The Cosmic Trigger and the economic crash of 2008

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Besides the news moving so fast it’s difficult to keep up with the developments — one more enormous than the next — time itself seems to be moving with strange velocity. Nobody seems to be able to grasp that we’ve all woken up one morning and it’s mid-September. And here, at the seven-year checkpoint to the World Trade Center coming down, we find ourselves witnessing another equally harrowing collapse: one capitalist giant after another either hitting the ground or being grabbed just before making contact.

Yesterday’s news that the United States government purchased the world’s largest insurance company, the American International Group, to prevent a global economic meltdown is simply breathtaking. It reveals that “free enterprise” and “sink or swim” and “let the marketplace sort it out” and “economic Darwinism” are, well, not quite what we were told they were. Trickle down economics feels more like bricks falling from a skyscraper.

Time has been moving so fast that we don’t necessarily remember that at Beltane of this year, the cross-quarter day that occurs on May 5, when the Sun was in the precise middle of Taurus, we had a New Moon. Taurus is about value and values, and an event on the cross-quarter connects us to the Aries Point: the point in the zodiac that says The Personal Is Political. Let’s remember that the bull is the very symbol of Wall Street itself: that bull in the photo is the logo of Merrill Lynch, which was bought out by Bank of America this week.

When we see an activation of the Aries Point, we always get big news. This has happened a dozen times in the past decade — stuff like Sept. 11, the tsunami and other events. The Aries Point is like this bell waiting to be rung, only it’s not a bell, it’s like a crystal bowl that vibrates the universe.

How does the precise middle of Taurus connect us to the first degree of Aries, and why does that matter? The relationship is 45 degrees; half of the Almighty Square aspect (90 degrees, which represents structure in our over-structured world). Think of the 45 degree aspect as a trigger.

When we see enormous events like we’re witnessing now — and what is happening is the biggest financial news since 1929 — I go back and check my writing to see if I had any clue what was coming at all…and here is what I find, from Daily Astrology & Adventure:

Monday’s New Moon is exactly at the midpoint of Taurus — precisely between the spring equinox and summer solstice. This rarely happens…if you’ve been reading Planet Waves for more than 10 minutes, you’ve probably heard me talk about the Aries Point. This is the first degree of Aries and by extension the first degree of Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — that is, the cardinal points, collectively. As shorthand, all four are called the Aries Point, though I’m developing separate delineations for all four of the points. They are, however, closely related. They are all associated with big events that link the public and private orders of reality…

So when we get a big alignment on the Aries Point or one of its derivatives (Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) or when you get an alignment at one of the cross quarter points (15 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), you get some potent energy moving.

This alone is not enough to take out 11 banks. Obviously a trigger must depend on some underlying structural weakness or flaw. When very big news happens, you need to look at the slow, distant planets, which always tell the story, and you look to the late signs that tell us about collective events. And this is coming from two places, which I am developing for our comprehensive Friday edition: the first is Capricorn (Pluto in Capricorn, imminent structural change) and the other is Aquarius (Neptune in Aquarius, our overwhelming propensity for collective denial). Finally, we are heading for the opposition of Saturn and Uranus on Election Day, between Virgo and Pisces.

Saturn opposite Uranus starts in about a month and goes on for five years. Pluto in Capricorn lasts till 2024 and has barely got warmed up yet.

I assure you: this is going to be the most interesting Election Day you will ever remember.

Stay tuned here for updates as we have them. For Planet Waves, this is:

Eric Francis

11 thoughts on “The Cosmic Trigger and the economic crash of 2008”

  1. redtara:

    After meeting and knowing so many other Aquarians, I hope my clarity/certainty is gounded less in stubborness and more so in wisdom. 1st House Mars in Aries makes me foolish enough to still be hopeful and jump in to situations ready or not, and NN Cap forces me to be aware of my safety rail while having some fun out there. So I actually AM ready.

    Believe me, I’ve done ALOT of WORKSHOP time in my life tethered to the moorings of everyday existence. Maybe that’s why now, being a “woman of a certain age” is so much FUN!

  2. Ah, Fe… that Aquarian sun is probably what feeds my perception of your clarity… even in, or maybe especially in, the 12th house. I *love* me some Querians, have had two business partners in that sign, both successful ventures in large part due to their financial acuity. Copy that on the Mars in Aries – whoohooo… Stability factor vibing-in nicely from the NN in Cap, complemented to some degree by the South Node Cancer.

    I keep trying to run up some copies of your basic existential pattern to push a little farther into the eidosphere, but the *fatigue* today and yesterday! I just can’t quite get a handle on it. But this bodes well – since I usually get really, really tired during big structural shifts. Try as I might, per Ovid, “discinctaque in otia natus.”

    Certain configurations of consciousness deserve replication. Don’t get creeped out, it’s just a kind of energetic photocopy, and is much less toxic than the usual forms of fame.

    Back to it… (zzzzzzz… oh wait, what was I doing? oh yeah… ZZZZzzzz)

  3. There’s something about Fe’s vibe that works from both ends: clarity about the financials, and a certain solidity. I can’t quite suss it out yet, but it borders on reassurance. It’s a good signature; let’s copy and propagate it.

    This is still not “IT,” but we’re getting closer. My oracles show December as the point at which the path lights up. Between now and then, confusion but no real danger. Other resources are opening up and quickly. Just don’t crowd ’em out by screwing your gaze too tightly to the karmic waves that *have* to pass through here.

    Surf’s up.

  4. I agree Fe, it’s time to wake up. What is alarming here is just the way that reporting is taking form. It’s all over the place rather than balanced (when is it ever though) and the danger is that people miss the point. I have always believed that despite our Monarchy (and don’t get me started on that!), or our government, the Banks rule the country. Closely followed by laywers and the media.

    Actually, nice tale here – though not for the guy who went to prison – a bank manager was jailed for 18 months today for stealing from his rich clients and giving to his poorer ones. To the tune of around ВЈ6million.

    Best wishes, H.

  5. Hi Creatif,

    There’s been some interesting articles on the astrology of Gordo over at Astrotable talk… And he usually ducks his head down in a crisis.

    The Times are talking of 40,000 jobs lost if the merger goes ahead… Can you imagine? 40,000??

  6. Hey creatif:

    I think our job right now is to bump people AWAKE. Here in America, it looks as though the peasants are paying for the follies of the King, harkening back to the first American revolt against monarchy.

    The problem is, our own Financial Empire is the monarchy, and we need to revolutionize ourselves.

  7. Strange times indeed. In the UK, only a few months ago, in an unheard of move (and an unpopular one at that, using the people’s money to bail out a bank, when they screwed us over for years and continue to do so) the government bailed out one of the largest building societies in the country when it came unstuck. This move for Lloyds TSB to merge with (takeover, lets be honest) HBOS, is indeed unprecedented. Apparently a wet dream for Lloyds in any other time, as they would never have been given permission to go for it in their lifetime given the rules. It may seem a good move for their customers – but that is yet to be seen. Mergers usually mean layoffs and chaos. At least for the first 1-5 years. Folks on this planet still not being so good at dealing with change, planned or not, after all these years.

    And Gordon Brown, our big fish Prime Minister, has had a really rotten Pisces full moon with plots afoot to have his job from right within his cabinet! Just what he and this country really need while we sail this current choppy sea. He is keeping a really low profile, which is also what he and this country don’t really need right now. Sigh.

    The other thing I noticed today was a link from the BBC Front Page to this, spawned by the recent amount of redundancies in the banking industry ‘Clearing your desk?, what personal belongings would you take?’

    The BBC, normally reliable and sound, seem to be content as they whip up a storm over here. The reporting has seemed mighty dodgy in places with headlines just a step away from ‘chicken licken, chicken licken, the sky is falling down, the sky is falling down’. Everyone could indeed get terrified if they wanted, they really could…

    Lets hope we’ve got more sense.

    Love and best wishes.

  8. God, I wish I could have written this- from today’s Daily Kos:

    Long Live the New Union of Socialist Republicans
    by DarkSyde
    Wed Sep 17, 2008 at 08:20:05 AM PDT

    Welcome news comrades! We the People are now We the Owners. The People’s Insurance Company, formerly known as AIG, was saved for the time being from the forces of capitalism by the new Union of Republican Socialists, formerly known as the GOP. Somewhere in the great beyond, the ghost of Karl Marx is grinning while the spirit of Adam Smith forks over the one dollar bet with an invisible hand:

    In a move aimed at averting a new global economic shock, the US Federal Reserve agreed an unprecedented 85-billion-dollar rescue loan for American International Group. The deal, sealed late Tuesday, saved AIG from collapse and gave the US government a 79.9 percent stake in the insurance behemoth.

    Now that the People own a major insurance company, it’s fair to ask how the People’s Insurance Company, along with the People’s Mortgage Companies and the People’s Investment Banks, will benefit the People who Own them. Can we expect lower premiums, equity sharing, and corporate perks for our hundreds of billions of dollars? Should we start checking our mailbox for dividend checks? Who gets paid first, claimants, bondholders, stockholders, or we the new taxpayer owners? We the Owners, want to know, and the Union of Socialist Republicans better damn well tell us, fast.

    Here’s the link:

  9. correct…one of our newswatchers in the UK reports:


    this is the UK side of the story – HBOS will be merged with Lloyds/TSB this will make it a financial behemoth, interestingly the government has said it will overule the Office of Fair Trading and Competition Commission, and force the merger through, if i recall this is unprecedented – rules that financiers would have said in the past were more non negotiable than the 10 commandments are now being used for loo paper…


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