Introducing Elisa Novick

Editor’s Note: To listen to and read past conversations with Elisa Novick on Planet Waves, please use this link. We’ll be publishing an article by Elisa each Sunday evening. You’re invited to visit her website and Facebook page. — Amanda

Dear Planet Waves reader,

I’m excited and delighted: Eric Francis has asked me to write for you, with the editing support of Amanda Painter and the Planet Waves team.

Elisa Novick; photo by Eric.

My sense is that Planet Waves’ readers and listeners comprise an amazingly diverse and sincere community of intelligent, caring people, seeking for understanding, healing, growth and connection. To all those who visit here, and with special gratitude to the subscribers who support Planet Waves’ immense offerings, I am happy and humbled to have this opportunity to share with you in this way.

Since Eric posted our conversations on Planet Waves FM, many of you from all over the world have written me beautiful letters that have touched my heart. I’ve been honored to work with some of you privately in person and by phone and Skype.

A few of you, including Eric, joined us at Tree Love: Heart of the Forest and met my tree beloveds in person and communed with them so beautifully. Some are attending the online Accessing the Inner Master course. One woman in Sweden even wrote a song to celebrate trees, inspired by our talk about partnering spiritually with trees.

Now, some of you are welcoming me to teach in your respective countries. We are in the beginning stages of planning a spring tour that, so far, may include France, Holland, Australia, Bali and Findhorn in Scotland! I welcome your ideas, participation, contacts, networking and travel tips.

Here is my idea: I will be posting various articles and commentary I’ve written on whatever intrigues me about our healing process and spiritual trajectory; the nature of the universe, including portions of my personal journals; and talks I’ve had with the ‘Inner Master’. And of course, I will share excerpts from the book I’m writing, Tree Love: Heart of the Forest, based on ten years of communing with a very special group of trees, as well as some material that may not get into the book, but which I think you will find fascinating.

We will be posting every Sunday evening. I look forward to your comments and questions, and you can also write to me at: elisanovick [at] thrivingplanet [dot] org

Elisa Novick, MSS does profound work as a healer, teacher, counselor, coach, minister, and facilitator of workshops and trainings in personal, professional, and spiritual development. She can assist you to clear personal, karmic and genetic patterns that have limited you and teach you exquisite attunement skills so you can become the magnificent master of life and Light that all of us are destined to be. Elisa has been assisting people in their growth since 1982 through her counseling practice and in facilitating over 1,000 workshops in holistic health, human development, family constellation, systemic constellation, organizational dynamics, planetary healing and spiritual awareness.

“I would describe Elisa as a master healer — words I don’t use very often or speak lightly. The longer I know Elisa, and the more I work with her and learn from her, the better I understand what that means.”
— Eric Francis

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  1. Ooooh! How exciting! I just did the Awakening the Inner Master online class, and had a private session. It was really great. So thrilled you are part of the PW family!

  2. Welcome! How exciting! I love your work on trees. I have communed with them since i was a small child growing up in the Rockies. I knew most of the trees on our 5 acres – each one had a personality, and something to share. So happy you will be joining Planet Waves!

  3. Welcome to Planet Waves, Elisa! I am really excited to know that we will get to hear from you regularly; your past interviews with Eric have been some of my favorite posts on this site. Looking forward to reading your articles!

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