Crashing the party at the White House

Couple crashes state dinner at the White House.
Couple crashes state dinner at the White House.

United States Secret Service has launched a major security review after a couple of aspiring reality television stars managed to gatecrash Barack Obama’s White House state dinner for the Indian prime minister.

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Or read the astrology here. Michaele and Tareq Salahi look like your average couple of posh Americans, appropriately dressed for a black tie function at the White House. They slipped past security, were announced as guests, and then posed for photos with Rahm Emmanuel, Joe Biden, several Marines and many other people; then posted the photos to their Facebook page the next day.

There is a gallery of those photos on a blog at Huffington Post. Seen together, they make the prank look pretty perverse.

Now for the chart. One of the first games to play with astrology is to see how the picture in the chart matches the picture we see in ‘reality’.

The couple shows up on top of the chart. Take a look. That is Pisces, which is a handy energy to tap into when you want to act, deceive, dress up or shapeshift. The line on top of the chart is the 10th house cusp — the house which is about government. One planet is Uranus/Prometheus; and the other is Juno, who represents ‘the wife’. It’s the picture of a male-female couple, right in the house of government, basically stealing the show (in Pisces). So, there they are, in all the hilarious glory of astrology.

A traditional reading of Uranus on the 10th is also something weird and/or disruptive [Uranus] in the government [10th house]. But the presence of Juno gives a picture of a married couple.

We look to the 6th house for security issues. The 6th is the house of the military; and of service. Sagittarius is there, and Mercury in Sagittarius is conjunct Pholus. Mercury in Sagittarius has to pay attention to the details. It might miss them — like the one about checking the guest list. We know from The Yes Men how easy it is to feign being official and be taken seriously.

Phil Sedgwick tells us that Pholus is about our responses to famous people, so we have a picture in the chart about how the Secret Service was starstruck. Except for the detail about these people being wannabe stars — not actual ones.

Mercury is particularly interesting in this chart because Gemini is on the 12th house cusp — the house of unspeakable secrets. I am not sure what to make of this, and I’m open to suggestions. 12th + 6th is a pun on secret + service, but the 12th is one of those places that can be so secret, you don’t know what it’s really about.

There are lots of planets in the 8th; it’s is one of the places to look for things of a conspiratorial nature. That house is full. The 8th points to a lot of money. Investment money.

As much as my brain is telling me that this was a successful prank and an excellent publicity stunt, this chart has a touch of ‘something else’ to it. I’m not sure what that is, but what happened Tuesday is a big favor to Barack because it revealed a breach in his security; who knows. Maybe it won’t happen again.

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  1. Shanna’s comment on gauchi red sari has given me some clues. You are right Shanna, the gauchi red sari is not the attire for State Dinner.

    The intention or the hidden agenda behind the sari is to get attention from Indian public or more precisely the Indian media for entertainment. Indian media is huge and growing rapidly and going very global these days. They know that India media is also watching this.

  2. Yes, Shanna, an Indian wedding dress is definitely red with gold embroidery. I saw that myself and wondered what the Indian luminaries in the photos were thinking…

  3. Okay, so this is the second instance we’ve had national attention drawn to a publicity stunt/hoax/lie by people interested in getting themselves into/onto a “reality” show.

    What I want to know is this: are the media treating the Salahis different than the Balloon Boy family? My early scope of the reports is, yes. But you know, publicity whoring is publicity whoring –no amount of $50 lipstick can pretty that instinct.

    Hey, and I read somewhere that Ms. Salahis’ sari is totally (and aptly) gauche: red is what Indian women wear to their weddings, not to a state dinner. Can anyone here confirm this tradition?

  4. Someone’s going to get fired and there will be people reassigned and redistributed as a result of this prank. I agree with Eric-this will save his life. While we should certainly keep sending protective thoughts for both Obama and his family, it’s a shame cameras can’t capture what some of us can see.
    During the campaign, when he spoke, his aura would expand to enormous proportions with bright jewel tones flashes, and multitudes of angels appeared. It was amazing. I found it amusing that there were references to Obama’s ability to call on the better angels of the American public. Clearly, people could feel the angels, even if they couldn’t see them. He has an angelic protection squad and I believe he is attuned to them, consciously or unconsciously. While we should certainly hold him in a protective loving light, be assured there are divine forces at work as well.
    Please don’t take this to mean that he is other than a fallible human like the rest of us. Simply that he has the capacity to channel divine love in the manner of a gifted healer, only he has applied this talent on a public scale. I doubt that he fully understands it himself, any more than a gifted writer understands the source of inspiration and creativity.
    And if you are wondering, Sarah Palin’s aura also expands when speaking in public, but it is the aura of someone feeding off and into the crowd energy. It’s an earthbound, human energy, similar to Bill Clinton. It’s simply the more common aura found in charismatic public speakers.

  5. Mercury is particularly interesting in this chart because Gemini is on the 12th house cusp — the house of unspeakable secrets. I am not sure what to make of this, and I’m open to suggestions.

    The 12th house is also about institutions. I have nothing concrete to base this on, but my gut is saying that the Secret Service “institution” itself is compromised.

  6. Thanks for these details. I try to go light on the astrology, so the comment section is the perfect place to put it. Also I have never been one to play the dispositor game — but it’s fun when someone does it for me 🙂

    I really like the Sun-Saturn-Pluto aspect. Sun semisextile Pluto – the close call – but inconjunct (another name for the semisextile, = no hit).

    I saw Mercury as ruler of the 4th = the incident happens at home.

    Moon ruler of ascendant = 9th house = involvement of foreign head of state (9th), but at home (Moon).

    That Pluto is in Cap – government.

    This could be the thing that saved Barack’s life.

  7. I think the most striking placement in this chart is Pluto in the 6th house, the house of military/security. It has done a marvelous job of exposing the breach of security, which will (hopefully) serve to make the system better and stronger in the future. Pluto has successfully destroyed the myth of ‘security’ at the highest level.
    If you start with Pluto and follow the link of dispositors, we see how literal astrology can be. Pluto’s dispositor, Saturn is in the 4th house, tells us where this mischief took place, the ‘White HOUSE’. Saturn’s dispositor is Venus in the 5th house, tells us what was going on at that time, a party/celebration/fun, a 5th house theme. Venus’ dispositor is Mars in the 2nd house showing what was challenged by this prank are the resources at the President’s disposal. Mars’ dispositor is Sun, back in the 5th house. Sun’s dispositor, Jupiter in the 8th, brings us to the Aqua conjunction in the 8th, with all the obvious themes of the 8th house. The triple conjunction is disposed by Uranus, rising in Pisces (the twin fish) on the MC.

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