Mercury-Chiron: A Question of Trust

There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – there are things we do not know we don’t know. — Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense

Right now one of the clearest messages in they sky is: How much do you trust yourself – your intuition, your abilities, your desires? We see this in the conjunction of Mercury and Chiron, which is exact today.

Mercury conjunct Chiron will help us see the unknown unknowns.
Mercury conjunct Chiron will help us see the unknown unknowns.

There are several takes on Mercury-Chiron aspects, of which the conjunction is the most potent. You can think of Mercury-Chiron as being the quiet kid in the class, who didn’t have much to say but who turned out to be a chess grand master. Or the dyslexic kid who turned out to be an amazing artist. Or the one who could not pass a test, especially a spelling test, who turned out to be a gifted writer. In Pisces, this is particularly the image of intuitive knowledge, with a touch of savant quality. But this knowledge has a source, and it can be verified.

Another take comes from Barbara Hand Clow, in her book Chiron: Rainbow Bridge, who notes that any aspect between Chiron and Mercury “Balances right and left brain perceptual skill and quickens the deeper levels of the mind.” Pisces is all about the balancing of opposites, so this holds true — especially when you remember that both Mercury and Chiron are associated with Virgo. In Pisces, you may not be able to follow the logic — not at first, but if you do, you might learn a whole new kind of logic that adds a dimension or two. Clow adds that with the conjunction, there is a “superlative ability to perceive exactly what is going on in any situation and to understand how people are thinking in relation to the situation.”

Pay attention to what you perceive and what you’re thinking, because good information will be available if you do. The Mercury-Chiron conjunction is supported by the sextile to Jupiter (traditional ruler of Pisces, which brings in even more mojo), which we covered yesterday. Now, both Chiron and Mercury are picking up on the knowledge base contained in Jupiter, which has a practical aspect in that Jupiter is in Taurus.

The catch is you have to trust yourself. You have to trust that inner voice that would guide you if you’d let it. Trust that if you have come to this moment, then you must also have the ability to bring ‘it’ into the world (whatever ‘it’ is for you) in tangible form and embody it.

Referring to that quote by Don Rumsfeld above, think of Mercury, Chiron and Pisces working together as being a way to find about some of the “unknown unknowns.” We all have a little extra ability to see around the corners and into the blind spots right now.

At the moment, the Sun is going through the last degrees of Aquarius, about to enter Pisces on Sunday. Before it does, it will make a trine to Saturn in Libra and an opposition to an odd point called Transpluto. That’s like going through a very narrow opening with precision — a point we’ll come back to tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Mercury-Chiron: A Question of Trust”

  1. Well, I could say “touché!” … but then that wouldn’t take into consideration the possibility that what you write has a wisdom that might go deeper than your fears. (Hell, if I didn’t believe that, then I wouldn’t be writing about tarot! 🙂 ) In which case there’s a part of you that’s working devotedly on your behalf somewhere.

  2. sure — but that was my idea for a damn title! 🙂 i seem to be better at helping to write these things than i am at implementing them…

  3. man, why is it that even when the astrology is perfect for focusing in on something, i seem to be adrift and distractable?

    oh, well… the moon is conjunct my moon right now. maybe that’s where this sense that i just want to go out and play is coming from.

    so what *do* i want to manifest? good question. or maybe there’s some reason i’m avoiding the answer?

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