Greetings from Chinatown

Saturday evening I drove down to Manhattan (a two hour drive from where I live, in the mountains north of the metropolitan area) to have dinner with Jeff Apter, a friend from Paris. We ate at Wo Hop at 17 Mott Street. The walls are adorned with signed photos of the noted and the newsworthy who have passed through the hallowed basement restaurant. I know Jeff, who took this photo, through the National Union of Journalists of the UK. He heads up the Paris branch; I am a member of that branch, joining while working for the British tabloids and living in Paris. NUJ is a bit like a guild; members are elected in based on a review of their experience. It was a balmy, quiet night in New York -- a perfect night in the city.

10 thoughts on “Greetings from Chinatown”

  1. cheers to friends (old and new), cheers to paris, and, for goddess’ sakes, cheers to cunnilingus!

  2. Oh someone asked about the shirt; it’s a parody of the Steal Your Face logo – featuring a smiling, slinky young lady and the caption, Sit On Your Face.

    It’s great to see the pro-cunnilingus movement picking up steam. So to say –

  3. The pics covering almost every inch of the walls remind me of the little restaurant in Tortilla Flats in Arizona. That restaurant had all the walls covered (even the ceiling fan had some) with dollar bills. Thousands of them covered every wall, the ceilings and the ceiling fan blades. While there in 1986 or 87 (with my then fiance) I happened to ruminate out loud, “Wow, imagine all this money if the place ever caught fire.” A few weeks later the place burned down to the ground; money on the walls and ceiling and all.

    Anytime I see a public place covered walls to ceiling in stuff, I think of Tortilla Flats, AZ. :::::grin:::::

  4. Awww, who’s a cutie petutie then? 😉

    Nice to hear about your night in the Big Apple, Eric — thanks for telling us about it.

  5. damn! you’re a cute wood elf!!!!

    this is going on ////My////\\\\ Wall of Fame

    thanks for making the World a more beautiful place–

    Truly. Madly. & Deeply

    faaaaaaaa- You ARE ssssshhhhhhhhOne hhhhhhhofhhhhhhhUs!!

    signing off fr. Middle Earth,


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