Planet Waves postcards

The official Planet Waves postcard. Photo by Eric.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Would you like to help give out Planet Waves postcards in your community?

Do you have a regular hang out in your town that you love to visit? A special place that makes you feel at home? The “Cheers” where everybody knows your name? Planet Waves needs your help. We have beautiful postcards that we want you to distribute at your favorite hang out.

So here’s how to do it: email Sarah at with your request for postcards. Your request needs to provide a short letter describing:

• Your name, mailing address, email and best phone number
• A description of your proposed distribution location(s) — not necessarily a complete list, but a list is welcome
• Why you think patrons of your hangout would be interested in Planet Waves
• The number of postcards you would like. We have postcards in bundles of 50 and 150. If you are unsure, it’s best to start with the smaller bundle. We can always send you more later.

You will need to ask permission to display the postcards at the business. Most will say yes. We want Planet Waves information to be a welcome source of information. If the folks at your business of choice like the postcards and they are all distributed, you may contact us again for more postcards.

Many thanks…

— Sarah & Chelsea
in the Planet Waves business office

4 thoughts on “Planet Waves postcards”

  1. It’s a really beautiful image. I’ll probably see if I can plant some around town here, just have not gotten around to emailing for them.

    The Marseille deck image has a poignancy for me personally — as one of the items I found and treasured for a while after my dad’s death was a very old little cardboard box with a hand penciled Christmas gift tag and real old paper still on, and tied with twine…. he gave to HIS dad that year in his childhood, a deck of cards….. what remained was only a partial deck…. on the gift tag I think he called them faro cards…. but the images are the same….. this all occurred in Southwest Texas dirtfarming hardscrabble country, a very very tiny spark of magic being transmitted back down the male line there…..

    I’d forgotten that. remembering it now……..

  2. The tarot card is the Ace of Wands, and the deck is the Jodorowsky Tarot. This is a remake of the Tarot de Marseille, one of the earlier desks commonly seen. It is a French deck.

    Alejandro Jodorowsky, who lives much of the time in Paris, is a surrealist filmmaker who came into possession of an original press run copy of the deck from a relative of the family where it was created some centuries ago; and he scanned the deck and, over the course of about five years, cleaned up the edges and reworked the details slightly. It differs from most other versions of the Marseille deck (easily available in nearly any esoteric book shop) in the more interesting color scheme and precision in the detailing, such as the number and the colors of yods surrounding the wand. One of the lush visual treats of AleJandro’s version is the restoration of the color green to the images, as intended by the artist — for the most part the more modern version Marseille deck, the one commonly seen, is in primary colors).

    The book, as titled, is Esoteric Astrology by AAB. This is the copy that I ordered while I was living in Munich in 1998, in order to have a new basis for decoding the then-forthcoming Aug. 11, 1999 grand cross and total solar eclipse. If I am going to travel with one astrology book, this is one of two that I’ll take (the other being An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar.

    The photo dates from late 2007, around the time of the birth of Chelsea’s child Eli and a Planet Waves annual project called Small World Stories. I had just moved into my current apartment after living in Europe for several years, so the photo has a certain poignancy for me – a sense of returning home.

  3. hey mjbirch —

    the whole image you see is the postcard, not just the tarot card sitting on the book. The back simply has a 2 or 3 sentence description of Planet Waves and the contact info (email, web address, phone numbers).

    Eric Francis took the photo (i have no idea who created the tarot deck featured in the image, but eric may know).

    i find it’s actually rather fun to leave little stacks in friendly coffee shops, etc around town. i always wonder whose life may be changed for the better simply doing so.

    — amanda painter

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