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  1. Darlin’s… He’s a cutie all right, but this (and Lady Giselle’s private letter) left me squirming a little in my chair. And not in a fun way.

    I am now involved with a woman, a woman who has struggled with homophobia in her workplace for the last 20 years, and who has a sharp sense of the legal vulnerabilities of lesbians and gays. I am newly educated to the fact that there is a Federal statute *against* gay marriage. Defense of Marriage Act. Did you know that? I did not until very recently.

    My point is that one might see how bisexuals (I count myself here) — if they are insensible to the amount of clodbusting that queers and transies have done in advance — can come off as arrogant and unappreciative – at best. At worst, there is a shadow of cowardice, of turning against those who have served and advanced your cause, your freedom of choice, your well-being.

    As for Giselle’s letter, I am wondering why after 40 years of iconoclasm she still has such an acute ear for those who turn against her. We all long to be accepted, but there comes a point where you stop collecting associations with people who have no fundamental love or confidence in you. Beyond about 35, if they are still hanging around I would look for that autobot that keeps sending out invitations and disable the damn thing.

    Back to my rootin’ and tootin’…


  2. I agree with you Eric, he’s refreshing and insightful.

    I’ve just read your Friday article: Aries Full Moon: Relationship News Roundup and both Stevie Jay and yourself echo some of my own views on the subject of love and sex. We box ourselves in way too much and surround ourselves so readily with fear; certainly our upbringings do create personal/ancestral prisons that are so hard to break free from (they’re FAMIL-iar after all, and can be perversely comfortable) but it is worth taking that risk to break free. So much of our energies go in to dividing ourselves into little groups, within a group, within yet another group, as opposed to seeing what can happen when we flip that segregating and mistrusting on its head and build community instead? Learning instead to be open to each person’s unique and intriguing concoction of culture, gender, artistry, philosophy.

    “Don’t move the way fear makes you move.
    Move the way love makes you move.
    Move the way joy makes you move.”


  3. The guy’s brilliant. Check some of the other videos that come up. Also I’ll have an interview with him in tomorrow’s edition of Astrology News, as well as with sex educator Carol Queen.

  4. LOL, I enjoyed meeting Mr. Jay.

    How true when he points out that pride parades are divided into “homosectionals!” and his line midday through the video, where he describes how his equal part, 50/50 bi-sexuality manifests itself when eyeing a hot woman at a party:
    “Gimme some of that hot pussy girl;Gimme those shoes!”


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