Sun void-of-course at 30 Aries; Bacchus and Tantalus

Today is the last day of the Sun’s course through Aries. Though this comment would likely start an argument on an astrology discussion board, the Sun is void-of-course until it enters Taurus tomorrow morning. The void Sun is mentioned in some old texts, and if you read enough charts you will see it in action. Maybe you’ve heard of the void-of-course Moon; that’s when the Moon has finished making aspects in a sign, but before it enters the next sign. It’s the equivalent of a foul ball in baseball. It can look fantastic but if it’s on the wrong side of the foul line, it doesn’t count.

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Therefore, the void Moon is a good time to plan something that you don’t want to go on the scoreboard. For example, let’s say you have to have a meeting, but you don’t want that meeting to happen; schedule it during a void Moon and, mysteriously, it will be as if it didn’t happen. If you have a big argument during one such a phase (void Moons occur two to three times a week) the whole thing can disappear like it never happened.

Far less attention has been paid to the void-of-course Sun. It happens less frequently, just 12 times a year, since that’s how often the Sun changes signs. We are in one of those phases now, as the Sun will be drifting across the last degree of Aries today, making no aspects to any of the major planets. In the simplest sense, this is a transitional day. A cycle is letting go of one phase and entering another. By the time the Sun reaches the end of a sign, that energy can have a tired or listless feeling to it. By the time the Sun gets to this point, it doesn’t matter so much — the next sign is in the air.

My prior ideas about the void Sun hardly seem to matter anymore. I used to observe that it was a day when unlikely events could unfold. From a news perspective, this is a moot point — under the Shock Doctrine, we have unusual things going off every day or so. There is always another crisis, another war, another disaster to sell us. Yesterday we learned that hundreds of tornadoes had ripped across the Midwest and the South over the weekend, killing 45 people. That was clearly an unusual weather event, the product of heat and energy and the correct atmospheric conditions and maybe a few lines of computer code. But it was not unusual in the sense that these things keep happening over and over, to the point where it just seems normal. And that may fit into the signature. For me the bellwether event of the void Sun was the JFK assassination. Within a few years, being an outspoken liberal leader meant that your turn could be next. Political assassination for those with left-leaning views was ‘made normal’.

One thing that was unusual a year ago but is now literally part of the landscape — the BP platform blowout and subsequent 87-day undersea gusher — happened with the Sun in the first degree of Taurus. Even though there’s a big difference between the Sun being at the end of one sign and the beginning of another, it fits the description of that which was unusual being part of the way things now are. The Sun was in Taurus and Chiron had just entered Pisces, and we did seem to begin a new phase of the Era of Consequences with that event. (Here is a flashback to that coverage. We will post others this week.)

Today, a year later, it seems small compared to multiple nuclear meltdowns on the shores of the Pacific, with the radiation reaching the United States ongoing.

Minor planet list for today, showing the Sun (middle of list) in the last degree of Aries. Bacchus and Tantalus follow. Note above, Psyche is in the mysterious 28+ degree of Gemini that is connected with so many news events, and a minor planet called Typhon (associated with cyclone-like storms and other spiral objects and patterns) is in that exact range of Virgo.
What about personally? Using a set of about 100 planets and other points, we get some detail on aspects to minor planets being made by the Sun. Look at the bottom of the list — those are the points with a higher degree value, to which the Sun is applying. Most astrologers would not usually count minor planets as being aspects that cancel the notion of a void Sun or Moon. In this case both aspects are ‘inconjuncts’ — that is, non-aspects in the classical sense; the Sun is making a 60 degree meeting with Bacchus and a 30 degree meeting with Tantalus. The themes represented by these asteroids are relevant, and so too is our sense of disconnect from them.

You could say that this chart points to exactly what we are missing. One thing indicated by Bacchus is the role of addictive substances, but particularly alcohol, in our society. Have you ever considered not just the ocean of liquor consumed on the planet every day, but the reason for that? There is a reason, and it’s not because the planet is such a happy place. Alcohol provides social lubrication on planet when many, many people are entirely uncomfortable with themselves.

There is a reminder here to set a boundary.

The other point is Tantalus, which is in the last degree of Taurus. Tantalus is about something being so close you can see it and smell it and nearly reach it, but you cannot touch or taste it. Sound familiar? We live in a world where this is not only normal, it’s the basis of our economy. Advertising is based on what you cannot quite have, though the problems really begin when we become that thing; when we present ourselves to the world as a package that never quite lives up to the promotion. We live as if ‘it’s all about image’, then wonder what happened to substance.

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  1. When a dog loves you, it’s forever, so don’t go breaking her heart and your own too.
    Love happens.
    (it’s okay to smile)

  2. Thank you guys for the comments, it’s assisted in the shift of energy. I feel pretty positive about my direction and balance now. It’ll be some work but, I’ve got nothing better to do (plus, it’s fun!).

    Bach! I’ve still got some flower remedies from about ten years ago, rescue remedy being one of them. They’ve probably lost their potency but, they might work in a homeopathic capacity with minute levels of effection eliciting bodily transformation in a slight capacity. (Bach was a good call: I run across my oils and essences every now and then when I dig through shit. Always thinking, “I need to get reaquainted with that space.”) I’ll dig out my book from the piles and pick up some fresh stuff next week.

    “Eloping” is just my way of saying ‘steal the dog, and get the fuck away’.

    She’s got a black nose, but some of her toenails are pink. She’s stocky-solid as all shit, powerful. I don’t know what an otter tail is but I’ve always noticed that her tail is uniquely powerful (or just plain cool..). She’s sturdy. A workhorse.

    When I first met her, the first thing I thought of was training for people with disabilities. My intuition spoke to me of her being in that profession. I’ll research that aspect for her and I, and see what info. I can put to use and integrate into our interactions.

    Again, thank you for the words. Appreciation and positive vibes your ways’.


  3. hi Jere,

    keeping in mind I haven’t slept in 24+ hours (don’t ask) here goes:

    crate time: that is sad she is being put in a crate for ‘corrective’ measures. actually, I am a fan of crate training, for all dogs, and even cats, rabbits, I even know some people who could benefit from some crate time… it is extremely helpful if some emergency or travel comes up, they are trained to hang out in their happy space and go where they need to go. think: fire or tsunami evacuation or…picnic! dogs like dens. that is the whole idea of the crate-a safe place they can call their own -but the door should be left open. you get this Jer, I know you do….the steed WILL return to the barn, but if only all the gates to all the paddocks are left open…I mean, I like my nice comfy bed of straw to sleep on, if the damn stall isn’t locked!!

    teeth: duh! puppy! teething: chew toys; waterfowl carrying breed: mouthy. how about some retrieving? I know, what a novel concept for a lab.

    wild happy: problem with?

    meat on the bone: sometimes you just have to deal with making money doing the things you love, esp. if you’re improving the quality of her life in some way. sounds like she’s starved for attention, poor thing. but at the end of the day, that’s really not your problem- and it sounds like giving her more energy than you already do would be unhealthy for you. too bad her owners have their head-up. people acquire so many things they don’t know what to do with or want…..

    eloping: I wouldn’t know about such things, sorry, maybe some readers on here have some really cool stories of such spontaneity.

    evaluation day: ? is that like Judgement day? whose evaluating? you or the pup or the owners?

    inheriting: ?

    Sept. 10: wow. the day before the Day. Virgo puppy you could probably train to find or retrieve really specific things, like if you wanted 3 little leaves of Thyme for cooking, or that awesome, vintage album you can’t find – you strike me as someone who might have a record collection, Jer. hell, she could probably also clean your kitchen! (before the guests arrive-then all bets are off for keeping things neat & tidy).

    there ya go Jere, maybe you can find something in there you can use. didn’t someone on here recently say they had a crush on one of those beautiful German shepherds? might want to ask them how they are coping. can’t remember, my brain is foggy..

    before I go, I have to ask: does she have a black or a pink nose? black is the standard for showing and stuff, but I think the pink-nosed ones are super cute & funny. does she have good genetics? like the proper stocky build and the ‘otter tail’ they are supposed to have? most of the labs in the US are sadly, not fit for the work they were meant to do. but of course, they still make great pets and needs lots of love.

    don’t worry everyone, I almost, but didn’t, get revved up with my Dogs with Jobs deal…: ))

    it’s taken me two hours to post this because of multi-tasking, so without further ado—–
    g’night princes and princesses!

    ps. Bach is awesome, give her some Rescue Remedy, a few drops in her fresh water! that is a great idea!

  4. Hey Jere: Lu and I share a birthday so I hafta encourage you to stick with her

    I do hope you get to inherit her down the road and you become firmer pals then you already are. Burning River’s advice is excellent and I think she’d be a lucky puppy to have you continue to care for her!

  5. Ha – we’re all a bunch of “visuals” aren’t we?! Len’s the Ferris Wheel or I too am all spun around! lol!

    So Thanks then to Eric -:) – and I agree; didn’t pick the I Am’s for the best version, just happened to have Ed handy. Yes, “I preach” isn’t a positive idea in today’s language, is it?!


  6. Stella, ‘goofs’ is right! I swear I’m a kid masquerading in a grown up body, hella fun!

    I’ve got a question for you regarding dogs. So for the last couple of months I’ve been hanging with a 7 1/2 month old yellow lab. She’s not ‘my’ dog, so I’ve been a bit elusive in the ‘off’ hours. Her household is neglecting of her, showing her attention only in passing. In fact, when she displays ‘unwanted’ tendencies, she gets locked up in a crate that isn’t big enough for her to even stretch out in (I liberate her when I’m around). She’s a puppy, and ill-adjusted socially (not bad.. she’s very aggressive with teeth, but her tail runs non-stop ‘happy’.). With me, she’s the coolest cat in the world, her and I just hang out, play, and do our thing. She is very responsive to me (just wants to hang out), she doesn’t screw with me like Everyone else. I haven’t taken the time to socialize her publicly, we mostly spend our time around the house and backyard. She’s really cool when it’s just the two of us but, whenever anybody else comes around she goes wild-happy (I do realize my unattachment to involving myself in her interactions with others’ is ‘allowing’ the behavior to continue, I just figured folks could deal themselves, apparently not).

    So here’s the meat on the bone, I make a cash-existence through hanging out with her. I’m torn between ditching out completely, eloping with her, existing the status quo (aint gonna happen for long), or dedicating more energy in her direction (which means I just gained myself a kid).

    I’ve set September 10 (Lu’s 1 year old birthday for my evaluation day (don’t know if I’ll make it, but that’s my aim).

    Do you have any insight, advice,.. anything, that might help me as well as Lu? I’m ‘way’ attached to this girl.. I want everything to be well for all (and there’s a chance I may be inheriting Lu anyway).

    Hope that was coherent enough. Thanks for any thoughts or considerations (and that goes for ‘anyone’ with dog insight, I’ll take it).



  7. Amanda, you got my trust. 😉 (Plus the writing styles are very signature of each of the PW contributors, definite personalities in them words!)


  8. Yes, this was a fascinating one for me, Eric – though I must admit that most of what you write strikes me that way. The first thing that caught me was your phrase for our time, “the Era of Consequences.” Yes! Those of us who have been waiting for the karmic s#!t to hit the fan – waiting throughout the Era of Denial of Consequences (aka ignorance and stupidity) – are now keeping logs of the consequences and how they are piling up. All of this has been expected by the Cassandras, those who issued the warnings that were ignored.

    So we should watch for events that occur under a void-of-course Sun because “these things keep happening over and over, to the point where it just seems normal. And that may fit into the signature. For me the bellwether event of the void Sun was the JFK assassination. Within a few years, being an outspoken liberal leader meant that your turn could be next. Political assassination for those with left-leaning views was ‘made normal’.” Boy, does that resonate!

    However, as you point out, “the BP platform blowout … happened with the Sun in the first degree of Taurus. Even though there’s a big difference between the Sun being at the end of one sign and the beginning of another, it fits the description of that which was unusual being part of the way things now are. The Sun was in Taurus and Chiron had just entered Pisces, and we did seem to begin a new phase of the Era of Consequences with that event.”

    Indeed. It’s getting to the point that every time there’s an “unusual event,” we half expect such events to escalate in frequency and intensity, as with the ‘revolutions’ occurring in the Mideast. I don’t know whether that voids your void-of-course-Sun theory or not.

    I also loved your comments on the aspects to Bacchus and Tantalus. Right on!

    Many thanks!

  9. Jere,

    I second that motion.

    preach? that’s pompous sounding. and we’re just goofs, Woof!

  10. ..Now you’re screwin’ with me, Len’s the ferris wheel! Get it straight (oh shit, always forward, never straight). I guess you can switch it up as you please.

    Word, I prefer Isabel Hickey’s phrase for Sag, “I perceive”. (‘Preach’ makes me twitch).


  11. hey aword — eric wrote this post, fyi. he didn’t include a byline, but it’s in the “published by” line.

  12. Here is a little writing from today. Seems a bit in sync with your theme:

    “I woke up and couldn’t feel the cat (when I touched her). It was as though she were far far away. I thought this unusual. But what I did not know was that few can feel the cat; what was unusual was that I was awake to the fact that I could not.”

  13. Thank you, as always, Len.

    Here are the “I Am”s per Ed Tamplin:

    I am (aries)
    I persevere (taurus)
    I communicate (geminii)
    I feel (cancer)
    I will (leo)
    I discriminate (virgo)
    I relate (libra)
    I desire (scorpio)
    I preach (sagittarius)
    I achieve (capricorn)
    I assimilate (aquarius)
    I serve (pisces)

  14. Well, this is a very interesting article for me, especially the chart above. I had this VERY psyche/Psyche feel to Sunday’s Tarot.

    Isis is also VERY interesting to me. I almost never hear her talked about in astrology, and, again, I feel her deeply in my heavens. (Would love to hear more about Isis in a chart.)

    All of these minor planets seem to be chiming in me. And I’m coming up in the fusion of Aries-Taurus like on a rising wave.

    Thank you for this profound article. Much to ponder. I am intuitive and try to listen when the bells go off. Then hearing a corresponding reading is like water rushing into all the too-dry places, saturating them with the more, showing the earth how deep it is, how far down it can go, how fertile it can move in the dancing.

  15. I remember my mother had a book, which I think my sister inherited, that had as chapter titles the “I” statement for each sign. And I think the chapter told a story from that perspective. (Soooo loooong agooooooo…)

    Working on a communication plan, someone at work said: Michele, “feel is not a measurable objective.” Whaaaaaaaat? I feel. I feel. Everybody had a big laugh. It’s still in the communication plan. I never did find a word to replace “feel.” (Cancer)

    Boundary setting is becoming onerous. I’m noticing people don’t like it much.

    *Off to obsess about boundaries and void suns and ways to kick Pluto in the shin without falling on my ass.*

  16. Dude, that is a way cool way to look at it: transitioning from Aries (“I Am”) to Taurus (“I Have”) – I hadn’t thought of doing that before. I’m gonna start breaking up the year like that from now on (while still taking into account the big cycles and the moon and stuff) – that way I’ve got something tangible to work with – and compare and contrast with previous periods (eg, what was “I” last year at this time, etc). Let’s me chart progress. Would you be able to post the rest of the “I” whatevers? That gives such a beautiful structure to life!

    Thank you Eric, you wonderful genius you (and the rest of the article was pretty good too)!

    xox 🙂

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