Oil rig explosion, Gulf of Mexico

Today's Mariner oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

You may have heard by now that there was another oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Tracy has dug out the exact coordinates, which I’ve used in the creation of this chart. I will add that data to the first comment below. This link will take you to a minor planet ephemeris for the event. This chart is for the time the explosion was sighted and reported — not the actual time. It is the best time we have. When we use 9:30 am CDT, the chart that comes up gives the same degree rising as we saw in the chart for the first strike during the Sept. 11, 2001 false flag attacks.

Note when your read the news stories below that there are differing reports of the depth of the water where the rig is situated — some say about 300 to 400 feet (pretty shallow) and others say about 2,000 feet (which would be a deep water well, about half the depth of the BP rig). Also, there are conflicting reports about whether the rig was in production. The AP coverage says that it was in active production. I have seen no reports of an oil spill, but of course that doesn’t count what was being stored on the rig or the diesel fuel that is used to power the equipment.

This latest event is not far from the BP Deepwater Horizon rig that dumped oil into the Gulf of Mexico for three months earlier this year. That means it’s in the midst of an ordnance waste dump that was created through the 1970s when ships returning from various wars would unload their old bombs in the way into port. At a reader request I am reprinting our subscriber edition on this issue. The bomb dump issue — which we were the first to report, with The New York Times lagging three months behind — is covered in the second section.

Here is a BBC story on the event.

Here is an AP story just distributed by Reader Supported News.

Here is a report by Rigzone.

9 thoughts on “Oil rig explosion, Gulf of Mexico”

  1. Jere,
    Excellent, good catches all. The Pluto house position by itself has a nasty vibe, throw in Saturn in the 12th and it’s definitely not kid stuff.

    Know exactly what you mean about not feeling the Mars-Venus connection in the first and it’s weird. It should be coming on like gangbusters, dominant, but it’s not happening. Have not figured that out. To reiterate, it’s the same for me with the placement of the Sun-Mercury conjunction except on the intuitive level, which started clicking last night. Maybe the retrograde is doing its thing.

    Good eye on the fifth house, too Jere. Thank you for your insights.

  2. Len, check out the Pluto n. node conjunction in the 3rd. Then check out the Saturn Libra 12th. I’m not so feeling of the Mars Venus connection in Libra, in the 1st, but I can feel it’s tight-ass shit (meaning, it’s got meaning..?!). The Moon is triggering.. hardcore. The Sun Mercury is out there for all of us to dissect, the Jupiter Uranus has us checking a new way of being, and the 5th house is still loaded with some pretty bizarre states of reality.

    Love ya cat,.. you’re a beautiful man.

    Love, Peace, Happiness


  3. Further observations on this chart (besides Fe Bongolan’s cogent note).

    If not for the minor planet ephemeris (with the latitude and longitude of the Mariner Oil rig – THANK YOU Tracy!) i would would not believe my eyes when looking at the houses. Eric – it’s the Thema Mundi rotated 30 degrees clockwise! All the house cusps are equidistant to the degree – what’s up with that? Is it just the house system or the draw?

    Ninth house Gemini Moon, last conjunction, Siwa (aka: Shiva), next conjunction Osiris – heavy hitters – separating from an air trine with Nessus and applying to air trine Venus sounds like a shameless, arrogant display of distain. Like (dare i say it?) Jesse James two-timing Sandra Bullock. No self-respect leads to no respect for others.

    Vesta (sacred fire) in the late twelfth house sextle the Pholus-Urania conjunction in the same (equidistant cusps, again) position of the second house. This feels like a paradox in search of relevance. There is also some sort of impunity that connects with my Moon observations.

    Venus in the first house as ruler, conjuct Mars, Sun in the 11th house as ruler, conjunct Mercury – heck there should be something straightforward here, why does it feel like there is not? Am i too inept to see in front of my face? Guess so.

    And the lunar nodes like barbells on the MC/IC axis which we have seen in another hoary chart recently published in this space, remember Rachael Maddow’s mike?

  4. Now that i’m finally off work i finally have the chance to acknowledge Fe Bongolan’s observation below. The chart for the Deepwater Horizon disaster on April 20 had Uranus at 28 degrees,29 minutes Pisces, today it’s 29 degrees 21 minutes. That’s “close enough for government work” as the ironic saying goes. Nice catch, Fe!

  5. I was not aware the NY Times had picked up on the munitions dump story, does anyone have a link to that coverage? I would love to read how the Times treated that…..

    This new event in the Gulf saddens me, since I had just yesterday shared that article about the midwestern farmer changing his practices in awareness of how his land impacts the Gulf….. and here this is, the slapdown of hope, or so it could be seen……

    I add my thanks to the team who put together this package of reports and articles, I really appreciate having access to this and all the other excellent coverage here of key events. Knowing this is occurring reliably here at PlanetWaves and that I can come here to be “filled in” is part of the hearth center of my life. Much gratitude to you all.

  6. Oh jeez…my first reaction is humor. Of course I don’t live there, but then if this stuff keeps happening ring in the death of the Age of Oil! Long live the biosphere! It’s not like I can control it. Might as well laugh at it. I’m so sick of being outraged.

  7. Eric,

    Many, many thanks to you and Tracy and Anatoly and Amanda and Fe for being on the spot with the facts. How ironic that the previous (Deepwater Horizon) incident has taught us to expect mis-information from the government, the oil industry, the media, even so-called scientists (although not all of them, thank goodness). Who would have predicted, even as recently as last year, that an astrological blog would be one of the few sources of reliable and pertinent information? Yet another indication of how the cardinal T-square has worked its ways. And we have a ways to go yet.

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