Publishing Schedule Update

Hello —
I am pleased to report that Eric’s 50th birthday party was a lovely success! However, due to the rather crazy drive to New York and back and catching a cold (complete with laryngitis), I’m hoping to post the Monday Daily Astrology column closer to late morning EDT rather than trying to string together profound thoughts this evening. In the meantime, please refer back to Len Wallick’s post from Thursday for a refresher on this week’s main aspect, Mercury square Saturn, and we’ll have a little more insight into the week’s astrology later in the day. — Amanda

4 thoughts on “Publishing Schedule Update”

  1. thank you for the well-wishes! it took a lot longer to get my mind to focus today than i had anticipated. sorry for the delay, but the Daily Astrology column is now posted. (now to write the next one…)

    Carla — fun meeting you, too!

    jannkinz — had you made the trip, you would have been in excellent company: there were people who traveled from maine, massachusetts, virginia, california and florida in attendance!

  2. Congrats to all on Eric’s successful b’day bash. I briefly thought about driving from Michigan to New York. . .

    Perhaps all of you should take a well deserved day of rest? The planets will still move in the sky. ;>)


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