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  1. [I’d posted this somewhere else, but I think it should be here, thanks, Indrani]

    Hi Eric,

    Just a note to say how much I’ve enjoyed Light Bridge! I’ve recently discovered that my ascendant is Capricorn (Sun in Taurus). Your entry for Capricorn has been spot on and incredibly useful – you’ve pinpointed the areas of difficulty so neatly and in a manner that’s workable. Thank you for your wonderful work – you’ve made a huge difference to my life – it’s as if I’ve been standing at the door looking for the right keys, and here they finally are. May I also thank you for the approach you’ve taken – your writing (especially for Capricorn) has such a beautiful, sober and sensitive feel to it – incredibly comforting and methodical. Reading that entry has been like that lovely moment when you see the light and say, “yeeeess – that is exactly me.” Contrasting the Capricorn entry with the Taurus entry, I can also see what the areas of tension are – I already FEEL what they are, but having it set out is like having some sort of road map – I can use my conscious mind as well as my intuition (which is a relief). Living almost entirely intuitively is exhausting, and I simply cannot be hostage to that level of emotion for much longer. Until now, work has been the only place I feel truly alive, but with your help (and of course the astrology itself!), I see how that feeling can be spread out across the rest of my life – the lessons have been coming from my work relationships but are applicable elsewhere.

    I’m just about to hit 40 (I tell you, it’s been a fuckin’ hard slog!) and I feel like I’m only just beginning to find my feet and learning to walk; I feel like I’m FINALLY growing into my own skin, and that after years and years of feeling like the odd one out, the world (which includes my friends, God bless ‘em) is finally catching up with me. That may sound like a strange thing to say, but that’s how it feels because I haven’t actually changed much at all – I’m pretty much the same person I’ve always been, but it’s as though the world has suddenly discovered me or something. I feel like saying to it: “Well, I’ve always been here – where were you?”

    So thanks again, and what else can I say, except I’m glad you’re with me (thank you Universe!).



  2. Oh my, thank you, THANKYOU a thousand times for intending this fascinating inner feast. How grand to be alive at a time filled with both generosity and challenge. Eric, and Team, thank you for allowing me to be a beneficiary of your Light.

  3. Here are some comments that have been posted to the Light Bridge subscriber area.


    Thanks Eric, This is a piece of writing worth waiting for… will keep it with me all the time as I create my new life…



    Thank you for succinctly describing the individual aspects of the whole, which I had been shown intuitively. It’s like the universe gave me a whole platter of a nourishing meal, but lacking certain skills and experience (I usually “get” the vibe of astrological influences but can never get my mind around the minute details or what and why it’s happening) I couldn’t recognize the individual ingredients until you pointed them out to me. Thank you! Off to read my rising sign (Aquarius) and then looking forward to reading my loved ones’ signs. Peace to you!


    Christine DeLorey

    Every word spoke to me personally, Eric. Congratulations! Your writing just gets better and deeper and right on. This is ultra helpful and quite superb. Thank you!


    Morgana Silverseale

    Wow, Eric… this is absolutely dead-on accurate for me. Thank you, this is amazing work.



    This is brilliant work! What you focus on mirrors where I find myself now exactly.Although I have only read it through once,and will be returning over and over again,I already feel confirmed in my intent and seen ,heard and valued.
    With love and appreciation,



    Claudia Mason

    Thanks Erik,
    It was great to read Pisces for 2011…I look forward to reading it again. I’m happy that light bridge finally came out!



    I very much enjoyed reading my forecast. I found it most informative and enlightening. Looking forward to reading my families as well.
    Thank you Eric.



    Thank you, I have loved your articles and commentary in January and February 2011. I am looking forward to reading what needs to be considered for 2011.

    The WestWinds Storyteller


    Deborah Joy

    Thank you, from the bottom of my depths….as I know they’re there! I have only read it once, so far and am moved and amazed and encouraged and somehow supported. So, once again as it is, THANK YOU
    Deborah Joy



    Breathtaking – every word resonates completely with what I feel has been happening within me. Many thanks for the blessing of your amazing insight!



    I’ll try not to make this too long. I’m a Cancer Sun, with Gemini Rising, Scorpio Moon, Neptune in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces 10th house, Pisces mid heaven and Pisces in Saturn. I’ve just listed the water mainly as per the readings I’ve checked out. I have a daughter to a Scorpio mother, my daughter is Aquarian and just turned 21, 2 weeks ago. My daughter has allot of planets in Capricorn, at least six and a Cancer moon. I haven’t seen my daughter in 19 years due to differences with her mother, her mothers family and the man her mother eventually married. I wrote to my daughter 2 1/2 years ago via an agency with no reply so far. After reading your articles on Cancer, Scorpio etc I must remark at how insightful you are and how close you are to my own personal situations, not just the one I’ve mentioned. I noted also with Scorpio how close I feel that article is to my daughters mother and even my own experiences around childhood to the present. The articles have certainly been worth the wait and I’ve also found them to be compassionate and showing empathy to anyone who may read them. Thank you.



    As always, the clarity and detail of your exceptional work places all the unknown elements that affect our daily lives into perspective. As I read through the pages, the number of times I say, “F#$K, is that what this is about?”, is astounding. It also enables me to focus attention in an appropriate manner as I lead my way through the maze.

    Eric, I was born in Cape Town, South Africa on 20 March 1964 at 12.15pm; having had my chart read before, I believe that my sun sign is Pisces (just) and the majority of my “other” signs are based in Gemini. Would it be suitable to read both readings at all times?

    Many thanks once again for your dedication.


    peter reed

    i love the beginning of your essay……how you share the metaphorical ways of consciousness…..however you lost me (and my interest) when you mentioned that eric is accomplishing something jung couldn’t do ? wow, pretty far fetching and stretching of that comparison.



    Fascinating insights, as always. I think I’ll need several more passes before I’ve groked everything. Thank you Christine!



    Most definitely wed to me and can no longer be any other way and have given up making excuses not to express this knowing part of me…thank You Eric, for again helping to make everything that I am experiencing make sense. You are indeed gifted and very much appreciated for all the work that you are doing to support this shift of consciousness.


  4. So excited to receive the fruit of all your labors Eric! Uranus in my relationship house plus natal Sagg in Venus promises many adventures along the way (yipee!) — an excellent report that will take time to digest and percolate. Thank you so much.

  5. Eric,
    Many thanks to you and the contributors. Thank you for sharing the process along the way, that was an education in itself. Thank you for holding the tension and keeping the priorities straight while the annual edition went through what seems to have been an appropriate and necessary birth process. Thank you for the fatigue endured and the persistence displayed. Thank you for finding time to help me when justice would dictate that it should have been the other way around. Thank you, especially for holding to the boundaries that conserved your health and well being.
    May the results and rewards of the best annual edition ever be in just proportion.

  6. Fantastic! Thanks a million Eric and team for serving us this amazing package. I read Virgo last night and you pegged us so darn well. More on that later, after I go over it a few more times. Congratulations on completing such a huge project and I hope you enjoy your down time in all its glory.

    I really like the art work by Danielle btw. It’s *stellar* 😉

  7. Congratulations and thank you – really thrilled to be able to absorb myself in this!! And of course, really appreciate the effort you put into all your writings. I hope you take a really nice holiday after this!

  8. many bows to eric and all who contributed to this. i shall approach the readings with due reverence, though my consumer self just wants to gobble this up! may a hearty celebration AND good winter’s rest punctuate this publication. congratulations!!!!

  9. Wonderful! Thank you, Eric. Just read my sun and rising sign. They’re packed tightly and ready to unfold along with 2011.

  10. Yay! Yippee! Really looking forward to this feast. Eric, and all, thank you for your devotion to quality work and clarity of presentation.

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