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As of Friday morning, five planets are in Pisces: Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Uranus and Venus, vibrating with the slow Moon in Scorpio. At the same time, Chiron is still focusing the energy of Neptune, harmonious with Pisces. This is more intuitive, passionate, emotional energy than the biopsychic systems of humans are usually accustomed to.

Aries rising.

It takes awareness to focus one’s mind in the midst of this, and what is coming through is not going to be of the rational bent: it’s Pisces stuff, which humanity often experiences as more than it can understand. Take the ocean, for example. You have some people who are careless and jump in not knowing how to swim, or the direction of the current.

Some go for the speedboat. There are others for whom the ocean means the Filet-o-Fish sandwich, some who attempt to conquer with the ocean liner, others who dump garbage and sewage in, others for whom it’s about sushi and oysters. Relatively few approach the ocean with actual respect; with the knowledge that when your feet are in the sea, you’re one breath from the edge, in practice and not in theory. We lack the knowledge that the ocean is the immune system of the planet, and when it is healthy, we are healthy.

Pisces is the cosmic source, the most watery water sign, the sign that embraces all, contains every trace element, swallows all differentiation, and provides a great deal in the way of direct knowledge and nourishment and much that seems like mist and taken for granted rainwater.

Pisces to human consciousness represents the headwaters of creation; the mouth of the river of creation; the River of Night and the ocean on which creation floats and into which it will someday dissolve. Pisces is too complex and too multifaceted to grasp in one thought, so it has to be taken in facets, and often appears in the mind of the beholder as what is already there. In other words, what Pisces presents is particularly the mystery itself — the mystery of perception and that which lurks right behind the drama of creation.

It is where seawater meets blood; when healthy, both have a similar pH range.

Pisces is “the sign before the first sign.” In the most microscopic terms, it is the ocean of amniotic fluid in which the protozoa – fish – proto-human – human is gestated. It is the consciousness before one’s name is known. It represents (what from our perspective is) the mystery of the creation and the desire that leads to creation: the desire to create. Pisces includes and embraces every creative, sexual and spiritual impulse, as humanity surfs down the generations and the aeons on these waves of impulse — this, however roughly or passionately, however consciously or not.

And as you can see from this chart and from what you are feeling, we have plenty of Pisces going energy right now. At the same time, Mars is stationing direct. This is exact Wednesday, but we are well into the process on an emotional and intuitive level, as well as every other. This is Mars in Leo, among the most fiery placements of the zodiac. Both Mars and Leo are the impulse to create: to actualize and manifest the potential of Pisces. The long retrograde of Mars is presenting all kinds of challenges with desire. One’s own inner enemies of desire, who are the inner enemies of life, may be acting up.

We are often unwilling to admit the extent we struggle with the unfreedom of creation and desire in our experience of life and Mars retrograde is making this fact plain to many. There is a frozen quality to Mars retrograde in a fire sign; it is an image of “the opposite of heat,” and this has certainly played out in the weather this winter.

I have news for everyone: a lot of heat is on the way — emotional, mental, erotic, creative, if you think there is a difference, all of it at once. Mars is about to station direct and in about three months cover the entire distance of Leo, from the first degree to the last degree and then move over the Sphinx point into the body of Virgo, the Virgin — this, as the planets gather in Aries, pouring in fire from the sign of I Am.

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  1. Hey Prickle, I Am not sure I can say a whole lot more in a fairly small space about my circumstances specifically (and I confess I am finding my attention drawn away by the fascinating exchanges next door!). But to give it a little try, it isn’t the set of events so much as processing the experience enough, then letting go enough, to take a step back and pull back the curtain a little on the bigger picture. I could summarize perhaps by saying that every once in a while I get the assistance that helps me to realize how much time I spend getting in my own way! This time-and often-that help comes from Eric and Len, among others.

  2. I like this piece and the conversation going on in the comments. rlfrdm, do you have anything else to say about your situation? I think I am having a similar experience, but I haven’t made much progress with it.

  3. “The smell of burning rubber Mars retro has produced is overpowering. Direct motion, whatever that looks like, will clear the air and change the game.”

    Well put yourself, Jude! by way of update, my very emotional feeling of alone-ness this morning worked itself into some very interesting questions about the relationship one can have with one’s self when the other we projected or expected seems not to have shown up for the meeting. Even more interesting is what happened when I got out of my way enough to even know the question was there to be asked. Everybody showed up! Maybe if we leave the space open the people who love us can enter? What an interesting life this is.

  4. Beautifully put and Namaste on that, E. It will be an interesting Spring. The smell of burning rubber Mars retro has produced is overpowering. Direct motion, whatever that looks like, will clear the air and change the game. As regards Leo, we don’t open the gate on the Lion and expect it to stroll out. All that pacing it does when it’s trapped is a gathering of energy. My thawing Leo Mars salutes you.

    And P, your comment about feeling alone touched me. So many of us do, these days; keeping our emotional balance is very tricky business. My son put it beautifully this morning. He’s been working up a headache for two days, unlike him, and feeling vulnerable. When I asked him what I could do to help, he said he just wanted to be around people who love him. Maybe that’s the Rx we all need, about now. Maybe this is a weekend for long, lingering hugs and tender exchange of energy.

  5. Wow. Well this explains a lot. I let myself get comfy with the relative clarity I felt yesterday, only to muddle into today with an overwhelming feeling of being really alone-as if all of the energy and potential I generated in the past day and a half had been met by exactly nothing/no one. This piece is really helpful: proceed with patience, faith, peaceful commitment to the potential….and did I mention patience? And maintain a certain level of acceptance of our humble human engagement in the question of freedom. There is just so much we can take on, and unrealistic expectations aren’t only frustrating, they reveal a weird kind of spiritual arrogance, I think. And this piece was also a really helpful reminder to keep my head and stay focused so I can build the substance to meet what’s coming from the future. It’s high time for that. Thanks, E

  6. Your writing holds the power of your message, Eric. Straight to the heart like the finest music. Thank you so much for this.

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