Scenes from the Brooklyn Bridge direct action

Protest march on the streets of lower Manhattan, on the way to the Brooklyn Bridge direction. Photo by Atilla Racz for Planet Waves.
Some of the marchers were directed by police to the Brooklyn-bound car lanes. They were then trapped by police and arrested. Photo by Attila Racz for Planet Waves.

Photo by Attila Racz for Planet Waves.

3 thoughts on “Scenes from the Brooklyn Bridge direct action”

  1. The people in the top picture look so damn happy, don’t they? 😉

    Nice pictures all around. I was there yesterday too, briefly, to drop off some blankets and apples and schmooze a bit.

    You’ve probably figured out the General Assembly website:

    I would like to figure out how many of the protesters are campers and how many are just showing up every day, but sleeping somewhere else. Did you get a sense of that?

    Are some folks just dropping by at lunch and after work? I’m interested in going to an open forum, I might try that soon. (they’re listed on the calendar.)

    How many satellite Occupy’s are there now? 60 or so?

    cheers, GG

  2. Great pictures, Eric & co., truly. I just wish I could chuck things here and join you, but I’m not independently wealthy yet (hah, as if that’s going to happen!), and so must toil on.

    Best of luck, and may the stars be with us all!

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