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  1. be:

    love your interpretation of his cycling around the wheel in and out of the same Gates- the watery matrix of Cancer perhaps? some say anyway, right?
    with Jup/Uranus there got some impetus/energy to pull/push him through I’d say : ))

    re: being an improver- Virgo rising, anyone? ? hehe


    Hungry & Foolish

  2. BE – thank you!; my next question was “where is his Atlantis?”

    JannZero – I cut my teeth on PCs – even built a few – and did lots of tech work that involved them (several careers worth). But when I finally broke through the barrier and bought (my kids) a Mac my world changed forever.


  3. Zerosity, thanks for the feedback.. not sure I can remember when someone, more likely something I read really, posed that possibility. I’m sure I thought to my self “whaaaaat?” Like you said earlier, “the information was out there”, but most of us are never ready to hear it first time around.

    I suppose too that many people die with their progressed planets, at least the non-personal ones, having moved forward very little if at all. Maybe it is that way for the majority of people, I don’t know, but I know it gave me a whole new perspective on evolution. What is a whole lifetime to us as we experience it is such an infinitesimal movement forward in the big picture. Looked at this way only the personal planets make any developmental progress forward during a single lifetime. Frankly I have never compared a natal to a progressed chart of someone who has died and never heard of or read about it before either. I wish I’d done so sooner, but then, maybe this is the way I was meant to learn it. When I was ready to grasp the greater astrological message.

    Steve Jobs’ natal Atlantis was at 19 Aquarius(with trans. retro Nessus almost conjunct and trans Saturn trined), near the cusp of his 6th house, square his natal Saturn-Juno (on the cusp of his 3rd house of communication) that opposed Nessus in the 8th house, thus forming a t-square, trine his Vesta (workaholic) near the MH, sextile his Pallas Athene (pretty patterns) on the nadir, quincunx Jupiter (expansion) near the cusp of the 11th house of mankind, and with 5 degrees separating them, conjunct Mercury in the creative 5th house. What made him famous could partly be blamed for what killed him but it would have killed him if he had not.

  4. be, I can remember the moment someone said to the adult me (the conditioned me reared in the 1950s/1960s in a RomCath environment) a question: What if past, present and future all coexist at the same time? What a liberating thought!

    aword – I have three (count ’em – three) desktop PCs, custom made by a man named Dick. Once, when asked what “brand” was my PC, I said “It’s a Dick.” (I must confess that they all have functioned well, including one surviving a lightening strike. It’s the OS that sucks.) The MacBook succeeded a ghastly Toshiba laptop that went back to its maker no less than six times in three years. I became quite accustomed to the black and blue screens of death with that machine, known as “Toshita, the Crappy Lappy.” Then I bought a MacBook in 2008. I love it, but like the old jokes, I can’t tell my best friend (a PC guru for over forty years) that I have it and love it. He just wouldn’t understand.

    I have heard comment that Jobs really wasn’t an inventor, but rather an innovator and “improver” of what was already out there, and that he didn’t believe in “focus groups” or the consumer determining the product. We can only hope that he left enough of his innovative energy for the good things to continue, and/or he sends the energy from his new star.


  5. There’s something almost eerie about Steve Jobs chart. His natal Neptune is at 28 Libra rx and his progressed Neptune is at 26 Libra, but not retro. On Oct 5 Juno was at 23 Libra, Atlantis at 24 Libra and Venus at 25 Libra. The reason it has an eerie feeling is that all year long Juno and Atlantis have been in lock step; usually conjunct but never more than 1 or 2 degrees apart. If we think of Juno as representing solidarity or complete unity, and the principle of connectivity, and we think of Atlantis as advanced technology as well as a disappearing foundation, the message is of people united by the use of digital technology as their world crumbles. It is a picture of Steve Jobs.

    Looking back over the year and recalling the events where this advanced technology played a key role, Juno and Atlantis were always there. Remember Anthony Weiner’s mishap with Twitter, the Tsunami in Japan, the many chapters of the Arab Spring, the collapsing stands at Indiana State Fair, and Hurricane Irene? Always the word and pictures got out thanks to the many cell phone and Facebook connections around the world. Now Mr. Jobs ends his earthly tenure as the conjunction of Juno and Atlantis begin to separate too, just as they approach his progressed Neptune. Awesome.

    These things too I find intriguing when comparing his natal and progressed chart. His natal Mars at 29 Aries is in the same degree that his progressed Sun had reached and his progressed Mercury was close at 27 degrees. His natal Jupiter was at 20 Cancer retro and his progressed Jupiter is at 21 Cancer. His natal Uranus is at 24 Cancer retro and his progressed Uranus is at 23 Cancer. His natal Pluto at 25 Leo rx was almost joined by his progressed Pluto at 24 Leo. Finally his natal Saturn at 21 Scorpio is conjunct his natal Juno at 18 Scorpio. And how very interesting it is that his progressed Saturn is midway between them at 19 Scorpio. In some ways, it’s almost like he went out the same door that he came in through. It’s like “Mission Accomplished”. It really makes me a believer that linear time is a mirage and that the past and the future are right here in the now. (and I will look up where Atlantis was on his birthday!)

  6. ..and you know what’s giddy-foolish, Jann Zerosity? lol — that we LOOOOOVE our macs. I never loved a PC. Just put up with them.

    Gonna miss Mr. Jobs. Fer sure.

  7. “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Jobs quoted this in his 2005 Commencement address at Stanford. Jobs credited Stuart Brand, from the back cover of the Last Whole Earth Catalog in the mid-1970s. (Not sure which one it was. There was “Last ‘Updated” Whole Earth Catalog” with a few more “editions” after 1974.)

    Another iconic reference to the time of the Uranus Pluto conjunction. In recent weeks, I’ve been dipping into “Progress As If Survival Mattered” (original and revised editions, 1977 and 1981 respectively). The information was out there. So, why didn’t we heed it? Many answers to that one, including the turning of the Zodiacal wheel and the movement of the planets.


    PS: Love my MacBook…

  8. Yes. Steve’s bicycle be :)………seems he was one man who put people first and thought how technology would benefit them next.

    Most is the other way ’round; that is, the square peg of technology being hammered into the soft round that is human.

    Perhaps he will keep helping us to get it straight from a star somewhere.

  9. aword,

    I agree with you if the bicycler you refer to is Steve J. Yesterday as the Moon opposed his Uranus then squared his Neptune and shortly after, squared the ruler of his 8th house, Mars, in his 8th house. Then she went on to conjunct his Chiron, completing the tour of his grand cross. . transformation accomplished, and he is free. Trans. Pluto is only hours away from entering the degree of Cap that sextiles the degree of Steve’s Sun in Pisces. Perhaps an asteroid or TNO should be named Jobs in his honor.

  10. katlyons — it seems to be available; zane stein had a couple posts about jobs’ chart on FB last night.

  11. Does anyone have birth data for Jobs? I was watching last night’s Rachael Maddow this morning, and she played a 2005 Stanford graduation address. He ended by suggesting that people remain “hungry and foolish.” What an inspiration. Kat

  12. I’ve never owned any Apple product (for lots of reasons), but yes, I’ll miss him as will the world. He pushed Apples’ innovation and creativity higher and higher, and in turn this pushed everyone else harder. We are all better off for him, no matter what persuasion our computer nerdishness takes.

    Sweet dreams, Steve.

  13. I’m sitting at my Apple, from the House that Steve built…How did we do it before?
    God Speed, Steve. We need your brilliance in another dimension now. We’ll stay tuned for the latest upgrades.

  14. in one of the “suggested videos” at the end, he makes this joke:

    “apple is like a ship that has a hole in the bottom and it’s leaking water. my job is to point the ship in the right direction.”
    seems like he did his job pretty well…

  15. One would have to go back to Thomas Edison to find a comparable individual. Perhaps the greatest thing about Steve Jobs has nothing to do with what he invented, developed, made or marketed. Possibly his greatest achievement was to show us that one person still makes a difference when here and that every person is missed when they are gone.

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