2 thoughts on “The Good Go Down by Marge Piercy”

  1. ..so, I’m genuinely considering going out to the hills for… some time. I feel like I’m being a flake. I feel like I need to stand up, yet I feel useless here. I don’t want to leave the cause too others’, but I don’t feel I’m contributing in my full capacity. I feel like a recharge is in order, but I can’t seem to find the peace I need in order to calibrate, properly.

    Witte, you have fine words,.. but dammit, drop it down to about 8 points, or 9, that might be understandable. (You know my issues with Crowley.. dude made hoops that went for aeons)

  2. I really enjoyed hearing this poem today – it gave me some extra drive to tackle some things that have been weighing me down a bit. More poetry readings please!

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