The perfect day for Occupy Monsanto

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There’s an eclipse of the Moon in Sagittarius tonight, and Saturday is Occupy Monsanto Day. I don’t think I mentioned this anywhere in today’s edition but I did slip it into Tuesday’s Planet Waves FM. I’ve spent the past six months researching the astrology of Monsanto, including getting the time of the company’s chart right (with the assistance of two astrologers better trained in that skill). Then I looked at a diversity of events in the company’s history, most of them patents involved in their whole GMO enterprise.

One of the most sensitive lines in Monsanto’s chart is exactly where the eclipse of the Moon is about to happen — coincidental with the first global anti-Monsanto protest. This cannot be timed by astrology since I haven’t published the chart data yet — it’s just another example of astrological synchronicity.

Monsanto and in particular its reputation are vulnerable under this astrology, and while the company does at times seem to be invulnerable, able to withstand anything, nothing in this world is. They don’t like this kind of protest — for a good reason: it calls attention to the very thing they want to hide. This was the perfect day to choose for this direct action, it helps confirm that we got the chart of the company right, and I am eager to see what happens.

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  1. I come back to this article Eric, creation of Monsanto in 1901 can work with this date. Opposition of Pluto and Uranus called into question by the destruction and a renewal and news cycle Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn for the foundations of the Monsanto Company and its durability and finish Pluto conjunction Neptune in Capricorn affects the Foundation of a tradition show in India and all suicides.
    I think writing an article with these global cycles

  2. Thank-you, Eric & the rest at PW, for your work on this.
    I’m pleased to report that there were substantial marches up here in Canada, too, including on the prairies where so much GM canola, in particular, is grown. Urban people seem to be most aware & informed, while rural populations, dependent on tight bottom lines in farming, seem more likely to be unaware, perhaps willfully, because change is too frightening. I was told about a year ago, by a young man employed by a purveyor of farm chemicals, that Round-up is so safe a person could drink it. He became quite angry when I told him he had been lied to. The lies are still out there, regardless of proof to the contrary.

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