Yet Another Birth Time for Obama Announced

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I can’t promise you this is real, but I can promise you it’s interesting. Tonight at the opening ceremony (and I do mean ceremony) for the United Astrology Conference (UAC), a new birth time for Democratic presidential front-runner Barack Obama was announced. As Planet Waves Astrology News readers are aware, birth times for all the major candidates have been in contention or unreliable, which is unprecedented in modern astrological history.

Dallas astrologer Joni Patry.

The time was announced by Dallas astrologer Joni Patry, who said she obtained it from a client who works for the Obama campaign. She in turn obtained it from a “campaign manager” who accessed the data through a closed-access government database.

The time is 7:11 pm, and the date (as known previously) Aug. 4, 1961 in Honolulu. The chart gives 14+ Aquarius rising.

Patry told me that since it was obtained from a “private government website,” a copy of the document would not be available. It cannot, therefore, be authenticated and under the Lois Rodden rating system, which sets the industry standard, it is “dirty data” or DD rating because there is not documentation, and there are conflicting times. By contrast, a birth certificate in hand gets an AA rating and “from memory” gets an A rating. DD is the lowest rating.

Sources at the conference told me that people from the late Rodden’s company, Astrodatabank, were working with Patry and others to verify the authenticity of the documentation involved.

Eric Francis

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