Speaking of bunny-cats…

The Year of the Rabbit and the Year of the Cat are interchangeable; it’s more like “the year of critters that land on their feet when you drop them.” Here is a cat who…has a bit of both going for her.

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  1. Eric,

    I do appreciate Grendel for her gifts, and tell her so! The lizards however, are usually still alive, although without any tails, and are prone to running into the darkest recesses of my apartment. Ergo, remove as quickly as possible to the out of doors. They usually about 5-6 inches long, and unless they’re still stunned, fast.

    She nailed a bat late last summer, and I found the skull and wings on my couch. The one bird to make it inside so far was still alive, when it was brought in. I found feathers everywhere, and entrails with blood spatters all over the bathroom.

    As a member of a family of bird watchers, the lizards don’t bother me, but the birds do. The good news is that so far she’s killed only unprotected species. The bat was an anomaly: that takes true skill and cunning, especially at night.

    As to mice and rats, I’ve never seen any around here. She’s a good mouser, I know that, so if there were any at one time, there are none now.

  2. just make sure when she delivers a dead lizard that you thank her profusely and tell her what a ferocious hunter she is, or she’ll never forgive you.

    she really is doing it out of love.

    Once I lived in a house with two cats…the official PW phone number comes from that house on the north end of Vashon Island anyway the house was formerly infested with rats – bad scene, prior owners…stuff I won’t get into but there was a major infestation and my friend bought the place, renovated and cleaned and all of that and it was really nice. I rented a couple of rooms. Then one day I was in the basement doing laundry and my friend happened to be in the basement…we saw a rat slink along one of the pips…imagine our reaction…

    so he goes out. Gretel, one of the cats – the female – was lounging on her altar and I said to her: “Gretel, there are rats in the house again. Please go catch a rat for me.”

    I went out. Two hours later I came home and nearly tripped over a HUGE rat left right on the path to my bedroom. She was back laying in her altar…I was suitably grateful and told her…one of the most moving interactions I’ve ever had with a critter in my life.

  3. Eric – Um, no, mine hasn’t been trained by me to do anything yet. As you posited, she has trained me well. Trying to climb the curtains at 4am: means I want to go outside! Walking on me: “get up!” There are a host of other behaviors that are obvious commands to yours truly.

    A lot of imperatives there. Grendel is not a lap cat either: oh no, it’s hold me, both hands and arms please, and stop looking at that screen, look at me. Rub my head, ears, and shoulders, simply holding me is not enough. What, your arm is asleep? What am I supposed to do about that? It’s your arm…

    She does try to give me gifts, but by the time those avian and reptilian offerings make it to me I’d rather not accept them. Feathers and lizards are not all that appetizing.

  4. hahaha. Ok so I couldn’t help but take the challenge and did NOT repeat NOT come up with any pix of rabbits in cat hats hahaha! But – totally off the subject of Year of the Golden Rabbit; here is a cat/hat follow up:


    which may not be about Rabbits, but it is clearly “golden”!

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