievement or development as a scholarship would do. It is a fortunate way to open the first cycle and first pattern of the new tune.

The first cycle being opened is the lunation, the period of time between New Moons. Today is the day Luna leaves the Sun behind after their well-attended Aries conjunction yesterday. Eris was on hand, of course, having held a reserved seat for decades. Also in the first house for the monthly renewal of luminary vows was retrograde Mercury. Others on the guest list were Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Black Moon Lilith (in a tasteful black patent leather ensemble) and 1992 QB1 — who rumor has it, must be a secret agent. Even though Saturn stood opposed to the union, it came off anyway. The only problem was that Sol was so brilliant nobody could see its partner.

Starting early this evening or tomorrow around dawn the very watchful can, weather permitting, see the Moon again. For many people, it is that sighting which heralds the initiation of another lunation. It also marks the concurrent beginning of the first pattern in our song. From now until when the Sun has reached the mid-point between the Cancer Solstice and the Libra Equinox, every aspect to Neptune will be from the first degree of the corresponding sign. That may not seem like much, but in many cases it’s all the difference in the world. The first degree of a sign is fresh and stimulating like a new lover or a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau. Fatigue is no longer a consideration even if stability is in question.

Whatever events correspond to Neptune in the first degree of Pisces, we should be prepared to be surprised by nothing while remaining open to whatever delight should find itself mixed in with what promises to be, above all, wet. As a matter of fact, the whole tableau of Neptune in Pisces for only the second time since its discovery unavoidably brings up our relationship with water: our patterns of using and abusing it and the consequences cycling back to us. More fundamentally, it is about the relationship between two of the elements of ancient natural science, fire and water.

Contrary to first impression, the flame and the fluid are not opposites but complementary energies that underlie the phenomenon of life itself. But let us develop those details gradually. It is, after all, the first day of Neptune in Pisces and the first day of a lunation. There is a song to hear and a fresh, cool humid breeze to enjoy. Let the first notes be about that. The story will develop in due time.

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8 thoughts on “The Pattern and the Cycle – Neptune in Pisces and the Moon

  1. Hey, Very Happy Birthday to YOU liminali.

    What a super day to be celebrating, Neptune floating into Pisces.
    Dream on, dream on!

  2. My comment ended up on Eric’s post too…..

    “ patent leather..wet
    Is it just me?”

    …saucy 😉

  3. Ah Neptune’s come home. Just makes me wanna sing’n’dance:

    (Listen! Bobby Short’s singing……ah!)

    Sand in my; shoes, sand from Havana
    Calling me to that ever so heavenly shore
    Calling me back to you once more

    Dreams in the night, dreams of Havana
    Dreams of a love I hadn’t the strength to refuse
    Darlin, the sand is in my shoes

    Deep in my veins the sensuous strains
    Of the soft guitar, deep in my soul
    The thunderous roll of a tropic sea
    Under the stars that was Havana

    You are the moonlit memory I can’t seem to lose
    That’s why my life’s an endless cruise
    All that is real is the feel of the sand in my shoes .

  4. Hi Len,

    I remembered something that might be key to the reason my response to this article jumped the track earlier and took me to the other Neptune story with your name on it, but which later turned out to be Eric’s.

    After reading your story I went to respond but since it was Monday I was instructed that I needed to be logged in to reply. So I clicked log-in and put the secret info in and then was brought back to the article. Frankly, I didn’t re-read the story, just went down to the reply box. I never questioned where I was parked, just typed my stuff about the Jupiter, Saturn conjunction chart and it’s connection to the Fukushima explosion chart. Assuming that it wasn’t Neptune playing a last-minute joke in Aquarius, it must have been some electronic gizmo returning me to the first slot on the program, which was no longer your story, but the new Neptune story.

    Or it was just Mercury trying to flip me out, which he truly did. Other than that, the best news I have is that there was no tornado here today, despite the Mars-Uranus brouhaha and the overly caffinated weather forecasters dire outlook. The doves continue to make love outside my windows and enjoy the warm spring showers; all is well in my part of the world.

    See you tomorrow in the funny papers.

  5. Coming late to the dance, finding it so apropos the merging of energies and resulting temporary confusion of authors and “just who is it I am responding to here?” Enjoying the dance immensely also.

    Extremely grateful for the quality of the new wine this morning and delighted to learn it will continue to grace the table for upcoming months.

    The opportunity for Something New to arise, be born, be noticed, get created, come about…… Ah. Just in time. The wait is over.

  6. You know you have me thoroughly confused people. Am I crazy, or has Len authored both of these Neptune stories?

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