The emotional body touches the fertile point of chaos

Focusing again on the Aries Moon, at this moment it’s about to make a conjunction to Eris, the funnel of chaos within the psyche. Eris is the point where no matter how many questions we might answer for ourselves, or how perfect one’s rГ©sumГ©, we come back to the same seemingly inexhaustible source of fear or self-doubt. It is a focal point of the unknown and this particular unknown is about who we are: the question that everyone has in their hand, or their pocket or their purse; some have it in mind.

Valencia, Spain. Photo by Eric.

It does not necessarily seem that way because we have been told who we are, and have told ourselves so many times, that this one particular matter seems clad in steel. Yet looked at closely, this experience of who one is appears to change from moment to moment, which may be a matter of perspective, but then it starts to feel like not being able to get off off a carnival ride.

How we typically relate to this constantly shifting perspective is to cling, and that becomes the ‘sense of self’. It makes enough sense; everything is moving, so hold on. However I think that in allowing ourselves to get drawn through this funnel we might find ourselves in a place that is more akin to core self, and feel the relief of not grasping onto ourselves or our awareness as if it [we] were a fixed entity.

Today the Moon, simultaneously the collective identity and the most private sense of both personal need and intuitive understanding of existence, makes a conjunction to Eris (discovered and named between 2003 and 2006). Eris is the thing that is bigger, further out and brighter than Pluto, and which caused the reorganization of the solar system and forced the definition of ‘planet’: in astrology it’s the fertile point of identity chaos. One translation is, “if we don’t feel the answer, we feel the question, and the question is rich.” These points, in turn, remain precisely aligned with Mars square Saturn: the sudden, potentially destabilizing snap into place within the psychic structure; and to some, a snapping loose. There is the world, and how we think about it. There is our own existence, and how our thoughts generate our perception of it.

Do we snap into position, or break free? In Virgo (Saturn) there is a vast database of concepts that is in part fed by our DNA, in part by memory and (this is vital about Virgo) in part by synthesis. Saturn often represents the thing we are the most afraid of. In Gemini (Mars) there is a dilemma. There is a sense of the divided self. It’s always there, but now Mars is giving it a voice. The two rarely ever talk to one another. They are in an unforgettable conversation now.

Eric Francis

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  1. bk you must have read my mind. I had relatives who owned a still that blew up, and remember listening to my aunts talk about how you could smell it all over the county. Maybe when pluto is in aquarius we will start shooting revenooers (revenuers?) agin. Git out of my pea patch!

  2. Monsanto has bought out over 70 small seed companies to force us to buy their seeds. I think it is like everything else – government control of the news, schools, medicine, food, and so on. So – no bootleg, but you have to buy whatever is available and fully regulated. We sort of brought this on ourselves with all the lawsuits and complaints about unsafe food, but for the big guys like Monsanto, Dow and others, this is about money. They spend the big bucks for MBAs who know how to spot an opportunity, and spend even more money for the lobby. Did they spread the blight? Maybe yes, since it started in all the big box stores (walmart, lowes, etc). Now congress has a reason to mandate blight free potatoes and tomatoes, and hand out awards to those who prevent the next famine. I listened to some economists say today that Bernanke prevented a depression. whatever.

    It does sound like Pluto in Capricorn.

  3. Well, the job that you used to have,
    They gave it to somebody down in El Salvador.
    The unions are big business, friend,
    And they’re goin’ out like a dinosaur.
    They used to grow food in Kansas
    Now they want to grow it on the moon and eat it raw.
    I can see the day coming when even your home garden
    Is gonna be against the law.

    Union Sundown – from INFIDELS, 1983

  4. Patty . . do you think we could come to a time when we have to bootleg our homegrown vegetables like they did booze in the 30’s during prohibition?

  5. fyi – Detroit is having trouble getting enough food for its populace and have turned to inner city co-op plots to grow the fresh produce they can’t get enough of. This is because all the big chain grocery stores have abandoned the city, due to its enormous reduction in population. The home grown veggies will not be enough to provide for the entire city of course, but the kids are really getting a kick out of learning how to farm and eat great stuff. Necessity is the father of wholesome nutrition, huh!

  6. Patty,
    Thank you for the info on House Bill 2479. As Johnny Carson used to say, “i did not know that”.

    As far as relating to astrological aspects is concerned, that House Bill sounds like Pluto in Capricorn to me (regardless of the extent Monsanto’s involvement).

    Maybe, just maybe, Mercury squaring Pluto three times (sorry, had to say that) will bring some of that sort of thing into the open. We can examine the possibility that some of these hard aspects on the Aries Point could have an upside for those on disenfranchised end of the scale, can we not?

    Thank you for your valuable service, Patty.
    -Len Wallick

  7. My farmer’s market co-horts have sent some information about house bill 2479 that has passed in congress that will seriously curb the small gardener’s and farmer’s ability to produce and sell food. It doesn’t do anything to Monsanto or the large corporations, but puts many limits on the small farm, an annual fee of $500 for food processing sites, mandates a tracing system, provides for warrantless searches, and mandates the FDA to regulate how crops are raised and harvested. I’d have to do some more reading to see how much of this is being lobbied by Monsanto, but it makes as much sense as anything else congress has done.

  8. Patty,

    I remember that dream of yours. . the frozen veggies. . .and I believe I know the astro answer. In an entry on The Oracle for Sunday, August 2 feature, I asked what the Ceres square Pluto in the (8/5) Lunar Eclipse meant. . .”will the crops fail? Will the government ration our food?” It seems your dream(s) are prophetic, even if mystes might not always be. uhum, uhum, uhum. . .and so too can astrology give us a head up.

  9. Lisa,

    Welcome! and thanks for this :: ” NASA’s impending bombing of the moon, scheduled for October 9, 2009, when Mars in Cancer conjuncts the Moon’s south node! ”

    which merits some attention.

    I thought this had been de-scheduled; it *was* pulled for while. Time to go poke around.


  10. Here in the Pacific Northwest, I have been experiencing the best bumper crop of tomatoes, ever. It has been so hot. Been eating them for 2 weeks, now – and they are really burgeoning! Don’t have any potatoes planted, though.

  11. No, can’t say I had.. However, the guys who produced King Kong meets Godzilla never really grasped that Man meets Nature will never get the comparable result they seem confidently to dream of..

    Maybe they lay in the poppy fields too long.. 😉

  12. Om or rather on a more gross note, have you heard of the New Leaf potato? It’s by Monsanto and it’s registered as a pesticide. It kills potato beetles. Or it will, until intelligent design has them develop immunity to it.

  13. haha

    yeah. well I already put out that I think they are making all this rain with their ray beams. so why not make a waterproof potato. that should fry up nice.

  14. Is this why the genetic modifier would be king? When the external conditions change and become less conducive you can simply adjust the product..

  15. It has rained nearly every day in the Northeast this summer. It’s also been cold many places. It has finally started to get warm in New York. Tomatoes need warmth and potatoes struggle with the ground being too wet. I have not heard mention in terms of the larger food supply.

  16. Big respect to you, Len! Thanks for your posts – I love the way you articulate.

    Something in my guts tells me to expect more from you on here soon.. Poetry maybe?

  17. I *feel* the Mars square with Saturn this week then Uranus next week & it’s opposition to the Pluto on the 26th of August, are further extensions of the last 4 lunations, starting with the June 22nd New Moon that was opposite Pluto. Mars represents the ‘personal will’ & all three of these outer planets that it’s aspecting represent to me different versions of the ‘divine will’. This is the way Universe is making sure that those of us who are still resisting the messages of these last lunations (including the eclipses), will finally get with the program. Whatever Saturn & Uranus don’t get to finish with Mars, Pluto will deliver it with a bang on the 26th.

  18. Thank you, Eric. In word and in deed…what a day. Lessons learned, good people well met (as well as the internet would allow anyway). Humanity, what a concept!
    Now for a long walk and a short sleep and see what trouble i can get into on the ‘morrow.
    -Len Wallick

  19. Hello Len

    We don’t have an “on topic” rule here, and I personally found your comments helpful. I am actually counting on my fellow bloggers here to help me keep up with the overwhelming amount of data. Sometimes I miss the obvious — Mars square Saturn. Thanks to Mysti I picked up on that one today, apropos of Eris; who is the sister of Mars; who is in Aries, the sign of Mars. At least we were all on the Mars/Aries vibe the past couple of days.

    I find your comments to be a true contribution.

    Now as for Moon-Eris…what a day…

  20. Mystes,

    Today you have proven yourself to be erudite, generous, strong and now, finally kind and wise. i wish to gratefully accept how you see it, but i dunno. Hey, your points on the number of lunations and the conditioning to the concept of three are very well taken. You count real fine in my book.
    Thank you,
    Len Wallick

  21. Len, I saw this discussion as using your question to act through :: “the sudden, potentially destabilizing snap into place within the psychic structure; and to some, a snapping loose” ; as well as (to a lesser extent) the “seemingly inexhaustible fear or self-doubt.”

    We swirled up an Eclipses discussion, using these Mars square Saturn, Eris conjunct Aries Moon aspects. Seemed like a good way to get at some otherwise hard-to-reach material.

    But hey, I’m the girl who can’t count to . . . what was that number again?



  22. First of all, i feel genuine affection for all of you, members of the Planet Waves community. i feel the love to and fro. i feel the exchange of gratitude, of wit, of knowledge, of ideas, of energies. It is really something to witness on this day or any day. It makes me feel so fortunate to witness and (ocassionally) contribute to.

    Now, after gazing back on how the 30 some responses have progressed and flowed since my initial posting this morning, i must admit to feeling responsibility for an error.

    Just yesterday Eric wrote of the importance of being “…one who responds appropriately to a situation”. And here, 24 hours later i failed to heed that wisdom. Rather than respond directly to the vital importance and rich potential of Eric’s subject matter today (the Aries Moon conjunct Eris and the wonderful image of snapping into position Vs. breaking free) i allowed my Ego to overrule an appropriate response in favor of some things that i woke up excited to share and explore.

    Eric, forgive me – i did not do you justice by distracting from the subject of your blog. As to “snapping loose” it appears that i resemble that remark. i assure all that i have learned my lesson and will work to be present and aware as Judith Gayle would have it, in order to henceforth proffer an appropriate response.

    Faithfully Yours,
    Len Wallick

  23. Hello all,
    My first post here, and feel amongst good company. Since last night, I’ve been obsessing over NASA’s impending bombing of the moon, scheduled for October 9, 2009, when Mars in Cancer conjuncts the Moon’s south node! With what’s probably a nuclear missile, they plan to pierce the south pole of the moon to see if they can stir up water! (Water crystals.) How much more graphic can we get? Violating the moon to steal the essence. Apart from feeling in my bones this is wrong and can have vast and serious implications across our solar system, I’ve been trying to understand why this is rocking me now. How I can own my part in the consciousness that wants to commit an act of violence against the lovely moon. Thanks to your post today Eric, I am settling in and loving the question, indeed it is rich.
    Thank you,

  24. Nance,

    I’m speaking to Karma here too – I’m a big fan of Edgar Cayce, who said that karma was simply memory, and that we choose the issues to work on before we are born. Was it JanesDefense who said that her future child spoke to her while she was having sex with the child’s father? I still miss her salty sharp tongue. Several of us agreed that we knew the minute we had conceived.

    We leave much unfinished business with each round of living, but maybe our faith is a memory of the pre-life contract with our parents to get the job done right this lifetime. IN that case, faith is in the future outcome of a past-life event. Sometimes we really do have to be patient when someone fails to hold up their end of the bargain. (Thank you Priya).

    Len, how does the eclipse cycle impact the food supply? I’ve heard many people say that the potatoes and tomatoes are ruined due to blight. So far my garden is ok, but I know people on the east coast who have lost all their potatoes and tomatoes due to blight, and my mom’s garden and a friend’s garden are also ruined. So far mine is ok but I’m on a hill. I dreamed about this in June around the first eclipse, that the tomatoes and potatoes were frozen (destroyed). I had a very bad feeling about it at the time. It turns out that this is the blight that caused the Irish potato famine.

  25. Hi Len,

    Just dropping you a rope down from the top of The Babel Tower..

    ..It is now ready for you to scale.. replete with myth!! 😉

  26. Nance: “Also feeling strongly in the last week that I don’t need the weight, the food, the needing anymore. I could have a steam train, if I would just lay down my tracks.”

    Grinning b..r..o…a….d…..l…….y

    deep bow


  27. Yes Mystes! I watched both live versions and he has alot more body in 2007 than 1993. But, so do I! Been wondering if I need the extra weight to keep me grounded? Or is it just age and food and less exercise?
    Also feeling strongly in the last week that I don’t need the weight, the food, the needing anymore. I could have a steam train, if I would just lay down my tracks.

  28. Nance… the Peter Gabriel cut is perfect. Didn’t he look like a skinny puppy? Now he’s all white and ethereal. But still laying it down.

  29. Mr Frances wanted to mention saw reference to you as “God”

    apparently astrologers refer to you as God you are so well respecteced in case didn’t
    know (did you know?) how I found this site –

    funy today just had strong insight into turning of seasons, power of spring ad life blooming, and how it’s all real (aries has tough time believing it all- even when they see

    I have seen much.

  30. Len:

    I’m with Shanna in the blushing department. Come now, we all learn alot from each other here, in this cauldron of etheric connection we call the PW blog…

  31. Last week’s Aquarius-Leo eclipse has kicked my Aquarian 12th House Sun’s ass. I have jumped out of the karma pool I’ve been swimming in since birth. I realized I was born submerged in the karma pool (I was actually a C-section baby), coming up, slowly as my life progressed, like a head, then the neck, then the torso, coming up out of the water, reaching air. It has always been incremental.

    In the meantime, I’ve seen what’s outside the pool: my choices, desires, paths, longings and aspirations. Some I’ve claimed. Others I still needed to climb completely out of the karma pool to get to. They’re there. Still there. Its my fear of being rejected that prevented me.

    Eric mentioned in a recent horoscope that I was healing my Inner Child, and in every way possible that is true. As a child, I chose to isolate myself from my family, building a great world of imagination, but terrified of rejection. My life evolved to love and embrace my family in their entirety. It took time. My life arrived in stages and in each stage, I was pulled further out and up from the pool. And with each upward growth out, I could see clearly what my heart has taken in, but not fully allowed itself to experience.

    I feel my purpose, see its start, progression, completion and renewal. Ever cycling. Its funny, but I have a new fascination with the study of botany and a rabid desire to investigate botanical drawing, and attack a million other interests I’ve been yearning to experience. I am drawn to the cycle of living and dying and being re-born. Watching flowers come, bloom, wither, die and come back feels like the music in me.

  32. “…i’ll have to think on your request but in the meantime i would appeal to Ms. Fe and Ms. Philipson (both my intellectual superiors) to help out with the mythological part.”

    I’m blushing like a schoolgirl, Len. Thanks for the compliment, but honestly, you got it going on fer yerself. You’re using your own brain.

    I know of another astrologer who has explains the retrograde path in terms of stage lighting –1 light casts a shadow; 2 lights casts two shadows; but three lights eliminate the shadow altogether. Not to over-endorse the number 3, but this is, in fact, how lighting works if you’re trying to capture the actor/anchorperson/whoever without obscuring some feature you want the audience to see.

    Coming from a background in theater, I like this image.

  33. Len, this is just a footnote and I do realize it is annoying for anyone not conversant with these issues, it is (giggling) really annoying for the Crowleyians. So here goes:

    “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law,” (Aleister Crowley, 1904) is repeated thrice for the Law of the Rede (Wiccan’s law).

    Most ritual in all four major religions is ritualized to thrice-petition. It is a delimiter, produced quite consciously, consumed unconsciously, and pervasive of our cultural/religious frameworks.

    Most of us think money runs the suffering world. Not quite.

    Anyway, this is not to say that the practitioner/thinker/artist can’t use with integrity the threepeat formulation, but it helps to know who’s been playing with those toys before you. And it helps to ask yourself – particularly in questions of worldwaves – are there only three? or am I only seeing three?

    [Just bring those tender green shoots over here and I’ll stomp em GOOD… You’re welcome.]

  34. Hi Be… When I wrote that, I was on the verge of going into the fourth retreat for this lunation cycle, but had no sense that the Nude Descending dream was prophetic. I think the fact that it was iterated 3 times had more to do with the fever I was running that week. Several themes were repeated in both dream and visionary states that said this final Lunation (of the 4) was about Art.

    Or about the place where artists go to work. Not oblivion, but utter engagement.

    Cf my remarks to Jere about passive vs. active vision.


  35. Thank you Healers . . .just had the best belly laugh in weeks! My hat is off to you all.

    I was recalling your dream(s) mystes, the one you mentioned last week where you descended the staircase 3 times. Could this be a prophecy? You know, ‘descent’, ‘3 times’, . . .you also mentioned a rickety climb up a green sculpture. A dangerous and high climb and the steps were spinning. Do you remember anything else from that series of dreams?

    I recall the 3 eclipses, but there were 4 major lunations of course. The New moon on 6/22 was conjunct the solstice and the humorless but admirable Vesta. Don’t know what deity to thank for my good laugh, but it ain’t her!

  36. I don’t think I’ve been through so much difficulty since all that Pluto conjunct natal Neptune crap back in my mid-20’s when I started writing for Planet Waves. Interestingly, I seem to be dragging back through some of the same damn territory as that August 1999 eclipse, with the same damn person. It’s hard, but not in the same way as back then (not living together helps). And, for what it’s worth, in my case snapping into position IS breaking free. Passivity feels less and less like a viable option. Fortunately, if I know anything, it’s that change happens and this time will be in the past before I know it. But oh, what a watershed this is.

  37. Curiouser and curiouser. Between Eric’s piece today and Len’s look back and forward, I’m getting this ‘Lewis Carroll down the rabbit hole’ feeling. Seems like we’ve just come through a period that has loosened the fabric of reality. I get the sense that what we hold on to as ‘real’ is about to come into question. Things are not what they seem. And it’s about time.

    More to the emotional body touching chaos – I do a chakra meditation, and have been doing it long enough to have integrated it into my whole being (chakras are the 7 major energy centers of the body). My root chakra grounds to the magnetic pull of the earth, my home planet’s core. I feel each chakra in turn as I go up to my crown. At my crown I reach out to the galactic core to my divine spirit (my home in the universe). It is from this place that I move, choose, relate, operate. This is my core self. I am no longer professional, wife, mother, daughter, sister, yogini, freediver, landowner, earthling… I am the divine, eternal me. It is a very rich conversation, and worth having every single day. This doesn’t eliminate the suffering, but it does help it make more sense.

    There was a discussion of karma in an earlier post and I want to interject thoughts here (my process comes in waves, so doesn’t always fit into the daily feed). My perspective on karma comes from a place of ‘eternal me’. Karma is lessons, past connections, a collection of awareness and unhealed places. I choose what I am ready to face, integrate, and own. The lessons are there, the healing is there. When I am ready, I interact with it. My sense of karma is a choosing, not a mandate. When I have awareness around my suffering, my lessons, they go much more smoothly. I noticed a pattern early on in my life, that lessons would come up, and when I ignored them, they showed up again, different and sometimes more difficult, until I addressed them. With awareness, I can get it the first time.

  38. mystes, I kinda like Len’s typology. It may not need adjusting! Being clueless about astrology proper there is a real respect in me for where Len is taking his ideas and the way he is asking his questions with considerable humility.

    I suppose, selfishly, there is this curiosity in me to see where these nascent ideas roam and finally end up.

    This is like the tender green shoot that springs up from the earth. The optimal conditions give the brightest prospects..

  39. Eric – “You are Corrrrect, sir!”

    Mystes – i don’t know much about “the law of threes” nor of the Crowleyians, i was just noticing something that has been catching my attention. Thank you, as always, for helping me to conscious. Your wake-up calls are always welcome.

    Half – since i’m a bear of little brain, i’ll have to think on your request but in the meantime i would appeal to Ms. Fe and Ms. Philipson (both my intellectual superiors) to help out with the mythological part.

    Peace, love and community to all,
    Len Wallick

  40. Half, was your remark addressing anything in particular, or are you just running scales? I am responding to Len’s frame on the Eclipse cycle.

    If there is anything dogmatic about my wanting to adjust that frame, please feel free to speak to that directly.

  41. “Note also that today is the 9th anniversary of the Aug. 11, 1999 total solar eclipse and grand cross. . .”


    10th Anniversary.

    Look down.

    Unless you were born with three toes and fingers, keep counting.

    The Law of Three is firmly in the pocket of the Crowleyians, some of whom –I freely admit– are perfectly decent people. But across the board there is something to be said for moving past this filter. Loosen your maths, Pagans.



  42. This is where my lack of astrological grounding frustrates me, Len! Sounds like a fine creative interpretation you are working though. Can you give your observations a mythological canvas? This might elucidate your process equally as much a peer input.. 😉

  43. As Mercury crosses the Libra point (i.e., opposing the the Aries Point) three times, it will square Pluto three times. So we have a series of Mercury square Pluto, multiplied by the Aries Point. This is at least two things: it’s deeply introspective, obsessive, inquisitive; and it’s a warmup for Saturn to get to the same place, initiating Saturn in Libra and a series of Saturn-Pluto squares that continue from this autumn well into 2010 — the first time this kind of dynamic has surfaced since August 2001 through April 2002 (the Saturn-Pluto opposition).

    Note also that today is the 9th anniversary of the Aug. 11, 1999 total solar eclipse and grand cross. This one cut a swath across Europe and commemorated the solidification of the EU. In 1998 we were still taking about the EC or the EEC or the EG. By 1999 it was the European Union.

  44. Len:: “Second, this retrograde period will begin to reveal that the recent triple eclipse cycle (as powerful as it was) was but a prologue (or overture, if you will).”

    I still hear the ringing of four Moons, not three. And get the sense that their bloom will begin with the Autumnal Equinox. Haven’t looked at the dates, but will so do.

    “Finally, the number three will be repeatedly prominent, especially the one in the middle.”

    The law of 3 has been taken and fashioned into a manacle. There’s another algorithm for freedom. Ask your body.

  45. Greetings and Gratitude to all. Two thing to offer today:

    (1) Has anybody else notice that the path (roughly) traced West-to-East by the recent solar eclipse, the most powerful in decades, (roughly, India, China, Japan, Taiwan…) is now being re-traced East-West by a series of typhoons, cyclones, earthquakes (and a bit of the plague), again the most powerful in decades? Looking at the eclipse chart (thank you, Eric) i have begun to piece together a few ideas about that but i’m asking for help from the Planet Waves community in bringing the threads together.

    (2) We are now less than a week from the beginning of the echo phase for the next Mercury retrograde. Unless i’m very wrong, this retrograde period will individuate itself in three ways. First, the three times that Mercury crosses into and out of Libra will be auspicious – watch those dates. Second, this retrograde period will begin to reveal that the recent triple eclipse cycle (as powerful as it was) was but a prologue (or overture, if you will). Finally, the number three will be repeatedly prominent, especially the one in the middle.

    Offered in service,
    Len Wallick

  46. oy.. I’m leo with an aries moon – it’s been tense. I’m trying to flow and let circumstances direct my coincidences, but instead of accepting it all calmly, I’m here feeling like I gotta pee real bad, and I can’t find a bathroom.

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