Terms of Use: Blog Commenting at Planet Waves

Dear Friend and Reader:

In order to maintain a safe and secure environment, we have some community guidelines for use of this area, which we post from time to time.

Here is the latest version, originally posted about one year ago.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Eric Francis
Eric Francis Coppolino

Publisher, Planet Waves, Inc.
Editor, PlanetWaves.net

2 thoughts on “Terms of Use: Blog Commenting at Planet Waves”

  1. Thanks Jil.

    I am not so concerned about foul language as I am about actual abuse. We have occasionally had issues and I find that the best thing to do is keep everyone well informed that someone is paying attention. I don’t consider the Internet a free for all, and it is what we make it.

    I trust that my readers will feel more confident being who they are, if they know that there is an editorial team looking out for our common interests. I am up front and honest with my readers; that is the environment I want to live in.

    When we find a problem, we respond quickly and without hesitating. Someone using multiple identities is doing it for a reason, or that reason is so common that we presume it to be true.

    Last year when I posted this notice, commenting went down for quite a while.

    Please stay involved while we do what we need to do in order to maintain an environment with integrity, awareness and an authentic sense of community.


  2. Thankyou for this post Eric. The internet is such an easy place for cowards to abuse others. I also have found that people think nothing of being very rude or impolite if you prefer….using words like ‘ bullshit’ and other offensive terms. Perhaps I’m old fashioned but I believe it’s possible to get one’s meaning across in a compassionate way without compromising one’s Truth. Jil….which is my real name actually!! xx

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