Mercury shadow ending; Jupiter stationing direct

Over the next 48 hours, Jupiter stations direct and Mercury enters new territory since beginning its most recent retrograde in Libra and Virgo. Together, these planets are associated with a lot of signs, and this represents both progress and new adventures.

Jupiter stations direct Tuesday at 12:34 am EDT, that is, overnight tonight. It turned to retrograde motion in Aquarius on June 15, with the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune within one degree of precision. Jupiter retrogrades last about four months (coincidentally, enough time for the Sun’s longitude to advance 120 degrees, a perfect trine).

Jupiter has a 12-year orbit. Compare that to Mars, whichВ  has a two year orbit; followed by most asteroids, which are in range of four years (including Ceres, now technically a ‘dwarf planet’). Saturn, the next planet beyond Jupiter, takes about 28 years to go around the Sun, and was for eons considered the last planet out. Jupiter has properties of both an inner planet and an outer planet, and is one of the more tangible energies we experience. So this station direct is significant, and we’re likely to notice both the ripple and how certain elements of our lives that seemed stalled start to move forward. Moving forward comes with its own sense of challenges, things we haven’t quite experienced yet, but at least it’s a new adventure.

Glimpsing into the future, Jupiter will cover the last half of Aquarius and ingress Pisces on January 17. It will move swiftly through Pisces, entering Aries on June 6 in a triple conjunction with Uranus and the Moon — exact on the Aries Point. So, from the time of the station direct, Jupiter is on a direct course for its every-14-year conjunction to Uranus, and this will occur on the Aries Point. That’s to say, Uranus changes signs at around the same time, and this is up there in the biggest astrological news of the decade. I will have a lot more to say about this in Cosmic Confidential, the 2010 annual edition of Planet Waves.

As for Mercury. Retrogrades of this planet are more routine, coming three times a year (as opposed to annually for Jupiter) and they do tend to mess with our heads. (Here is a complete listing for this year and next.) Mercury went retrograde Sept. 7 at 6+ Libra; it went direct on Sept. 29; and as of Weds., Oct. 14, it is back to 6+ Libra and enters new territory for the first time in five weeks. The phase between the station direct and taking new territory is called the Mercury shadow or echo phase; it covers the same degrees three times: once direct, then retrograde, then direct again. So, to repeat, Mercury leaves that degree range on Wednesday and enters new territory — put that metaphor to work for yourself and see what you get.

The interesting synchronicity here is that Mercury and Jupiter rule two pairs of opposing signs — Gemini and Sagittarius; and Virgo and Pisces — that’s a lot of signs among them; and Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, so we have an association with a fifth sign as well; nearly half the zodiac is directly affected by this turn of events.

Mercury is always a trickster, but when it’s direct, it’s a little less tricky. That lasts for about three months from this point. The next retrograde is Dec. 26, though the echo phase for that one begins Dec. 9. I would suggest that the time to make your major purchases and signing significant contracts would ideally be during Mercury’s run through Libra, between now and Oct. 28.

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  1. This was already a lovely (Tuesday) morning – with all your guidance I got my arms way ’round the “method to learn by” and also insight a to Dark Moon.

    Yet this all became small compared to the blogs waiting here from all of you!

    Patty, thank you for your words, and always, for your stories and input that you share with us — and Big Hugs from here too….I am saddened by your losses…..we have done so much harm that needs putting to right/light in this world. Greiving is a release I could learn more from.

    Be – woah! Story and a half. Saturday was another Day, for sure. I wonder if sometimes when something “small” happens, if we feel it “big” because there is a bigger point to get?

    Nance, loved your note about the visions of the night getting lost in the day – not because I don’t remember or keep the ol’ notebook by the bed, but because what I see in night and in day is so disparate – and with little practicle relationship — which perhaps just points out again how we are so unfamiliar with the meaings of our deeper places.

    Speaking of deeper places – Thomas Moore’s “Meditations” literally threw itself off the top bookshelf and to the floor at my feet on Saturday as well. I tried to put it back on the shelf, but it wouldn’t let me! It has already added much to my life and I’m only into the introduction! LOL!

    Dark Moon Lilith -When Lilith, mother of us all, became enraged post ‘Eve’, she needed a place to retreat – and as she had never been separated from the All That Is, and was therefore a part of it’s Truth, there was no where for her to turn for Isolation. And so she turned into herself, and we cannot see her light, indeed it is a miracle that we can “feel” her presence, and an indication that she will open herself to us again – when we are ready to perceive (dark and light) and the world around us differently.

    That’s what came to me on that, Len…..

    And to share what I got on Learning Differently – I see now that if I sort of turn it all inside out (!!) and vew each of the planets as I would a person, then I can get to know their traits and relationships and potential for relationship – to each other, to me, to other people, places and situations. And of course this information is readily available from many sources, one of the most interesting being classical mythology (and maybe I’ll just learn to listen to them directly, too…..Eric, you are so awesome at that!)

    So there we have it – a GREAT day this one – I pray Blessings for All,

  2. I love this conversation about intuition… it has taken me years to learn to trust mine. I am like you, Linda: I get hunches and gut feelings without visions or symbols. I dream in excellent metaphor, but lose that in my daytime life.

    I have practiced listening to the voices, the sounds, the weird things that just pop into my thoughts and found alot of wisdom and direction there. I let go of the idea that my intuition needed to be a certain way, and just started listening. I still have lots to learn, but find when I live from a place of trusting my intuition, synchronicity happens, flow happens, my life moves with a sense of purpose that it otherwise didn’t have.

  3. aword . .Hi Linda, thanks for sharing your wild Saturday experience. Len put it all together planet-wise, and here is how it played out for me.

    Saturday AM (7:55 EDT) I took a bag of garbage to the dumpster. Our condominiums circle (well, really a square) the pool and the dumpster is way on the other side of the pool from me. Outisde I could smell smoke and assumed either somebody near by was burning leaves or maybe the restaurant down the street was getting ready for a big cookout. As I returned to my side of the complex I noticed the smoke smell was stronger, so that let out the restaurant. It really smelled good! I saw no fire or smoke.

    At 10:15 AM I was notified that the fire department “was all over the place” and sure enough, the condo next to me had a fire on the balcony! You might remember that a year ago I had a strange young man who lived under my unit (who has since then been institutionalized) almost set my balcony on fire when he walked away from his grill after lighting it up like a bon fire. Anyway, this fire Saturday was in a flowerpot, and the young man next door had several guests spending the night. Apparently one had (or thought he had) put a cigarette out in the flower pot. It smoldered there (through astrology I figure it was about 1 AM) for hours before flaming up. Only a small amount of (obvious) damage occurred, but the unobvious damage, and not just to me but all my neighbors, was more intense.

    In addition to the Mercury/Pluto square and Moon barely into Cancer, transiting Mars was conjunct the south node and quincunx the Galactic Center. The Sabian Symbol for 27 Cancer is “A Violent Storm In A Canyon Filled With Expensive Homes”. The Key phrase: A confrontation with a social upheaval demanding the reconsideration of static values.

    Ironically, the “annual meeting” of our association was supposed to be the last Tuesday of September, but because there was no quorum, it will have to be rescheduled. This will no doubt be a hot topic.

    As I read your words about not having an intuitive vision, but only the intuition that you didn’t want to drive. Late Friday about midnight , perhaps even later, I had finished a book and then felt quite depressed. Didn’t know why, wasn’t anything sad in the book, although maybe a little disappointing. Even so, could not shake the unhappiness so chalked it up to being a moody Cancer. Now I’m thinking our experiences might be nascent psychic signals that, with sensitivity, and over time, could develop into a more visual and understandable warning system. So much is happening in the world now, everything is speeding up. Part of the preparation for a new age is a new way of perceiving. Keep your antennae up kiddo!

  4. Linda,

    Your story is really amazing. I have found that if you start paying attn to picture images as they pop up in your head or in front of your eyes that you are being shown something that will happen soon – like an early warning signal. I’ve had it happen with flat tires, accidents, police cars, and other things. Spirit tries to warn you, so paying attention to the little inner nagging voice is important. When something ‘bad’ happens, the best reaction is one of gratitude for the lesson learned, and thankfulness for not being harmed or whatever. Every thing we experience seems to be a lesson of some kind. You are a good person to know, and I’ve enjoyed your input on PW for a long time! From my perspective the astrology sets up conditions that we will either handle with grace, or handle with kicking and screaming and poor decision-making. Like the blog on the gay/lesbian rights – how hard is it for us to treat people with love and grace? I visited the cemetery with my mom yesterday and we put flowers on the graves of the 32 year old nephew who died of a drug overdose, and a 33 year old niece who died of aids. How nonsensical is it for an 83 year old to keep burying her young grandchildren?

  5. Oh my; Lovely. Lovely. Thank you so very much. This has been an enlightening day. And oh yes, your wisdom on Lilith resonates with the stories that have been trying to come through – I am still shivering from the cold that comes when something is Spot On and from another realm. Whatever it is wants to see the Light, this is for sure, and it is All Good.

    The “grand cross on the cardinal points.” will take some researching for me to understand – but the rest, oh yes…….she has something for us, for sure.

  6. Linda,

    The Dark Moon Lillith is an imaginary point (like the nodes), there’s not an actual rock there but it’s not arbitrary either. Just started to study it this last Summer, still have a lot to learn. Seems powerful. So far, my feeling is that it has something in common with the Centaurs (Chiron, Nessus, Phlous, etc) because what Eric calls “shadow material” seems to be implied. In this case, the cachet of that material seems to be parental, more specifically maternal. Either a 4th or 10th house thang, maybe 12th. Given your Saturday morning adventure (think goodness you are in one piece) with the Mercury-Pluto square, the Cancer Moon and your natal Lillith might be broadly interpreted as a grand cross on the cardinal points. You tell me…..

    In Service,

  7. Ok…hmm…I think I’m starting to find a “flow” with this…’s gonna take breaking it down differently but I think I can do this…..if I visually move around that room (the sky) and see the planets in their different lights and ASPECTS to each other and get to know each one personally and look out from their POV……

    Len – she’s the “mythical” Lillith whom I am quite sure is our Dark Moon…..would love your input on her.


  8. Aword, Linda,

    (1) On Saturday morning Mercury was squaring Pluto and the Moon was in Cancer.

    (2) Don’t worry if you process differently from another astrologer. Focus on your unique gift, develop it and we will alll be grateful to the light we receive from you.

    (3) Do you mean Lillith the “Dark Moon” or the asteroid?

    Len Wallick

  9. Len,

    “After all, we are working towards a way to consistently express the whole through each of its parts, are we not?”

    I really like that. Thanks.

  10. Len, Be, Mysti, Really great input. Thank you.

    A pattern of frustration/learning block relates to lack of understanding symbolically/symbolism — and this point is critical to getting stories out that want to be told. No matter how much I “study”, I don’t get it. I mean, I “get it”, but I can’t INTUIT it. Like the difference between algebra and geometry — algebra flow, never a question in my mind how it works because, well, it just flows. But geometry – ha! I understand it, but can’t name a therom to save my life.

    “Lilith” has been conceptualized for years, Len – thanks for your support. My writing is underpar, to say the least – and whipping me inside to be let out. Many great stories waiting to manifest.

    On another note –
    Was something going on Saturday? (LOL) I just needed to NOT go to a social gathering that would have put me on the I-5 between Burbank and downtown LA…..didn’t drive anywhere between then’n’now — and an hour ago when I DID drive — my tire blew — I mean BLEW UP, like fragments of rubber everywhere.

    Glad to be here with you all today and not all over the freeway with that tire on Saturday.

    And – I’m SURE there’s Saturday astology in here somewhere – it was a reunion with my former boss/mentor/surrogate mother…..

    But that’s what I MEAN – even my intuition skipped the meaningful symbolism — it leapfrogged right into the Action category – as in “just didn’t want to go”with no further meaninful explanation. I mean, other people have intuitive visions and stuff………’-) How do I learn to have that?*

    Love you!! And thanks again,

    *I know, I know – thinkin’ too hard. Thinkin’ too hard. xoxoxo

  11. Linda,

    Good question, thank you for the invite to respond. Because astrology is a symbolic language, it is first and foremost highly contextual. In other words, it depends. Look back on this particular Merc retro and compare it to the one before that. Even someone who, like yourself, who “does not experience Merc retros badly” can observe that they are not all the same.

    So, first (as Mystes implied) go back to the basics. What are the houses? What are the ruling planets for those houses? What is the relationship between the retro planet, the house and the ruling planet of the house? Then, finally look at the other side of the coin and use that excellent intuition of yours (working on the inside?) to nail what works for you. Then, try that on someone else’s chart and see if that works for them. Or the current chart and see if you are on to something or if you need to go back and try something else.

    Also, bkohler makes a good point about aspects being part of the equation. After all, we are working towards a way to consistently express the whole through each of its parts, are we not?

    Trust yourself and be willing to experiment. Who knows, you may find something new and write a book that we will all buy.

    With Support and Encouragement,
    Len Wallick

  12. I suppose Im figuring that since the planets ‘look’ different to us during a retro, then we must look different to the planet..

    …thanks, Be….now I’ve something to chew on LOL! — it’s all that transiting this and sextiling that that I can’t make heads’nor’tails out of!

    I do know that I can vision this like an art student in figure drawing class — I must move around the studio and look at the model from different vantage points until I find the one that sheds light on the subject – then I will see what it is I am looking for.

    I shall keep circling ’round…

  13. (For example, I don’t tend to experience Mercury retros badly – and yet he is not natal retro…. so perhaps there is little connection between natal retros and curernt retros? or is my vantage point from the wrong position?)

  14. awordedgewise,

    I don’t know. I’m responding so you know we are hearing you, but frankly I’ve never spent the necessary time observing, interviewing others or reading about that particular phenomenon. I do have a retro planet in my chart, Mars. I know how IT works, but haven’t made a point of observing if it intensifies when transiting Mars is retrograde. Would be willing to do that as a part of a study though. My guess is that the ASPECT would be the #1 criteria of a transiting planet’s (in my case, Mars) influence when in retrograde mode.

    Could venture a guess that a transiting Pluto trine to one’s natal rx Pluto would encourage excavation of obscure knowledge, especially if that trans. Pluto were sextile one’s natal rx Jupiter.

  15. Jupiter is very busy in my chart – sliding into the 4th house at one degree Scorpio.

    (He’s also conjunct his brother Neptune, opposite my Taurus midheaven, squaring Venus and Uranus, trining the Sun and Mercury and sextile Pluto. Busy little boy, that.!)

    Your statement “working from the inside” fits very well – you are setting me on a path of understanding more – and yet – what effect then as the planets go in and out of retro in their cycles? Where is the light and where the dark? Do I float with them? or always in tension? can’t figure it yet.

    How is your update health-wise friends/family?


  16. Linda, honey… I be listenin’ more than speakin’ on the Rx issue. My instinct is to say you are a very *different* kind of Kentaur, one that moves things from behind and under rather than above and out. But moves, withal. In which house slides that natal Jove?


  17. Perhaps Be, Jlo, Len, Mysti…..?…..I understand the basic premise of “retrograde” and Eric has published yet another deeply informative piece today on our current situation with Mercury and upcoming, Jupiter.

    What I do not have a grasp on however, is how these transits do – or do not – play out differently with someone who has natal retrogrades. (That is how do retrograding planets work differently in natal charts wherein those same planets are retrograde.)

    For instance, retro in my natal chart are Jupiter, Neptune (rulers of my natal sun) as well as Pluto and Uranus. All planets of note in this moment of time.

    Ceres is also retro (in Cancer no less) and several of the others, probably less interesting at this time (Ixion, Ocus, Quaoar.)

    My broader stroke personal interest in gathering deeper astrological understanding now has to do with my Lilith at Zero Aries — I think she has a lot to say, and a poignant moment in time is upon her’n’me.

    Thanks All, for any insight to this retro question.
    with Love,

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