Planet Waves Podcast: Sagittarius News

Dear Friend and Reader:

Your podcast is ready — here is the link. In this edition, I look at the Sagittarius alignment and its relationship to the “national security” news we’re being pelted with: the TSA patdowns and naked x-rays if you want to get on an airplane, as well as the skirmish-standoff episode between North Korea and South Korea.

I look ahead to the Sagittarius New Moon on Dec. 5, which is conjunct the Great Attractor, Pholus, Ixion and Hylonome — several points that bring big energy to the mix.

I offer my holiday travel advice owing to the forthcoming combination of Mercury retrograde, solstice and eclipses at holiday time, when so many are so frantic. The upshot — take it easy, stay ahead of yourself, plan for contingencies (i.e., travel with some food and a pillow, in case you end up spending extra time at an airport) and do less rather than more.

Have yourself a safe and sane weekend —

Eric Francis

2 thoughts on “Planet Waves Podcast: Sagittarius News”

  1. ” Being ourselves, that is our gift. ”

    Definitely. It always amazes me that when I be myself, the ones I love most accept me when I was afraid they would not. This weekend I have so much to be thankful for.

    It is fortunate that my husband, four children, and I are celebrating Thanksgiving with just us. No drama, no family guilt trips, no hassles. Just relaxing together. I love living this kind of slower life.

  2. This holiday podcast is a generous gift, Eric, reminding us of what real the real spirit ought to be, what it is and what we need to be mindful of. Many Astrologers see the potential difficulties of this seasons’s alignments, but your offerings straddle so finely the brink on which we live.

    It has always been the case, for many of us, that holidays are about giving. But many of us have fallen into the trap of sacrificing. These are not the same. Abraham Hicks had a great daily today about this. Its not about giving ourself, but being ourself, even if that doesnt go along with “the program”. Being ourselves, that is our gift.

    Happy holidays to you, our astrologer, and to the PW staff and community, for which I am very thankful.

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