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Dear Friend and Reader:

There is no diet that can get you to lose 50 pounds in a week, but if you use the power of eclipses, you can take a week and create a pattern that will help you do just about anything you want or need. Most people feel stuck in their own lives to some real (and frustrating) extent. We live in patterns, and eclipses help us shift the existing modes of existence and welcome new ones. If we used eclipses as conscious leverage points to get unstuck, we would not feel so wedged into our own lives.

Eric Francis

Today as of 6:55 am EDT, the Sun has arrived in Leo. Leo is the sign of the Sun, our central source of power, light, heat and awareness. All of the energy we use on Earth comes from the Sun: be it in the form of trees, oil or solar power. Leo is a fixed sign, aligned with three others on the fixed cross of the heavens — Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. It represents the peak of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, though winter tends to be a lot warmer on the south side of the planet than up in say Alaska, Finland or Maine.

This year’s Leo season arrives with a pair of eclipses; this happens twice a year, each year’s sets of events always coming a couple of weeks earlier than the prior ones. (The lunar nodes, which tell us approximately where the next eclipses are going to happen, move retrograde on average, so the eclipses get earlier. They are currently in mid-Leo/Aquarius.)

Eclipses bring shifts in continuity and they help us establish patterns and cultivate the future in a direct, immediate and dependable way. They are convenient (or at times, not so convenient) times to make changes that take root. If you want to use the influence of these eclipses now, make choices and conduct yourself in such a way that what you want to create is set in motion by the time the events occur. In general, the energy pattern you establish at the time of eclipses is the pattern you will hold onto for the next six months or a year.

Setting one thing in motion generally means ending something else; so this is an equally useful time to get unstuck. Leo represents one’s sense of identity, one’s expression in the world, one’s sense of glory, of value and — most significantly — of duty and responsibility. So the central question of a Leo eclipse is, how do you define yourself? Yes, internally, but mainly, by what mode of expression? Can you focus your identity sufficiently to express that identity?

As for when — we will experience a total eclipse of the Sun in Leo on Aug. 1. It is exactly square the asteroid Vesta, which itself represents the expression of creative and sexual energy and more to the point, the reason we would choose to make that expression. Are we doing it “for its own sake,” or “for some other purpose”?

The eclipse is also conjunct Mercury in Leo; and Venus in Leo is opposite Neptune, suggesting that we ask ourselves the question, what is real and what is not, where our affections are concerned? The answer (in Neptune style) may take some time to work out, because it tends to take us a while to see through the idealism of Neptune.

The Leo total solar eclipse is pretty extraordinary, in part due to the fact that solar eclipses in this sign have been quite rare in recent decades. Also, a few hours after the Moon eclipses the Sun, it eclipses Mercury. So we have the image of the seed of a new idea in a new era of time, which is predicated on closing a chapter and forgetting an old idea.

Often, we want to welcome the new without letting go of what is old, what no longer works, or no longer has a purpose. Keep your eyes open for developments on both sides of that equation.

By the time of the Aquarius Full Moon and lunar eclipse on the 16th, this idea can develop into a full-on vision for what is possible — and mind you, that may mean embracing the reality of something that seemed unlikely or impossible just yesterday.

Very truly yours,

Eric Francis

Today’s Oracle takes us to Jul 05, 2004 – Capricorn – Weekly

This is anything but a casual time in your life. But if you’re feeling a sense of urgency about the meaning of relationships, please keep your sense of humor. No, you don’t exactly have control over events and yes, the past year of your life has seen a demand for attention to integrity. If you’ve been purging people from your dance card, the more power to you; if someone truly meaningful has appeared, that’s a good sign as well. The important factor is taking the changes as they come, and remembering to laugh. Only a light heart can love.

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Mercury (20+ Cancer) septile Mars (12+ Virgo)
Sun (29+ Cancer) sesquiquadrate Juno (14+ Sagittarius Rx)
Mercury (21+ Cancer) sextile Sedna (21+ Taurus)
Mercury (21+ Cancer) sesquiquadrate Pholus (6+ Sagittarius Rx)
Sun (0 Leo) trine Aries Point (0 Aries)
Sun enters Leo (direct)
Eros (7+ Leo) sesquiquadrate Uranus (22+ Pisces Rx)
Eros (7+ Leo) quintile Admetos (25+ Taurus)
Venus (11+ Leo) sesquiquadrate Galactic Center (26+ Sagittarius)
Mercury (21+ Cancer) semisquare Saturn (6+ Virgo)
Mars (12+ Virgo) sextile Psyche (12+ Scorpio)
Mercury (21+ Cancer) square Eris (21+ Aries Rx)
Mars (12+ Virgo) square Ixion (12+ Sagittarius Rx)
Mercury (22+ Cancer) trine Uranus (22+ Pisces Rx)
Apollo (23+ Leo) opposite Neptune (23+ Aquarius Rx)

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