An international confrontation: Korea situation astrology

About 10 days ago, I cautioned in the subscriber edition of Planet Waves (“And What Are We Attracting?”) that we were heading for what appeared at the time to be an imminent international confrontation of some kind. “It looks like some hotly polarized, extremely exaggerated international situation that pops up seemingly out of nowhere,” I wrote in that edition. We now have a clue what I was seeing in the chart: the situation that emerged between the two Koreas on Tuesday, Nov. 23.

Chart for the beginning of the Korea situation on Tuesday. Notice the Aries Point rising, and Pluto in Capricorn on the Aries Point (via Capricorn) on the midheaven, at the very top of the chart. Also notice the Gemini Moon is opposite the alignment of Pallas, Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius.

Accounts as to what happened vary, but the result was that North Korea began shelling a military base on the South Korean island of Daeyeonpyeong, one of several islands collectively referred to as Yeonpyeong Island. North Korea stated that it had responded after the South had recklessly fired dozens of shells into North Korean territorial waters around Yonphyong Islet. Naturally, there are two sides to the story, though it seems unlikely that South Korea would start firing shells to the north ‘recklessly’. Anyway, the result is that we have one of the worst conditions between these two nations in decades.

MSBNC is reporting that the United States’ George Washington aircraft carrier battle group is on its way to the region. U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, a former admiral who once commanded that carrier group, is saying he believes we’re deploying it to the region as much to be in a position to retaliate against the North as we are to be preventing the South from over-reacting. He said the chances of the situation escalating are “pretty darned low” if we handle things carefully and use China as an ally. China is the one country with any real influence over North Korea. (Notably, during the Vietnam War, China was working against the United States by financing North Vietnam. It truly is interesting how things change.) Sestak, a member of the House Armed Services Committee (an influential House of Representatives committee), said he believes that U.S. military resources are severely depleted by our involvement Iraq, and that we don’t have much left to handle a military situation on the Korean peninsula if push really comes to shove.

One of the reasons I suggest we take this seriously is the astrology. [Here is the chart at full size.] I mentioned that the grouping of Mars, Mercury, Pallas and Pholus aligned with a fixed point called the Great Attractor, as well as with a slow-mover called Ixion. In addition, all of these points align with something called the Nuclear Axis, an arrangement in the chart for the first self-sustaining atomic reaction, which is a pretty good chart for predicting nuclear situations. In about a week, we’re going to have a New Moon conjunct Pholus right on the Great Attractor and the Nuclear Axis. Pholus has a way of letting the genie out of the bottle. And it points to effects that have causes going back several generations, and that are associated with drunkenness of one kind or another (drunk with power would qualify).

First let’s look at the ascendant — that would be the Aries Point rising — very early Aries. Now look at the midheaven — that too would be the Aries Point, via early Capricorn with Pluto right on top of the chart. This tells us we have a high-impact situation on our hands, something that could have real implications. Pluto on the midheaven is not friendly — that’s about governments obsessing over their military might and ability to control (what they think of as) ‘reality’.

Next let’s look at the position of the Moon. The Moon is in late Gemini, opposing the alignment in Sagittarius I was describing in the article. What is a bit troubling is that next week’s Sagittarius New Moon is conjunct Ixion, Pholus, and the Great Attractor. Mercury and Mars have moved on; Pallas is lingering in late Sagittarius; but there is still a powerful conjunction gathered around the Great Attractor, and then along comes a conjunction of the Sun and Moon to set it off.

I’m not sure how knowing all this helps, though generally I feel that awareness is a good thing, so let’s keep paying attention.

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  1. Ladies, Gents — your comments are helpful in my writing process. I plan to keep this article hanging out here for another day, then send it out with the Friday edition tomorrow morning. It’s good to give these things some time and space to be tested out. Please add your comments, corrections, thoughts and additional interpretations—thank you—ef

  2. One last comment – Iran just two weeks ago fired “test” weapons over the skies. They have been looking for the ” nuclear solution “. Who has it – North Korea. Who are they friendly with – North Korea.

  3. Germany has also received a possible terror attack noted sometime between a week ago and the upcoming holiday season. Where does the beer flow freely – Germany? Even more so during the holiday season ( drunkeness ). Create a diversion – Korea?

  4. Thank you, Eric. Crafty anticipation, excellent analysis. All points well taken, especially taking the situation seriously. Thank you for including the chart.

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