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  1. Interestingly, I told my husband the morning of Sandy’s projected path that I thought it may be weather control. Five weeks ago, our boat GPS wouldn’t work, and a call to Garmin was explained this way” The US switched our satellite to a new direction, you have to call us from the boat to reset to our new coordinates.” I thought that was weird too. I don’t know much about this stuff but my radar is working in high gear lately! Thanks to Eric who always puts some light in those dark corners.

  2. Following the yellow-brick road that put Jupiter in the same degree as the Venus-Sun occultation, we find that Venus was conjunct Jupiter at 9+ Taurus on Wednesday, March 14th. She also trined Mars in Virgo less than 2 1/2 hours before that. In fact, Venus trined Pluto in Capricorn the night before that, making a grand trine in Earth signs between Venus-Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. . . just after Mercury stationed retrograde at 6+ Aries. Does anyone remember that?

    Venus and Jupiter at 9+ Taurus puts them very close to the Moon in this Sandy chart at 8 Taurus 53. The Sabian Symbol for the March Venus-Jupiter conjunction is “A Red Cross Nurse”. The keynote in Dane Rudhyar’s book, An Astrologial Mandala, is “The compassionate linking of all men.” This makes a very good case for believing that linear time is an illusion.

  3. You make a good point aword. Isis was making a point too at the time of the Venus-Sun conjunction in June. At 8 Libra 53, she opposed Uranus and squared Pluto and the Moon. (In this Sandy chart she and Mercury were opposite the degree of the May solar eclipse at 0 Gemini, which may have already been mentioned here.) Thanks for pointing her out for me and for any others who are impressed with this remarkable connection between charts. Kinda reminds me of all the ladies who silently kept vigil recently outside a state government building where there would be a vote on some abhorrent legislation. There have been so many abhorrent things up for vote lately I can’t remember which one this one was; just remember the picture of a line of women, holding signs maybe, as the members who would have to vote on it walked by them. Get serious people!

  4. Be,
    ..and include Isis in the conversation, as she is standing alongside Mercury in Sagg.
    Perhaps as (another) Earth-Mother she is using him to magnify her voice.

  5. Wait. . .there’s more. . . Astraea on June 5, 2012, at the time of the Venus – Sun aspect was at 23 Virgo 6, thus adding a promise to ‘never leave us’ into the mutable hybrid square between Sandy’s Pisces Pallas and Gemini Vesta, and Venus’ DC Sagittarian ascendant. Also in the Venus Occult Sun chart, Iris the messenger at 7 Scorpio 43 retro, was where the Sun would be shortly after Sandy made landfall. I think it’s a yin/yang thing; part of the balancing process necessary for any real evolution in humanity.

  6. Sina, thank you for the direct window on how Global Burning is affecting your region. The niño/niña phenom *seems* to have been noted and named in the 1990s. I took an oceanographic climatology course in ’89 and there was no such term in our textbook (I looked a few months ago, before I sold the book) and I don’t remember hearing it until around 94.

    So some of these ‘patterns’ seem a little um, backdated. Not that I am suggesting a conspiracy *8D…

    But H.Sandy is *far* from the worst storm to hit N. America. It was a Category 1 hurricane, downgraded to a tropical storm when it made landfall. 90 mph winds with gusts to 125. Compare that to the Category 5 Carla that hit the Texas coast in 1961, with 175+ mph winds. I remember seeing palm trees flying along sideways. My uncles (badbad boys) went surfing down our street in the airborne debris.

    I think the worst on record was the Galveston hurricane of 1900 with 8,000 fatalities. I personally experience something akin to ecstasy with the onset of these storms, but there is probably something *wrong* with me. Might have something to do with the fact the megamotherhurricane for that year (another Cat 5 – Katrina-strength) hit Texas a few weeks after I was born. Something in the water, as they say.

    They are formidable, but unless alien technology started these babies back before the Conquest, I suspect they are endemic, not exotic, to the planet.


  7. The ascendant and Jupiter in Sandy’s Landfall chart are in the same degree as was Venus when she made her historical occultation of the Sun on Jun 5 2012. Mars in Gemini was square them. The Moon was about to occult Pluto; she at 7+ Cap, he at 8+. They were square Uranus in Aries at 7+ degrees. The ascendant for the chart at that time in Washington, D.C. was 24 Sagittarius and Sandy’s Landfall chart has the asteroid goddesses Vesta opposed this point and Pallas-Athene square this point. Sandy’s chart has the north node at 26 Scorpio and the Venus Occultation chart had Juno at 25 Scorpio 41 retrograde. The Venus chart’s south node at 5 Gemini 3 is where Lilith is in Sandy’s chart. Pallas-Athene in Venus’ chart was at 4+ Aries (conjunct Uranus) and tighten’s up the Sandy chart square between Ceres (3+ Cancer) and Uranus (5+ Aries).

    Do you suppose the ladies were/are trying to tell us something?

  8. Dear Alexander,

    As a resident of a small Pacific Island nation, I can tell you for a fact, that climate change is real, and for us, it is not political, it’s personal.

    While large countries may be debating whether climate change is real or not, we in the Pacific Islands have watched decades of it’s effects inundate our coastlines till some of our islands are now under water, bleach our coral reefs, produce cyclones like Sandy pounding us almost every year, and affect our livelihoods on a daily basis.

    When we are in an El Nino weather pattern, the fish we catch for our sustenance seeks deeper and colder waters which means they are no longer available to us. Our crops dry and we are prone to bush fires which destroy our forests and our subsistence crops.

    When we are in a La Nina weather pattern, we are inundated with torrential rains which flood our homes, crops, land and water ways and expose us to water-borne, and mosquito-borne diseases.

    These two weather patterns are normal weather patterns that have been recorded for many centuries, but the fact the we are experiencing the extremes of these weather patterns more frequently indicates that the climate has changed.

    “Climate Has Changed, Climate Will Change, Climate Demands Change” – Dr Michael Taylor, University of the West Indies, Jamaica at the Lessons for Future Action Conference for Pacific, Caribbean and Indian Ocean Island nations held in Samoa, May 2011.

    What has to change is our attitudes. Climate demands that we change how we live on a day-to-day basis, from whether we drive to work, or bicycle to work, whether to buy GM fruit and vegetables that support the pesticide industry or to buy organic, whether we choose products with layers of wrapping, or products with the least packaging. We as individuals have to create a change for the better for the whole.

    While the rest of the world is still figuring out if climate change is real or a hoax, we islanders are living with the reality of it daily.

    My thoughts and prayers to out to all in the Caribbean, USA and Canada who have been affected by this huge Hurricane Sandy. I empathise with you, for I’ve been in your shoes too. I’ve experienced cyclones that have been frightening, blowing down trees and buildings around me, having to deal with stopping the rising waters from flooding my home, really taking months to clean up the debris, with no power for weeks, and living on tinned food till the next lot of crops have been planted and grown. No one is brave enough to fish for weeks after a cyclone as the seas remain rough weeks after the cyclone has fizzled out. And if there are deaths, then there are funerals to prepare and hold. Be resiliant, help each other out, share what you have, check on your neighbours if you haven’t seen them around, and thank the Creator you survived the worst storm to ever hit the continent of North America.

    Om shanti,

  9. Meanwhile, reading this chart: remember that symbols stand for something else. The point of doing astrology is to note what the symbols stand for and how they interrelate.

    Also, we are not doing natal astrology here. We are doing a morph of mundane and horary astrology, which are foundations of modern natal astrology. Mundane (the study of a worldly event) and horary (a divination method, involving studying the hour of something, such as the mailman knocking the door) came first.

    Let’s look at some traditional astrology, and use logic. If we want to know something about what these planets represent, we have to observe what signs and houses they rule. Let’s focus on three planets that have traditional rulership associations: Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. Here is the table of essential dignities.

    Going one at a time:

    Mercury is in Sagittarius. It rules Gemini and Virgo. Gemini is the sign rising, so Mercury rules the ascendant (and my some theories, the whole chart, though this has specific implications in horary). Virgo is intercepted in the 4th house so Mercury is a co-ruler of the 4th. Mercury in Sagittarius is in detriment.

    Mars is angular, right on the 7th cusp — and has strong placement as a result. It is in Sagittarius. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio; we find those on the 11th and 6th houses, respectively.

    Jupiter is in Gemini. It is rising, giving it accidental dignity. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagg is on the 7th house, so Jupiter rules the house of ‘the other’. It’s also the ruler of Pisces, which is intercepted in the 10th. It’s the co-ruler of the 10th. Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini. It is also retrograde. It’s in the uncomfortable position of being weakened and in a position of great authority.

    The the themes of the houses and planets involved need to be developed and understood, based on traditional assignments of topic and theme. This kind of rigorous reading of the chart is necessary to both confirm intuition, develop the story and invalidate theories that are misreadings or do not hold up to logic.

    We have not yet assigned the house of the primary theme of the chart, “a weather event” or my question: “was this a false flag event?” If it was a false flag event, presumably it’s a military operation of some kind and the ruler of the 6th would be telling. Scorpio is on the 6th. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio, and we are looking right at it — placed on the 7th — in a direct relationship to it.

    The ruler of the ascendant/1st house can stand as “the question itself” and in this case, that would be Mercury, which is square Neptune in Sagittarius. Mercury is slowing to a station retrograde, it’s in detriment and it’s in a slippery square to a large, powerful planet associated with obfuscation of the truth.

    The biggest presence in this story is “the storm” — which is “the other” — and that would be Jupiter, ruler of the 7th house, [intercepted, or covert] co-ruler of the 10th house, government and authority, including the king.

    Whether the outcome is false flag or not, the presence of “the government” in the chart makes sense because we are sizing up the chart for its influence on the election, and the government is a ubiquitous presence in this equation (FEMA, governors everywhere, etc.).

    In investigating for false flag, there is one essential house to check: the 12th, the house of the secret enemy. Taurus is on the 12th house cusp. The ruler of Taurus is Venus, which we find in her other domicile — Libra. Venus is also in the 5th — the house of taking chances. Venus here is out in the open, and very comfortable (in Libra) taking chances (5th house, gambling). Venus is about to make a series of aspects, in particular an opposition to Uranus and a square to Pluto. Venus, representing the secret enemy, is about to step into a trap.

  10. yes, stormi — i saw a similar gallery of fake photos that are making the Internet rounds on Alternet (I *think* that’s where i was… maybe CNN? i’ve been all over the web today!).

    some of them are pretty obvious, but some of them are pretty sneaky.

  11. Ah GSG, I have no doubt that many would find resonance with your imagery and tarot analogy. For intuitives this is a very fruitful way to tap into knowledge..

    But I’m not really questioning that. What it is important to bear in mind is that rational-verbal once juxtaposed with intuitive-embodied is not merely some philosophical debate about the deficiencies of Cartesian epistemology.. What I am enquiring about is not substantive means of ascertaining concrete knowledge but how connections are made across areas of knowledge and modes of communication. It may be stimulating to find a concept or phrase contradictory from a counter-rational perspective as some sort of theoretical corrective to phallogocentrism (or some such)… BUT human brains neeed consistency within communication in order to decode it correctly.

    Many psychologically coercive approaches use double-bind techniques which fuck people up.. they ‘work’ by giving to irreconcilable notions simultaneously which can’t be processed, leaving a gap that addles the brain. This is much akin to veiling serious points in humour.. a message is presented on two levels and the communication is obfuscated, while a covert message is embossed.

    True communication requires transparency and the quest for clarity. Philosophically pleasing absurdities and tensions and their paradoxes may grant some intellectual satisfaction but do not foster honest debate.

    In translating material from the numinous or right-brained realm it seems important to be aware of the modalities of power. If one cannot “answer back” for fear of being represented as an infidel against some transcendent truth then oppression has entered the building..

    If ‘higher’ knowledge is invoked then the standard rules of communicative discourse should still apply. Those involve giving an account if asked to and being able to do so rationally and overtly. Whereas your last reply effectively did not do so!

    Where did you see these flickers of superiority and snake oil purveying in this thread exactly? Or is that some secret reserved for the higher powers which assist you?

  12. more fake photos gone viral

  13. wow —

    here’s a great reminder to fact-check everything, even in the midst of a huge natural disaster, even if (especially if) you’re a major news outlet:


    “As widespread worries over Hurricane Sandy spread among New York City residents, one obnoxious right-wing Twitter user took the opportunity to spread unsubstantiated rumours about the impact of the storm. Some of the Twitter messages went viral–and news organizations picked them up.”

    some of those rumors include that the NY stock exchange was flooded (i saw one FB friend duped into sharing & then rescinding that one), Con Edison shutting down all the power in New York; and Governor Cuomo being trapped in Manhattan.

    really? are internet trolls *really* that bored and malicious? i mean, i know maria padhila made that point in her article on saturday, but sheesh. apparently this guy is actually a low-level staffer or volunteer at a NYC Republican Victory Center.


  14. Greetings AdW
    When I am attempting to use a natal chart which is about a moment in time/event rather than a person or organizational body, then I look at the ‘characters’ who are occupying the “stage’ of that moment. I use intuitive sensing to interpret how the Archetypes are presenting themselves and what sort of story they might be trying to tell us, about ourselves thru that fractal moment of time. I ‘see’ pictures, costumes and settings, I hear songs, speeches and static, I smell fragrances and stink and I get feelings of awe, dread, joy or despair… all of these sensory experiences are non-physical yet they are channeled thru this physical body. They are non-linear streams of information which then need to be processed into linear/verbal information if they are to be share.
    As I said, it is not using astrology in the usual sense and it may not be a ‘sanctioned’ way of using a natal chart, but it works for me. It is more like how a Tarot reader uses the images and knowledge base of Tarot to do a reading for the moment.
    These sensations specifically about the character being ‘played’ by Jupiter in this moment got triggered when I listened to Eric’s recording and when he mentioned the idea of two kings visiting each others countries. I got curious about how the “king” which is represented by Jupiter in this chart might appear were he to stand before me. I merely offered my impressions as another stream of possibly useful information arising from this event.

    If “flickers of grandiosity” seems a contradictory term, then I am pleased.

    As for the healing I speak of… here is an example:

    Pam Warhurst, the speaker in the TED presentation above says this: “I wondered if it was possible to take a town like Todmorden and focus on local food to re-engage people with the planet we live on, create the sort of shifts in behaviour we need to live within the resources we have, stop us thinking like dis-empowered victims and to start taking responsibility for our own futures.”

    Brilliant! Ordinary people doing simple, small things which have extraordinary effects and bring about real change on a big scale. This is the kind of healing I’m talking about.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if as part of the rebuilding of NYC and NJ and all the hurricane ravaged parts of the mid-Atlantic coast, edible landscapes, became centerpieces of the re-building effort?

  15. Hi GSG,

    Interesting picture that you pain of retrograde Jupiter in Gemini. Where are you locating your position in terms of mundane astrology affecting everyone and specific natal chart indications (seeing as Jupiter is strictly a transpersonal body and is neither generational or personal). I ask specifically because you suggest that “flickers” of this grandiosity are apparent in this thread. It feels like flickers of grandiosity is a contradictory notion. Also, it would be better to speak openly in my view, rather than covertly. If we are speaking about non-verbal and non-intellectual healing then it feels important for healing (which is an overt thing essentially) to ensue from the discussion. Also, the notion of non-verbal and non-intellectual is needful of greater precision of explanation. For many, such language is often connoted as somehow spiritualizing the body or soul in a way that might suggest that intellect or language are somehow “unwholesome” or deficient in some way.

    I suppose my request here is that you demonstrate than than assert, especially if your suggesting that the thread here and its participants are manifesting grandiosity or ego-tripping in the face of much weightier (non-intellectual, non-verbal matters?)

    I think consistency in these matters is paramount if there is to be full and frank debate with healing potentials.


  16. Eric;
    Re: the sharp turns Sandy took…. Mark Breen who is a meteorologist just answered that question on Vermont Edition, the local news program in response to a listener’s question. It was broadcast live at 12:00 here and they usually have the archive online shortly afterwards….you can check it out here:
    it may not be available for listening till tomorrow since it was aired today.

    Mark Breen is a very congenial fellow and I’m sure if you wanted to ask him yourself you could. He can be reached via email using this form:
    you might even be able to have a phone conversation with him…I’ve done so in the past.
    He’s very approachable and loves talking weather…he could be a good resource for your project.

  17. Eric,
    Rightly or wrongly when I listen to the ‘story’ of the retrograde Jupiter in this chart (which is how I often work with a chart) I get a picture of a P.T.Barnum type character. Someone grandly dressed, over-dressed most likely….someone calling attention to themselves with a lot of charisma, bravado and puffery. Someone who wants to throw a party (and spare no expense) as a distraction from the direness at hand, someone who wants desperately to be the center of attention to divert our awareness away from something deeper that is going on here… there is something sinister to me with that Jupiter. Someone who wants to control and manipulate the crowd by being over the top and being multiple things at once … someone standing on a Mardi Gras float as it rolls along a parade route- throwing out shiny plastic baubles that are sparkly bits of nothingness to the oblivious masses….a shapeshifter-storyteller-snake oil salesman and master manipulator all in one. I know this is not the conventional view of Jupiter in Gemini but that is how I feel it in this chart.
    There is something present here that wants to hypnotize us with a grand display of supposedly ‘superior’ intellectual ingenuity and cleverness, which is attempting to distract us and keep us from feeling deeply into the important (non-verbal, non-intellectual) healing message that the pain and suffering aspect this event (and others like it) could bring to us. Sadly, I see flickers of it being enacted right here in this very discussion.

  18. My Facebook post repeated here —

    Greetings…I am on a meteorological mission. If you are a storm chaser, hobbyist, historian or the weather guy/gal for News 1, maybe you can help. I am looking for a cohesive scenario how the storm took a sharp left turn into New Jersey, just south of New York City. You may share your own theory, or those from articles you’ve read. I am looking for evidence that this storm followed known weather dynamics and behaved as would be expected under the conditions as we know them. Thank you!

  19. Let’s NOT get distracted by Global Warming now shall we?!!!

    For starters, we should see the political artifice in that now almost universally accepted euphemism “climate change” which took hold several years ago.. which was designed to assuage Apocalyptic visions of a global catastrophe looming. Plus, Eric is dead right on cause/effect, GG.

    What is asserted about this proviso – that as long we keep focused on climate change as the issue – critical and alternative debate is permissible.. is entirely missing the point.

    Just say that a person kept repeating “There is a nuclear missile pointing at Moscow”.. what merit does this assertion have, regardless of number of times repeated and the veracity of the statement? If true, the questions are about who is doing the pointing and why.. and, more to the point, what if anything can be done about it? This has precisely nothing to do with gender either GG (that is just a cosy fiction!) and everything to do with the analysis of power.

    So it seems to me that “Climate Change” is a red herring.. and it is a HUGE error of judgment to make this simplistic reduction central. We need critical perspectives that have the power to nurture alternative communities. Some same old, same old, lament about how terrible everything is is well.. plain useless!

    There are very powerful vested interests out there which are quite happy for people to become ideologues as long as they don’t become activists.

    Thanks Eric, for raising the awareness of what lurks in the shadows so consistently. We must all work for the development of the public emergence of the real picture..

    Gaia is in pain because of a collective problem yes, but there are dark forces of disproportionate power and influence and they will stop at nothing to continue raping the planet. Our armchair propaganda won’t change that. We need to focus on what will.

  20. I think that regardless of what else is happening, this is a moment of clarity on global warming, just like Katrina/Rita — after which we had the first real awakening on this issue. But it was short-lived. I will make sure I focus my discussion on both sides of this equation, as we have discussed here.

  21. Comment via Facebook:

    Hi Eric

    I just heard your podcast from last night and I was interested in what you were saying about the possibility of this current storm being the result of human intervention. Like you, I keep an open mind about these things. Something occurred to me about the sort of motive people would have for manipulating the weather in such a powerful and destructive way. It popped into my head as I was remembering the argument that the bomb may have been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki largely because they’d made this bomb and wanted to see what it did. I just thought I’d offer this scenario to you, in case it resonates with anything in your charts (I’m not that knowledgable about charts):

    Just say the powerful elements in the world who deny that global warming (etc) is happening actually know full well that we’re heading for environmental disaster but haven’t the foggiest idea what to do about it and are terrified about what might happen if there was a global consensus among the population that we need to do something about it. If that was the case, the powerful elements might very well encourage global warming deniers to dance about front of stage as a sort of smokescreen, while they busy themselves behind the scenes, trying to figure out what sort of technology might allow them to manipulate the climate. Then, say they started developing technologies and wanted to know if they worked, perhaps they might want to test them in much the same way as they wanted to test the bomb.

    Just an idea.

    Thank you for all the work you do, I love your podcasts.

  22. That’s a thoughtful response, Eric. Certainly Planet Waves has a long track record of exploring alternative concepts, I don’t object to you exploring the idea of HAARP’s role in Sandy.

    PROVIDED ….So long as we all recognize the bigger picture issue of climate change.

  23. GG,

    Climate change is about technology. It’s about our relationship to technology. And it’s also about our relationship to the people who control technology. If this storm is about technology (as we are both suggesting, in slightly different ways), it’s ultimately an ethical issue — not a technological one.

    The critical level is our awareness of the whole system. There is the obvious layer of human activity driving global warming, and the obvious issue (to some, not all) what this is doing to the Earth. Many are still in denial that human activity is involved. Many are pretending — for a motive. The motive level is part of the whole system. If you’re wondering if there is a motive, consider the law of karma: every cause has an effect. Every effect has a cause.

    In my estimation, the main problem with humanity and human consciousness is the attempt to separate cause and effect.

    Global warming is now part of the background of existence on Earth; it’s part of the environment as it currently is. It’s a kind of weakness. And, like with any weakness in a system, there is the potential for that weakness to be exploited.

    There is ample evidence that the people in control lack the ethical framework to be able to use their power in an ethical way, for anything resembling the ‘greater good’. There are scant few limits on that power; no budget limits; infinite scientific resources. There are many motives at work, and a trend of the extreme concentration of power into very few hands, all within our lifetimes.

    While all of this is happening, we can look at nature and say: we are killing her. But who, really, is we? Is it you with your toaster oven, or is it they who have suppressed energy technology (for the public) since the days of Tesla (and kept it for themselves)?

    I think it’s essential to peel back the layers, and start to see the larger patterns at work. One of those patterns is the inability of most people to see the patterns or even suspect that they are there at all.

    As far as these people are concerned, weather weapons are old hat and no big deal — just something useful. The are part of the same larger pattern, following the same basic intent of dominating the globe, using technology and deception.

    In making the distinction of what is what, in an intellectually honest way, it’s necessary to get past the various levels of plausible deniability. Those are essential to the MO of any covert operation. It has to look good long enough to forget what you were looking at — and move onto the next thing.

    In making the assessments that the people on the spiritual rather than the technological side of this discussion are making, I believe there is an essential question that would raise the discussion to that level. What, exactly, is our responsibility here and now? What, exactly, got us into this mess — to the extent that we possess any responsibility? The two are integrally related. You could say they are the same thing.

    As for the presence of any perpetrators: It’s essential to question the issue of intent, which is to say, the motives. That’s how you might figure out, did she fall, or was she pushed?


  24. Hey Eric,

    I’m down in NYC, and I’m one of the lucky ones here – no flooding where I live, no power outages. (Just some flickering lights and Time Warner’s usual fluctuations — ugh.)

    I love Planet Waves because I think you generally bring a lot of openness and creativity to your work and the subjects you deal with. And you’re an awesome astrologer.

    However once in a while I disagree with you. I’m going to respectfully disagree with your take on Sandy being a manufactured storm — but not for technological reasons.

    It may be that the military has the capacity to create or control storm weather — I think that’s a side issue. The big issue is that Nature is dying — slowly, painfully — she is dying and human activity is killing her.

    Climate change is just one piece of it. We are deforesting the planet, paving over sensitive ecological areas, drilling for oil and gas in national parks. And yes we are pouring CO2 into the air at an unimaginable rate.

    Gaia is a living system, and she can only take so many wounds and sickness before she starts to die.

    Gaia needs biodiversity to live. She evolved all these creatures that depend on one another in order to create a strong and sustainable web of life. We are destroying that web of life everywhere you look.

    So many people simply refuse to acknowledge that humans are killing Gaia. It’s a painful realization to have because all of us are implicated in it.

    But the truth is, it’s not just our generation — yours and mine — that’s damaging the planet. This process started 400 years ago and we’ve only now acquired the scientific tools to see the “great arc of history” and understand what we’re doing.

    Our generation has been given the gift of seeing the destruction of Gaia for what it is. Our parents and grandparents just did not have enough information to gain that understanding.

    I’m sorry, Eric, but your idea of turning Sandy, the latest example of Gaia’s physical decline, into a technological issue is, well — it’s missing the point, and it’s something that a guy is very likely to do, and a woman, not so likely to do.

    It’s so easy for men to escape into the tech zone, sorry I’m not trying to beat you up personally, it just does seem to be a “guy” thing. Men are way more comfortable turning everything into a tech issue. I guess that makes it seem more controllable and more understandable.

    And for sure, I personally benefit from technology every day. But Sandy is not about technology. It’s about climate change.

    Let me say that again. Hurricane Sandy is about climate change. It’s about our addiction to fossil fuels. It’s about our refusal to accept that we must start making concessions to Nature and stop exploiting her so mercilessly.

    A group I work with, 350.org, went to Times Square just before the subways were shut down and we unfurled a big banner saying “End Climate Change.”

    Here’s a picture:




  25. Bjork! Great! Will have to wait a while, as ever, before finding the time to listen, busy day ahead – but loved your comment, Greenstar.

  26. I don’t think anyone should be surprised about the record-breaking weather we’ve been seeing all over the planet in the past few years. Of course it is some strange ‘synthetic’ witches brew of human and natural forces conspiring together… this is not shocking news at all! We’ve been warned that this was coming for decades now by scientists who have clearly predicted that we would be seeing more and more of these hybrid, record-breaking events. It amazes me that people still don’t grok that WE, we humans are contributing directly to the demise of the balance that our sensitive ecosystems have been able to maintain over the centuries. This storm is exactly the kind of thing that has been predicted to hit us for many years now…why are we surprised when it finally arrives? For me, I don’t need any further conspiracy theories or proofs…for me the storm IS the proof that we humans have soiled our own nest and we are going to be living with that consequence from now on. Global warming is not a theory, rising seas are what we have created and crazy weather is what we have co-created with this planet… we now have the chance to see if we can fix the mess…but frankly, I’m not too hopeful, but perhaps this chart is showing us something crucial and positive.

    This is a powerful and complicated chart. One of the elements that is rather striking to me is the Sun Saturn Vertex conjunction which is forming a grand trine with Ceres and Neptune- Chiron. Since Sandy’s effect is so much about water, this draws my attention. I don’t know a lot about the Vertex point but what I have been learning as I explore this point is that it seems to act as a gateway or portal….ushering in powerful, transcendent energies at times, giving the moment an extra boost towards a higher evolutionary frequency, so it bodes well that this point is so beautifully placed. Given that the water element is the medium of this transformational process and Saturn is supporting it and it is activating the 1, 5th and 10th there does seem to be the indication that this result we are now having to adjust to and deal with is something we seeded ourselves long ago and that this has the potential to be a big healing moment for the collective as we re-focus our Soul-force (Sun) to what really matters; our limitations and need for more self discipline, our Planet as represented by Ceres. We are being invited to show up with our best Selves at the helm (Chiron-Neptune in the 10th)…with the possibility that we can heal so much by experiencing ourselves creatively tackling what befalls us and finding the humanity in one another in the process. The challenge is to not get stuck in that dangerous Mars rhetoric or the bluff and bluster of that Jupiter who is so willing to dazzle us with shiny objects/ideas and will do anything to keep us distracted, divided and scattered…at least in this placement that is how I see it. I see much potential for powerful transformation in this chart, but also huge forces that want to drag us back to the “divide and conquer” mentality that is so prevalent in today’s highly charged political world.
    This chart, like Sandy is HUGE….much to digest here… thanks for posting it!!

  27. Really enjoyed this deeper look Eric. Thanks! Oh, and I love the Bjork. Got it cranked up again! Nice choice.

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