Radharani New Moon in Aries

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Wednesday’s New Moon in Aries arrives at a time when many transitions are brewing. The Moon and Sun will be conjunct Wednesday at 8:29 am EDT (New York daylight time) and 1:29 pm GMD/BST (London daylight time). This is the first New Moon of the astronomical and astrological year, and it takes place conjunct an outer planet that you won’t see listed in your usual ephemeris, astrology chart or read about anywhere else except an astrophysics journal: that is 1992 QB1.

Radharani is one of the most important incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi.
Radharani is one of the most important incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi.

It’s strange that a minor planet (yes, orbiting our own Sun) that was discovered in 1992 still hasn’t been named — particularly one so historically significant. QB1 was the first object discovered orbiting our Sun beyond Pluto. It has an orbit of 289 years and is properly known as (15760) 1992 QB1. Today we know about Varuna, Chaos, Makemake and many others in this region of space; but QB1 was the very first, discovered in none other than the first degree of Aries: the Aries Point (technically, the sidereal vernal point).

The discovery was the confirmation of the existence of what is known as the Kuiper Belt, the vast region in space where Pluto resides. For this extraordinary discovery, I have proposed the name Radharani, the supreme goddess of Hindu mythology and the consort to Lord Krishna.

Let’s go over a few basics of this New Moon, and then add a few thoughts about 1992 QB1.

First, this New Moon marks a profound moment of transition, of many events about to happen. Saturn and Uranus are lining up for their next-to-last opposition for this cycle. That is a tense aspect between two wildly different kinds of energies. Many are feeling the tension and the pressure as the impetus to make radical changes. For some this is showing up as frustration and for others intense bursts of creative friction. These oppositions spark up the psyche, release energy and help us see what is what in our supposedly dualistic world of opposites. Carl Jung observed that no real progress came without this kid of opposition energy; let’s make the most of it. Meanwhile, Chiron is about to go into Pisces, a deeply spiritualizing influence that we will all notice. Continued in subscriber edition.

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4 thoughts on “Radharani New Moon in Aries

  1. how insightful! I being a pisces feel the relevance of this quite a bit, just a feeling of being on the brink of a massive psychic release or transition to a more spiritually tuned way of life, I being a fish, have had all sorts of psychic phenomena since 3 years ago, that the global thought field was going through choas almost being forced to look at problems caused by ego that cannot be ignored…also, I find it amazing that the issue of thesholders just came up, as I am on this very day on the precipice of massive change, and is is into a career that one would call a thresholder….working for montessori, a very spiritually guided school, that uses teachers in a modest way as literal theshold openers for children to create a new future and culture based on their own spirituality…amazing things are on their way

  2. I went onto a Sabian oracle website that I like and asked the oracle a question about how my soul/spirit will be changed going forward because I’ve got lots of changes going on, as do we all. The oracle gave me “Leo 21 – Intoxicated chickens dizzily flap their wings trying to fly”. Which sounds just about right. It won’t be pretty, but eventually I’ll fly. I’ll also be a chicken. Sigh.

  3. Eric,
    This article proves the value of a subscription to Planet Waves. Just finished reading it. Then re-read mine below. Yup, you are the master blaster.
    Humbled (and hopefully educated),
    Len Wallick

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