One Day in the Nuclear Age

While we’re on the nuclear topic, this is a good time to get the conversation going about the Nuclear Axis. For more detailed background and some chart examples, check this old article I wrote for Star IQ.

Nuclear Axis -- the chart for the first self-sustaining atomic reaction.

The Nuclear Axis chart is the chart for the first self-sustaining atomic pile, created in a secret lab under an athletic field at the University of Chicago toward the beginning of the United States’ involvement in World War II. This was part of the Manhattan project.

What we have is a chart for the Nuclear Age. It is exceedingly rare to have exact data for such a profound event in the history of humanity, particularly given that this one happened under the cloak of absolute secrecy.

The ‘axis’ part of the chart is the opposition from Gemini to Sagittarius. This is fairly easy to see: you know the glyphs for Gem and Sagg, and the planets are connected by a series of purple lines that form the axis. In Gemini we have Uranus and Saturn; in Saggitarius we have Sun, Mercury, Juno and Venus. Not shown in mid-Sagittarius is the Great Attractor, an inter-galactic point. The ominous thing about the Sagittarius alignment is that it has themes of international and death; as well as obsession, and lots of money.

Indeed, after WWII in many respects the entire economy would be based on the vast expenditures of the nuclear industry — all those bombs and airplanes and personnel and missiles that needed to be developed and countless spies and so on and on — and all the apparatus of defense that had to be erected around the nuclear arsenal: indeed the whole military industrial complex.

Now, what tends to happen is that when planets line up in the early- to mid-degrees of any mutable sign — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces — there is a nuclear effect of some time. Like most things in astrology it’s not 100%. And it can have odd manifestations. The most intense activation of the nuclear axis came at the time of the 911 incident: Saturn was in Gemini and Pluto was in Sagittarius, splat on the axis. We had a huge false flag terrorist attack, and the crime scene was called Ground Zero, a term borrowed from the lexicon of nuclear warfare.

That was a close call and if you ask me it was a form of mitigated karma. Based on the astrology, that incident could just as easily have involved an atomic device, such as a dirty bomb. But the effect is dependable enough.

These are the planets on a 90-degree dial aligned approximately with the Mars-Borasisi conjunction. In other words these are the points that are conjunct, square or opposite the conjunction.
Minor planets in the Japan quake chart: placed on a 90-degree dial aligned approximately with the Mars-Borasisi conjunction. In other words these are the points that are conjunct, square or opposite the conjunction.

The Nuclear Axis is again getting transits. Here are the planets at the time of the quake. Now, what we see here ain’t the Saturn-Pluto conjunction — thankfully. But we do do have the involvement of several slow movers (Chaos, Borasisi, Pholus) and a quick mover: Mars. Chaos speaks for itself; were there ever an issue that qualified for the Borasisi effect of wishful thinking, that would be nukes. Nuclear power is not a technology — it’s a religion. It is addictive. By splitting the atom, people have come as close as they can to ‘playing god’, and it seems that once ‘scientists’ get into this, they never really come out of it.

Like the fictional religion from which the name Borasisi comes, nuclear power is a religion of lies. I wish that were an overstatement. There is simply nothing true about nuclear power, except that the atom is split, water is boiled and sometimes electricity is made. The truth stops right about there.

I would point out a few other features of this chart as discussion starters. One, look at the Moon-Neptune conjunction. That describes the emotional impulse of the deception involved. Note that the Noon and Neptune are in very early Libra, exactly opposite the Aries Point, suggesting the scale and size of the deception, and revealing how personal the situation really is when you look at it honestly. Any time we get a transit to the Aries Point — such as Uranus opposing that Moon right now as it has just entered Aries — we will stir up this chart.

Next, there are three bits involving centaur planets, none of which were discovered at the time of this event. First, the ascendant is the degree wherein Chirion was discovered in 1977 — 3+ Taurus. Next, there is a centaur there at the time of the event — Nessus, which is about the cycle of karma.

Next, Chiron is prominent: it’s on the North Node, like a kind of warhead. It is in the last degree of Leo, along with the Node in the next to last degree of Leo. Have a look! It’s easy to see; they are both orange points with high numbers (in the high 20s on a scale of 30).

Next, Pholus is on the midheaven — just like two charts we’ve seen recently: the self-immolation that started the revolution in Tunisia; and the shooting earlier this year in Tucson, AZ. Pholus is, appropriately, in Capricorn: the sign of matter itself, the structure of matter, and in the house of government. Pholus represents that which cannot be contained once it’s released. Gee whiz! Look, it’s even in green. Right spot-on in the MC.

Right where it will stand as a warning — unfortunately unacknowledged, but known at the time to minds the likes of Einstein — to be extremely careful with this technology, indeed, not to go there because once the nuclear age begins it never really ends.

I have never taken a close look at this chart with the centaur planets in (and if I did, I didn’t understand them at the time). I have to say this is just wild, to have centaurs covering the ascendant, the midheaven and the North Node; and the degree rising predicting the discovery of the first centaur some 35 years later.

The centaurs are all about raising awareness, and this chart is saying nothing if not pay attention.

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  1. Let’s go to Pluto, the atmosphere’s clear
    We’ll be really cool there with nothing to fear
    Let’s go to Pluto, it’s cold and it’s damp
    Where children are heroes, death is high camp

    I want to see Pluto… I want to have fun
    I want to turn blue under an alien sun
    Oh let me see Pluto, it seems such a gas
    With oceans of methane and petrified grass

    Let’s go to Pluto
    Let’s live on the dot
    See the bad moon rising in a lunacy knot

    Come one let’s do Pluto
    It’s really not far

    An unleaded dream drive to the prettiest star
    I want to see Pluto, but maybe I’ll wait
    ‘Til the world turns to meet its plutonium fate
    The days will be long here, the years will be more
    Let’s go to Pluto like we did before

    Let’s go to Pluto
    Let’s live on the dot
    See the bad moon rising in a lunacy knot.

    Pluto Drive- The Creatures

  2. I just wanted to draw attention here to something easily forgotten at a time like this.

    Of course, it remains topical. And that is because it is a species of this same problem of energy/fuel and how the extraction of it has been causing intolerable consequences for the planet for far too long.

    The earth rebels. The cosmos portends:

    Here is the Al Jazeera link –

    Global consciousness must surely begin to unite around the fact that power, wealth and privilege can no longer be allowed to rape and pillage the planet to the profit margin of the proportionally few greedy psychopaths who destroy without thought..

  3. adds a whole other dimension, eh? had just checked out “the sneetches” from the library last week to model an anti-racism lesson. 3rd reminder this semester of the invaluable blessings of the Seuss. thank you for the memory! cheers LoveD!

  4. Hehheh, Chutzpah! Sure doesn’t a wee bit of humour lighten the load at times like this.
    Glad you had a giggle.

  5. ‘Why I spelled it with a K I do not cnow!’

    You arn’t so ill you lost your sense of humor though lol

  6. Oh boy, I’m really feeling this head cold tonight, as the reactors are spelled Candu and not Kandu. So, yes we can DO.

    Why I spelled it with a K I do not cnow!

  7. Am I right in seeing transiting Jupiter is sextile Uranus on the Sibley chart? As you say Len, the north node is now in Sag. and working with that Jupiter energy, we may be getting a huge wake up call to really shift gears here and realize we can do. Weirdly here in Canada, the pressurized heavy water reactors used in our nuclear facilities are called…….Kandu.

    I’m actually chanting the Obama slogan in my head at this moment. Yes we can, because, well, we bloody well have to.

  8. Quick everybody upgrade your childhood copies of Dr. Suess’s The Lorax and bust it out on your e readers. Great book.

  9. Is the axis considered to be 10’/10′ Sag/Gem or more a sort of ‘corridor’ of a few degree’s? I have looked at this before but cant remember…

  10. I’m intrigued by this Gemini/Sagittarius axis as my own rising is at around 11o 54 Sag., (I say *around* as my time is a stab at the correct time from what my mother said, under duress, not caring too much for astrology — “Just after three”.) I was prompted to look more closely at the chart of the birth of Chiron, (Chart # 53 in Barbara Hand Clow’s book Chiron: Rainbow Bridge) which has its rising at 26o 03 Sag., because when I was reading the book, what she had to say about the chart of the birth of Chiron and its houses made some things sound familiar to me and I was intrigued. Then over to the US Sibley chart I go because recently I discovered that its rising at 12o 21 Sag. and again the house positions were familiar.

    I just looked at the Sibley chart a few moments ago to ponder the G/S axis and I noticed that the moon has just transited conjunct to Uranus, which is positioned at 8o 56 Gemini on the chart. It gave me a shiver. I sincerely pray the situation in Japan with the nuclear facilities in a state of emergency does not get out of hand. We should *all* be praying that it gets under control asap. As Eric said earlier today, this is certainly a wake up call…..and Uranus is now ingressed into Aries.

    Here is recent update on the situation from the Guardian site:
    1.13am GMT (8:13pm EST): The latest from the Fukushima reactors is that the government is now saying that there has been “no radioactive leak so far” at the nuclear plants. That seems to contradict an earlier statements by Japan’s nuclear safety agency and the Tokyo Electric Power company.

  11. A man with some good ideas and his head up his ass. I don’t know him — Carol van Strum, one of our editors, did; she said: he was never really an environmentalist.

    So, eclipses are coming to the Nuclear Axis chart. Well, that ought to be interesting.

  12. The lunar nodes have only recently ingressed the Sag-Gemini axis. With Mars (usually stronger in application) applying to square the Great Attractor from the position of the Pisces New Moon, the whole house axis was lit, waiting for a precipitating event. What better way to describe Uranus in the last degree of Pisces. The hope here is that the North node (in Sag) is where we have the opportunity to create, not be subject to fate. With the Galactic Center in applying conjunction to Rahu the implication is “can do”. With the South Node conjunct the Uranian point, Hades, however our mis-placed comfort with and dependance on nuclear power may have come home to roost in the worst possible place, the only nation in the world to have been nuked (so far).

    Eric, you were right about Stewart Brand.

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