Intimations and Speculations

By Len Wallick

Almost there. This coming Saturday, March 20 at 17:32 UTC (1:32 pm EDT) the Sun’s rays will squarely encounter the equator of our little planet with an angle of incidence equaling ninety degrees. Everywhere on our stony wet sphere, every living thing will receive a square deal of equal days and equal nights, for about one week centered on that day. Equator, equal, equinox: just recite that three word chant a few times to yourself. Feel the reality.

At the exact time of the equinox, the Sun moves into the sign of Aries. Of all the calendars and all the new year days, this one seems the least arbitrary and most resonant. To start over again from equality shared at a point of balance. Equinox is the last of the New Year holiday events. The first is the Pagan New Year, in November, followed by the winter solstice, followed by our civil New Year, followed in turn by Asian New Year, which leads to the vernal equinox.

As of today, the Sun is still in Pisces. All around the wheel, the cusps are crowded on both sides. Its almost as if the luminaries and planets are queued up to pass through security checkpoints or just having done so. Can you imagine what contraband they smuggle, what treasures they carry?

Joining Sol in the last degrees of a sign are Uranus (also in late Pisces) and Neptune (in late Aquarius) and Chiron (in late Aquarius, still just one degree from Neptune). There’s Ceres (in late Scorpio). There are other Centaurs: Chariklo (also in Scorpio), Thereus (in Taurus) and Cyllarus (Gemini). Asteroids Klotho (time, history, story), Magdalena (the free woman), Sphinx (the presence of a mystery), Siva (sound, ritual, transformation), Atlantis (the use and abuse of technology; ethical issues around technology) and Sisyphus (the work we do that seems to get us nowhere) are in aspect to the Sun as well. There is always a lot going on, when you look at the small planets, and they tell a story. It just might take a while to see what it is.

On the other side of their respective gates, re-assembling their baggage, re-filling their pockets and getting their shoes back on are nearly an equal number of bodies. It is as if there is a massive immigration, a vast diaspora of the zodiac. Heed that and tell me that it does not indicate a time of change. As a clock on the wall would indicate the position of the Sun in the sky, not cause-and-effect, but rather synchronicity.

Hence, none of us present are exempt. We’re in this together. All of us bring an aptitude and purpose. We are all here for a reason. In these last hours of solar Pisces, give yourself a break and find a quiet space where you can hear yourself think.

What do you need?

What can you do to aid your own cause? What can you do for other human beings?

Some of the planets offer a hint. Last night Mercury followed the path recently trod by Venus and the Moon before, crossing into Aries — forerunner of the equinox. It’s like the Sun thinking ahead, receiving reports of the topography, judging the reception.

Just as Venus broke trail and Luna got the feel (the two were conjunct yesterday), Mercury completes the reconnaissance for a springtime like no other. When presence, awareness and appreciation will encourage the full germination of gratitude.

Venus, for her part, continues her remarkable journey in a strange land, trying on some new things for size. Today she exacts a fire trine to the Great Attractor in Sagittarius and the Asteroid Child, in Leo. What an amazing image. Venus as hero. It’s about time. Let us make love our weapon and compassion our shield. Let nothing be so vast or powerful that we cannot embrace its mystery. Let nothing be so small and vulnerable that we cannot be in awe of its grandeur. If you will please forgive your clumsy correspondent a colloquialism: you go! Next week, it gets better.

Jupiter at 14+ Pisces finds itself somewhat impaired in a square with the Great Attractor. But this is not the fall of our mighty benefic. It is an initiation, a rite of passage. That Jove (an older name for Jupiter) may find itself challenged in a sign that it rules while Venus is triumphant in a sign of exile is not an irony, but rather part of the journey; and it will also pass. Jupiter has its own date with Uranus in The Aries Point. This is a preparation for that time. After all, once one has squared the majestic magnitude of mystery, Saturn and Pluto finishing their long square won’t seem nearly so intimidating.

And so it goes as a new season heralds a new era. Some of us have plunged ahead and are reconnoitering the other side, trying on new clothes. Some of us are in transition, not sure of anything yet. Some of us are preparing, sorting out what we will leave behind from what we will carry. Others are hesitating or stepping back into the familiar to encounter the realization that there is no return to that which no longer exists except in memory, finding the courage that will come with encouragement. None of us are alone. Be gentle with each other. Those offering a hand up now will welcome one later.

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13 thoughts on “Intimations and Speculations”

  1. Len,

    Please do not apologize. Actually, I didn’t feel triggered by your post to Jere. My post was based on this part of the article above, “Some of us are in transition, not sure of anything yet,” what you said to me in e-mail, and other things you have written. I am feeling guilty because I am “not sure of anything yet” and having a hard time focusing on the positive right now. I feel this guilt because I want to do the right thing, the healthy thing, the progressive thing but reality, my reality, seems to keep dragging my focus back to it and away from focusing on the good stuff.

    That’s why I prefaced my rant with the sentence telling you that it wasn’t a reflection on you or your writing. Perhaps I should have specified that I included your post writing in that statement when I said “your writing.” I take all that you write as a whole concept in my mind so your article, your e-mail to me, your post to jere and all the other posts and articles I have read that you wrote are swirling around in my head. I know that what you are saying is good and your advice is something to aspire to but my angst comes because I just have a hard time doing that focus thing and the feelings of guilt I have over that. Does that make sense?

    Peace, Len. I find no fault in what you write or advise. I find fault in my inability to embrace it as I feel I should….my nagging reality is a real interruption and distraction.

  2. Carrie,
    Thank you for the clear-headed and frank expression of your reality. You are entitled to your angst and hopefully safe to express it here. Yes, it is true that polyanna-ish aphorisms don’t pay the bills or buy food. Please accept my apology if my answer to Jere triggered you.

    To be fair, however, my attempt to answer Jere’s question was directed towards his question only, not your situation. Some things work sometimes and not others. Some things never work. Some things always work if specifically and narrowly applied. Speaking only for myself, only from my experience, not for you or anybody else, learning and discarding what never works is a good place to begin when stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  3. Thanks Len for this piece. The following is not a reflection on you or your writing. It is my own angst.

    Yep, I feel that change on me and my family. Like an arm dragging me over the precipice, I feel it and I know it is happening. What I don’t like is that I have no sense of direction for where it is dragging me. Beth Underwood, my astrology teacher back in 1984, once told me that I will always be “dragged into change, kicking and screaming, only to find out it is better than you thought it was going to be.” She was partly right; I was dragged into change in 2004, 2005, and again in 2006 and EVERY time, it didn’t work out at all and caused suffering within my family and hardship for all of us. Instead if it working better for us, it caused us financial ruin that will be with us until 2015. So it is a bit harder this time around to trust that this current change (which I am being dragged into, kicking and screaming again) will be any better. It doesn’t help that Saturn enters my second house late this fall. Last time it did that I got fired from my job and the 80’s recession and S & L scam were in full swing. The buzz word then was “downsizing” and it seems we have come full circle again only this time, I have already “downsized” so much there is little left to get rid of or be frugal about.

    At a time when teachers around the country are being laid off as schools are being closed, my husband is graduating with his MEd. with elementary certification. Yep, the one sure job (we thought there was always a shortage of teachers, it is never offshored, and this was one career my husband felt an actual passion for) is now going to have thousands of others competing for it. His two nasty T squares are at it again.

    Pardon me if I have a hard time focusing on the “good” stuff. We are living on our student loans and tax refund and his sub pay (when he was subbing; he is currently student teaching and not allowed to get paid for that) but his student aid will end with his graduation and yet our expenses won’t change for this fall. He needs to find a teaching job that pays enough for health care because states are cutting the mediacid from families and we may not be able to afford health care for our kids. Seriously, no matter how wonderful the future is going to be for the consciousness shift, we feel like we are still trying to claw our way out of the pit employers and our government policies have thrown us in. It is hard to remind myself that my focus is my reality when reality keeps intruding (rudely I might add much like being hit by a 2 x 4) into my focus.

    Not that I don’t want change….I just want it without the suffering to my four children that the last several changes brought. I don’t do this alone; I have four vulnerable people along for the ride (it wasn’t a bad ride when I had them, it turned into one later) that must be fed, clothed, housed, educated, etc.

    As I said before, though I am Pisces, I have Virgo rising and moon in Capricorn; reality is far more in my face than I like it at times. I am still trying to remember that my focus is my reality but focusing on the good isn’t solving my dilemma that well even if it makes me less anxious.

  4. here is my two cents on reality…
    something feels real when the mind accepts it and heart absorbs it. In this area, squares and oppositions are more frequent and Conjunction is Rare !

  5. “Let us make love our weapon and compassion our shield. let nothing be so vast or powerful that we cannot embrace its mystery. Let nothing be so small and vulnerable that we cannt be in awe of its grandeur.”

    This is a perfect tribute to the passing of the healthcare bill; the beginning down the path to freedom for U.S. citizens from the fear of total destruction just because of illness. Oh Len, even the President could not have said it better. What an absolutely brilliant piece you have written for us today. Thank you again and again.

  6. Jere,
    Thank you for being so responsive and being the first to heed Eric’s invitation for questions. Tough one. Please let me take a flyer.
    (1) “why” is a tricky word. It can be disingenuous. It can set up a proverbial red herring. It can be used initiate a no-win confrontation. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is an appropriate word. In this case maybe “how” would work better.
    (2) If we substitute “how” in your question then we can make it a matter of how “reality” will differ from one person to another. Often it is a matter of what we choose to focus on. For example, my own focus leaves a lot to be desired. Thus my ability to perceive, expresss and/or respond to reality can suffer if i don’t concentrate and make sure my head is on straight. That helps me to be compassionate as long as i can think of things in the “we” instead of the “me”. So, you might say i’m one of those cats who can’t handle the basics unless i really work at it.
    (3) Exercise restraint. There’s other people out there besides me who are afraid to “be yourself” for fear that we will be rejected.
    (4) Here’s something real and genuine – i love you too, Jere. Thank you for your contributions.

  7. Questions, you want? Here’s one, why do folks not accept the reality that is dished out in front of them? It seems pretty easy, do your thing. Yet, some cats just can’t handle the basics. Be yourself. Do your own thing.. speak your mind like it never mattered before, and don’t let anything get in your way.

    We can gain through this outlet.. If we’re willing to learn.



  8. Len:- ‘Some of us are in transition, not sure of anything yet.’ Since my birth Len, since birth…(laughing). Okay there is one thing I am sure of and that is that everything will change, even and especially when it seems like it never will.

    Blessings, H.

  9. Len

    Thanks for being an easy writer to edit. I’m working on two layers — one is the basic newsroom type of editing, making sure that the typing and presentation style is consistent; and the other being working for clarity on points that readers new to astrology night not be familiar with.

    It would help if readers use this space to ask the author of any article, or me, questions about what something means; what needs clarification. That’s the challenging thing about writing — assuming what your readers know and don’t know, when there is such diversity in the audience.

    So please keep the questions coming, and we’ll do our best to clarify.


  10. Jude, Len, truly! I’m so stoked to be on this planet, at this point in time. We’ve a lot of work but, it’s gonna be a fun time, for those willing to step up and pin-point direction, within themselves. That’s the only way it all flows over unto the “masses”.

    You cats are hella cool.

    Keep the Mojo runnin’! (You’re doing well.)

    As always, my humble Love, appreciation, and gratitude.

    Love You,


  11. “When presence, awareness and appreciation will encourage the full germination of gratitude.” From your keyboard to God/dess’s ear, dear one — if we could all run with a bit of that the world would look very different.

  12. Many thanks once again to Eric for taking a bit of a mess and editing it so as to be beautiful and inspiring.

  13. beautiful and inspiring as always Len.
    Your Venus being triumphant in a sign of exile sounds very motivating and encouraging.
    The upcoming T-Square of the century will be opposite my venus in Cancer.

    Thank you.

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