Mercury, Saturn and the Galactic Core

We’re now at that point in the Mercury retrograde cycle where it’s working its way back through the degrees where it was just retrograde. Some call this the shadow phase; I prefer the less eerie term echo phase. It’s among the enhancements I am making to astrological language. Another one is to stop saying “hit” when we mean “transit.” You know, “Saturn return, third hit.” If you stop saying “hit” and start saying something like “phase” or “contact” you might notice how violent the original language is; and we take it pretty casually. (Thank you Dale O’Brien for pointing out that one to me.)

Speaking of contact, Mercury is about to make its third conjunction to Saturn in Virgo, which is a direct part of this retrograde process. The first was Aug 17, just as Mercury went into echo phase. Saturn was way back at 21+ Virgo at that point, and is now in direct motion heading for Libra. The second contact was with Mercury retrograde, on Sept. 22, right on the equinox (and coincidentally the birthdays of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins). Finally the third contact is today. Aren’t you glad I’m not saying “hit”? Then you might believe that something was about to hit; you know, incoming.

This morning I picked up The New York Post (as usual) to read Sally Brompton’s daily horoscope. For Pisces, she interprets Mercury conjunct Saturn in the opposite sign (solar 7th house) as the conspiratorial fantasy that the world is out to get you; but if you look for the best in people you will find it. I’ll skip a personal anecdote here about an unnamed member of the Kingston city council who finds me particularly aggravating. Being either Sicilian or an investigative reporter, one is inclined to think: okay, what can this person do to me? But I think he’s basically just angry and harmless (to me) and an archetypal representation of my pissed off, horny but hated himself for it grandfather.

For Cancer, she takes this aspect (in the 3rd solar house) as being concern about how much something costs. Mercury is generally considered the planet of money, and conjunct Saturn in Virgo would be a bit of anxiety, accented by the 3rd house of what we think, small concerns and local matters. She suggests taking the necessary action and worrying about the financial side later. She can be confident because planets are starting to move into Libra, which suggests that things that are pending now will work out in a just or adjusted way. Planets ingressing Libra suggests that the results will be balanced, which is usually helpful, particularly in our society based on 48-ounce cups of sugar water.

Mercury and Saturn are compatible planets (particularly in Virgo) though my ВЈ75 copy of the collected astrological writings of Aleister Crowley is sitting in storage in Belgium and I cannot look up why he thinks so. Generally, classically trained astrologers give Saturn good placement in signs ruled by Mercury; it stabilizes the mind and, if Mercury is there, allows for expression at the same time. (Saturn rules an air sign and an earth sign, as does Mercury, a definite point of harmony.)

What you won’t read in Sally’s horoscope is that both of these planets today are square the Galactic Core. That would be three signs away, in Sagittarius. When you do the math on Mercury, Saturn and the GC, you get a conversation about our god concept or god complex; which ties into a sense of our parents and at the same time makes us yearn for something cosmic. Now, we don’t usually think there’s anything too cosmic about our parents; we don’t think of them as being part of a galactic lineage (we can barely think of them fucking, which actually created us). Therefore, we tend to make up a lot of stories, both about our parents and about god/goddess, which in turn cloaks all of the above in unnecessary mystery.

Basically, our parents act as god and take the place of god, which does us the disservice of blocking the opportunity to get to know either. If we take the additional step (usually taken for us) of mixing religion into the morass (note Christianity’s obsession with mommy-daddy-baby), we can be truly confused and forget something as simple as ethics: the question of, under these circumstances, what’s the right thing to do? How can I help?

Because that can be a challenging question (prying us out of self-obsession), we tend to substitute the much harsher concept of morality: supposed absolute right and wrong, which is generally used to control others rather than being a useful tool for making practical decisions.

One last thing. Mercury recently opposed Uranus; Saturn in Uranus are in an opposition and Mercury passed trough the opposition, from the Virgo side. There are a lot of ways to take that setup, but I would propose that it’s suggesting that we get real about our good ideas. That’s advice I try to give myself every day.
Eric Francis

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  1. Oh Be, now that IS fascinating! I think much gets lost in our “modern day” interpretations. In this case, our belief system revolving around what “money” is (and is not).

  2. Good news that is!

    Yesterday day for experimentation here too, needing something better/new/different I tried out the Myrrh – settling on something to swallow rather than sniff. VERY effective in the continuing battle against nasty stuff fermenting in my body. Today I feel cleansed after only one small dose.

    As you say – it’s often experiment based on intuition.

    I’m at if you’d be so kind as to share password, I’d love to see about your “vile brew”!


  3. Thanks Linda, yes – we’re rockin’ now.

    The dearling just called – she’s doing *much* better. She added colloidal silver yesterday, continuing drinking my vile brew and today she’s actually hungry, has a slowly returning energy and no fever. Yay! Some of it is the root soup, some is the silver (I got a tremendous feeling of YES when she asked about it yesterday, though this particularly modality doesn’t work for me personally), some of it is –quite frankly– your attention.

    I have concocted a page that gives the soup recipe, but you will need to write to me (mystes -at- for the password. It’ll be up only temporarily for obvious reasons.

    Much love to all,


  4. Mystes,

    Yes – world around out’o’control — I’ve an agenda, doing best to flow with the fallout and resulting constant changes in said agenda. For some reason I was not to get my film school application turned in “on time”.

    I understand the emotional upheaval sickness. Very hard to repair on the physical plane. Some balancing work is needed for your friend for sure. She lives in a different world now than she did, but her attachment to the old one seems to be ripping her gut out. Soothe her and bless her as you have been. Good work you do; you are indeed a good friend.


  5. Linda and J’lo… (and interested others?)

    My friend has been on the cleanest diet for years, has had the means to afford and maintain the most exquisite health-supports. She eats almost no wheat, and I don’t think McD has visited her mouth – ever. But. Her family is in economic shock, lost their house, have had to move 3 states away for a job while maintaining some creative projects here – and she just caved. Today she spent most of the day in blood draws trying to figure out the pathogen. With the immunogenic-soup on board, I don’t think they are going to find much in the bacterial/viral realm – so something like Epstein-Barr is starting to seem plausible.

    Meanwhile, all hell is breaking loose elsewhere. Even the weather feels *weird* – as though we have suddenly been shifted to the Gulf Coast: big, hot, wet winds, temps near 100 again, sun beating down like a gladiator. I am watching people spin out right and left – thinking its time to grow another 8 arms and start passing out buckets of tea, hankies, french ticklers.

    Lawdie. Was I trying to get something *done*? I guess this is it. . .

    XO, y’all…


  6. Word, man, run it,, youre capacity, it’s fuckin bright, your shit is off the board. You’re destined if you choose.

  7. Hmmmm.

    Be: I see, oh, I see! You could feel my desire to understand – and UNlike “Rainman”, I have capacity to learn to count, even tho I already feel the answer (?). I think I understand……I shall look for a way to experience the planets – one of those magical workshops that all movie wizards have would be nice (you know, where you stand within a model of the orbiting planets on a super-size-me scale?) Another reference I need is STORY that goes with it all — and not in ‘code’ like The Iliyad. I subscribe to a “Visual Astrology” newsletter that gives some stuff, but not enough to make a dent. Advice welcome from all on how to learn. And I LOVE Eric, your “teaching” articles, but just don’t “get it” in that format. Again you are right-on – I can tell people about what’s going on for them, (nutritionally and emotionally also! – it’s more like reading their energy) but I cannot explain to them the transits, planets etc involved in what’s happening……I will find a way to learn this……

    Len, Be and All – I feel a bit like Dorothy realizing she has carried the answer with her the whole journey – at her foundation, in those ruby red slippers. So obvious as to not be visable!

    Mystes – I have been fighting fungal for years now – completely eliminating wheat has helped a LOT and any food that is “mold” bearing – which is very hard in the city considering that even “fresh” food really isn’t. But no wheat, no sugar, no mushrooms, no cheese – lots of soy yogurt and rotating supplements such as Olive Leaf, Grape Seed and such. I am about to go out now to the supplement store to try find some affordable Myrrh which I have not ever used yet. Don’t know if this helps you/your friend, I haven’t followed your whole thread on this. As for me, I am making slow (very slow) but steady progress. (Oh, and I focus on alkaline diet as well. Lots of fresh lemon – peel and all. Boil it and make a tea. When the peel is soft, it is very nice to munch on.)

  8. Eric, fact check (I know, I’m working my lazy ass at it!) Within Crowley’s perception, Saturn/Mercury relate on the human conscious realm. The will of the self, and the relation with the non-ego. Too me, this seems a bit concurrent with (as I understand, and you’ve glanced in commentary) the fusion/blending of energies.. transmutation in full-aware form.

    Less than what I aimed for, but more than what I had before!

    Take care man!

    Luv ya,


  9. Myst, I suck at diagnostics (’cause it’s too damned long too get to the root, unless I’m talking about me, and then it’s only a lifetime), but, intake. If one’s eatin’ McD’s it’s bad.

    Chaparral, Bloodroot, Baptisia,.. It’s some toxic shit but…

    When one comes to a point they find their sickness outgrows their health.. it’s time to make lifestyle adjustments. When one of those 7 billion deviates, we’ve evolution at hand.

    I wish I could give you more.. for that I’m sorry. I wish you luck (Love), I’ll throw some vibes across this globe, and try too stare this one down.

    If you find it, pick up the vibe.. all I offer is extra energy.. if you can use it, it’s there.



  10. Thanks Eric,

    I get it – what you’re saying. Guess I was too focused on the phrases “Mercury is GENERALLY considered the planet of money”, and “…Lois Rodden PROPOSES that Mars is the planet of money..” and not the intent. I do go along with all the planets and symbols having multiple meanings, and certainly never questioned that you need Mars to get most things you want.

    I wonder if Sally is relating money to Mercury (conj Saturn in 3rd) because it is generally considered of primary importance to a Cancer person. Never too old to quit learning.

  11. Kiddos, I’d pass this along, but I am puzzled about the results (or lack thereof). My friend is not responding to the most powerful, most consistent immune-booster I’ve got. Well, she *was* responding… (she’s parked an hour out of town) until I left, then she crashed again.

    She’s been sick –really sick– for three weeks; the diagnosis was hand/foot/mouth disease, but it has gone on for more than twice the normal length. Since this has an enteroviral etiology (centered in the gut), the immune-root soup should have done the job.

    It’s kind of a bitch to make… on par with my tamales. Though it has worked and well for a decade now, I am seeing that having 7 billion little mutagenic systems (bodies, y’all) on the planet ups the ante a bit. So it may need more careful application and a closer watch in situations like this.


    Back to it. . .


  12. Yes, Mystes – that would be interesting, and useful to know how to make anti-bacterial herb “soup”!

  13. Myst, I’ve a question… Eric good call on the last post, and you’ve got to have Alan Okens “Soul-centered Astrology”, Crowley is not a necessity, just a damn fine reference point!… so, Myst, what roots have you found too deal with the microbes? I’m a regular of Dandelion, burdock, and Yellow Dock roots, but that’s for my liver issue. Self induced pain, baby! If you don’t mind sharing, that would be cool. (also prep. method is appreciated!)

    Luv Ya, Bye for now,


  14. Paraphrasing Bill Clinton, it depends on what you mean by means.

    Venus generally represents value. I am saying that Lois was saying that whether you HAVE money or can GET the stuff depends on the energy you put into the effort.

    Any planet can represent anything, depending on what house is ruled by what sign. Venus can represent a man and Mars can represent a woman.

    What Lois was saying is that if you want money, master your Mars.

  15. Eric,

    You are confusing me. . .Mercury means money, now Mars means money? What happened to Venus?


    Also, you recently went through a Chiron return and I would think the healing of that process, not to mention the wisdom gained, would encourage you to use the intuition that Len observed, along with the Mercury (and Chiron!) in Aquarius intellect to pursue the study of astrology. Forget the math. If you can count to 30 (degrees) you have it made. Last word.

  16. However, Lois Rodden proposes that Mars is the planet of money, since to get money you need to have drive. And you don’t get that from Mercury. Aries is the sign of initiative and Scorpio is associated with shared resources, both ruled by Mars. Last, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, one of the most down to earth business signs there is.

  17. Linda,

    You have nothing to apologize for, you are a valuable part of the PW community. Besides, intuition is the most important thing about being an astrologer, not the math. Look at how Eric and Priya can pick out one aspect, weave it through the signs and come up with weekly horoscopes that hit the nail on the head every time. That’s intuition, just like you.

    As for your dreams about the red-headed twins – Book of Blue material, “definitely, definitely”.

    Love you too,

  18. awordedgewise,

    Years and years ago I got a refund from my income tax; probably about $50 or so. An ad in the paper said that for $30 (approx, don’t remember exactly) I could get my horoscope drawn. But for $15 I could get 3 lessons on how to do horoscopes. Being frugal, I took the 3 lessons and wound up spending hundreds and hundreds of $$ over the years on astrology books, trips, etc. Now I let the computer “draw” the horoscope!

    It’s never too late to take astrology lessons, and now would be an excellent time. Your Pisces Sun is trined by your Neptune, north node, and Jupiter. Transiting Neptune, (and Jupiter and Chiron) are conjunct your natal Mercury. Of course you are fuzzy headed. But you were born under a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and now we are having another one and it makes a direct “hit” (sorry Eric) to your Mercury. And it is in Aquarius, much more mentally attuned than feely, fuzzy, weepy Pisces or Scorpio (or Cancer but that’s not you anyway.) Natal Pluto is being trined by transiting Pluto. Dig in.

    Even though those early lessons are all but forgotten (replaced by the much easier computer product), I’ve never regretted investing in them. Something about the process and discipline helped keep me on track. You could get a chart done and have a fantastic astrologer give you a reading. However, you show a curiosity and an interest and maybe even a love of the stuff and I think you would be glad you learned the basics at least. Fear not.

  19. Thanks, Len. And back atcha… This :: The Gal-core square, from where i’m sitting, synchronizes with either an irritant or (with the application of some intent) an opportunity to explore compassion in our personal lives. seemed to consolidate the decision. There has a been a quizzical expression on my face about this – not so much ‘irritant’ but a long “eh?” I’ve been watching the situation unfold over the last few days… first she was better, then not so much, then really not so much.

    So I am breaking out the big artillery – it’s really more of a root soup than a tea. Takes a number of hours to make properly, and if done correctly, never fails – if the problem is microbial in origin.

    I’m using Frontier Herbs right now – not the freshest, but they’ll do. There is an herb ranch in Oregon, Pacific Botanicals, who have the ne plus ultra on the rootytoottoots.

    Back to it.


  20. Oh I get it, – simple – moon moving into Geminii – maybe that was my dreamings twin theme.

    Intereting tho, that they were performing girls made to look as twins by mother – and one girl was in love with the other, the other not responsive.

    They were a passive part of the flying dream – but they have been in other recent dreams too, the lovely redheaded trapeze twins.

    I take this moment for sorry’s to all -BTW. I am to astrology as my son is to math – I have the answer/application, but the process is all a big ball of fuzz

    Like Dustn Hoffman’s character in Rainman – he “counted” – no he didn’t – he simply knew the answer – to have counted is a way of telling the world what would have happened if he had the capacity to go throug hthe actual process. I SO WISH I could understand astrology as you all do, break it down and all – but I seem to be one who only understands it through life’s experience/s and for the life of me cannot break it down into what planet is doing what to which.

    My “sorry” is predicated on the fact that I have now been “told” by three sources just how beneficial it would be to have my chart read (thanks for being One, Be!) — you’d think after all these years I could do it myself, but me thinks not.

    Love to All,

  21. If i be so bold as to add a couple things. First Venus is as close to opposing Uranus as the Saturn-Mercury conjunction is, and, in addition, it’s an applying aspect. Also, the Moon is void for much of the afternoon. Including the Venus aspect in the mix would seem to support Ms. Brompton’s impression that there might be some anxiety to be expected as regards to small potatoes and large turnips. What appears to be a sextile by Mars to the Merc-Jup would seem to coincide with the urge to express the energy verbally. The Gal-core square, from where i’m sitting, synchronizes with either an irritant or (with the application of some intent) an opportunity to explore compassion in our personal lives. Finally, the Moon Void would seem to coincide with the chance to take a breath or two with renewed perspective. Tonight, under the Gemini Moon we can go home and talk it out a bit.

    You know, if you are a performing artist, baseball player or gambler the word “hit” is not such a bad thing. However, Eric, your point is well taken. i have been hit and it’s no fun. You might say i deeply empathize with the Jerry Lewis schtick (in his movies) of saying “don’t…hit”.

    Offered In Service, as always.

  22. Mercury is generally considered the planet of money, and conjunct Saturn in Virgo would be a bit of anxiety, accented by the 3rd house of what we think, small concerns and local matters. She suggests taking the necessary action and worrying about the financial side later.

    This comes as a good friend calls me,weeping with exasperation, in her 3rd week of a viral infection (not the flu). I have a multi-root decoction that has quite the track record (ever seen a tooth abcess disappear in 4 hours?) but in its organic form has quadrupled in price in the last two years. She has taken every antibiotic available for this; it just isn’t doing the job.

    I just got off of the phone with her, decided to take the dollar hit (not contact…) and spend the half-day making and delivering the thing.

    Seems like the Solar System concurs.


  23. All so very interesting and continuing connection to daily’n’nightly experience/s in my life. My Scorpio teenage son and I continue (as individuals) to look for “god” – I have coached him to look for the ethical vision of himSelf and work from that vantage point first – seems to fit piece of your discussion today, Eric.

    Son and I are both regaining equilibrium from events centering ten years ago – although I do believe we have already projectiled out the other side of dark hole. Again, all seems to be in keeping with the astrology.

    (GREAT dreaming now BTW, really able to fly again – have been oh! so heavy for so long and bumping ceilings and all that – but now able to fly free with no effort and even in dreamland noticing the difference/ability and finding extasy in it. I think all my PW friends were there with me last night – any Geminis in the bunch – Twins anyway – LOL! OK how many hands went up then? 😉 and xo.

  24. Thanks so much for this, Eric.

    Choir, in my mid twenties, when I was busy deconstructing the destruction of my past — as well as my parents part in that, a good friend who I had a big crush on told me that in Buddhism (his philosophical reference) it is one of the highest and best things you can do to do your parents right. I started a forgiveness journal and wrote in it every day. Now I like to say that if you can forgive your parents you can forgive anyone.

    It really seems like there are some big ass earth challenges, so it’s not really enough to get along with one other person. We had better understand ourselves at a deeper level. Many hands make light work. Peace.

  25. Thanks so much for this analysis Eric

    And today they discovered a huge ring around saturn!
    And today/ tomorrow is that my 2nd saturn return exact – with mercury there-
    will meditate on how “to get real about our good ideas.”
    WITHOUT THE GOOD BAD MUMMY DADDY but I will keep the goddess stuff!

    ** New ring detected around Saturn **
    A colossal dust ring is seen encircling Saturn, extending some 13 million km (eight million miles) into space.

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