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  1. Black Moon is opposite Vesta and quincunx Moon in the event chart at 22 Aquarius 24.

    The event chart’s Moon (22 Cancer 36) is sextile the U.S. Sibly birthcharts Neptune at 22 Virgo 25 and with the Event Black Moon form a perfect yod or finger of god.

    Ironically, the birthchart of BP has Black Moon at 22 Virgo 05, conjunct the U.S. Neptune.

    Quite a bit of weaving for one little spider.

    BP chart

    Black Moon

  2. http://planetwaves.net/pagetwo/atlantis/

    Here it is, on a 90-degree sort. In other words, every minor planet (that we list, from about 100) within a few degrees, in the cardinal signs, at the time of this incident, is listed here.

    There is an Atlantis-Sphinx conjunction. Sphinx basically says “very old mystery” and in that way echos Atlantis. Then you have others like Karma, Nemesis…it pretty much tells the story. Arachne says “conspiratorial network” and “web of [whatever]” and also pertains to the idea of story.

    Pluto-Ceres in Cap are about the exploitation of minerals, in my view. And they are in the config, as is Kronos (a hypothetical) which translates loosely to VIP.

    I will go over the chart in Friday’s edition — let’s keep the conversation going, it helps a lot.

  3. Fe,

    Transiting Atlantis, today at 13 Cancer 16 is conjunct the transiting south node (letting go) which is conjunct the U.S. Sun.

    As for the U.S. natal Atlantis at 23 Taurus 10, I spoke on the previous “We interrupt this oil spill” thread of its conjunction to the transiting whistleblower asteroid Askalaphus.

    Actually, the U.S. Sibly chart’s Vesta (investments) at 19 Taurus 46 is conjunct the natal Atlantis also. this U.S. Vesta formed a sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) aspect to the transiting Ceres (food supply) who was conjunct Pluto (elimination). This aspect is in the “square” family and is about elimination and initiation. One can picture an elimination of the food supply as well as the investment coming from this tragedy.

    On May 13th the new moon is at 23 Taurus 09, which is conjunct transiting Sedna, Photographica, Requium, Phaethon and Admetos as well as U.S. Atlantis. It squares Vesta.

  4. Eric:

    I think we’re on the same radar, but maybe using separate landing strips.

    We’re talking technological hubris–the religion of science and technology whose dogma is based on a false premise that it can control the uncontrollable in nature. I would be interested in seeing what Atlantis had to do with the event chart.

  5. Well, you would need to get into the mindset of an industrialist. The story of the industrial world is that of doing the impossible; that which cannot be done, or should not be done — and trying over and over until it’s done. There is a certain devil be damned, derring-do, so what if it’s dangerous. There is a spirit of exploration, adventure and the quest to both conquer and make a profit at it.

    If industrialists had applied caution, there would not be an industrialized world. Think of Edgar Queeny, whose first [Monsanto] chemical factory burned down. So he moved the plant into a building shared with the Diamond Match Company.

  6. Eric:

    I get your questioning of my metaphor and here’s my logic train.

    Icarus thought he could do better than escape and flew too close. These guys think they can drill under the seabed and not fuck with the geological stability of the earth’s core. With all the activity under that American plate, upon where the Gulf is at the southern sector, and the recent Icelandic volcano on the northeastern side, how could these industrialists think they could not muck this up? There was a risk that maybe, they should not have taken.

  7. What Fe said.

    A passage I read recently keeps coming to mind. It’s from Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul (originally published in 1972).

    “The problem of war will sooner or later teach you that when you kill another man, basically you will end up killing yourself. The over-population problem will teach you that if you do not have a loving concern for the environment in which you dwell, it will no longer sustain you — you will not be worthy of it. You will not be destroying the planet, you see. You will not be destroying the birds or the flowers, or the grain or the animals. You will not be worthy of them, and they will be destroying you.”

    And further in the same chapter:

    “The crisis is a kind of therapy, however. It is a teaching method that you have set up for yourselves because you need it. And you need it *now*, before your species embarks upon journeys to other physical realities. You must learn your lessons now in you own backyard before you travel to other worlds. So you have brought this upon yourself for that purpose and you will learn.”

    Are we learning yet? Seems like we have lots of opportunities!


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