Scorpio Full Moon, UAC Update

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Today was an eventful day at UAC, but I don’t have a lot to report in writing; tomorrow night there will be a bunch of new audios going up and there should be some new ones included now. On tap is an interview with Tem Terriktar, editor of The Mountain Astrologer; a double-length interview with Alan Oken; and a triple-length interview with Melanie Reinhart, author of Chiron and the Healing Journey. There is also an interview with Donna Cunningham, who received a brief writeup (below) earlier in the weekend.

Eric Francis

Monday is the last full day of the conference. The day includes an Astrodrama-styled workshop hosted by Dale O’Brien (Doc Chiron). Given my choice of any other planet, I signed up to play the role of Mercury. Monday concludes with the banquet and then something called the Regulus awards, which are given to astrologers to commend their outstanding contributions to the profession. We’ll, of course, have full coverage of this. Tuesday, I’ll be attending Melanie’s second presentation, on Pholus and Nessus; followed by the presidential election panel.

For tonight’s edition, let’s step out of conference format for a moment and take a look at the current astrology.

The Sun is verging on the last degree of Taurus as I write, which means it’s time to wrap up Taurus business and get ready to move onto Aries. [Oops, I meant Gemini, and this is an interesting typo — lately I’ve been looking into the Tibetan/Alice Bailty stuff on Esoteric Astrology again, and part of that method has you work with running the signs in reverse.] The Moon is full in the last degree of Scorpio Monday at 10:11 p.m. EDT. As previously mentioned, this is the second Scorpio Full Moon of the season. There is a Sun void-of-course for some hours after the lunation, prior to the Sun making its Gemini ingress at 54 seconds past noon EDT on the 20th.

One thing to note is that shortly after the Full Moon, both the Sun and the Moon change signs, which implies a new cycle, a change of climate and — before that — an opportunity to wrap up any remaining Taurus business you may have. How are you doing on the following accounts:

— How are you feeling about yourself? Do you value your personal assets more than your wounds?

— Do you value the material possessions you have? Materially, are you doing better or worse than you were one year ago, and what do you feel (or think) the reason for this is?

— How are your power struggles coming along? How are you doing at owning what is yours, letting others own what is theirs, and making sure you openly discuss the rest?

— How is your current bank balance? Do you know what it is?

Today’s most notable aspect (in my view) is Mercury square Logos. We have many outer planets that represent the “higher octave” of personal planets, such as Neptune being the higher octave of Venus.

Logos would appear to be have that relationship to Mercury. Mercury addresses both the spirit of the mind, and its content; it is the medium of communication, and to some extent that which is communicated. I feel all of these attributes coming from Logos, and today the two kind of run into one another on the cusp of an emotionally charged Full Moon. The moral of the story, in all caps: CHECK YOUR LOGIC. Check your motives. Check the spirit if your communications as well as the apparent content.

Note that Mercury is slowing to a station retrograde; where Mercury is concerned, slow is powerful. Communications mean more, and so do miscommunications. Therefore, check your work, verify your facts and skip jumping to conclusions based on, for example, a missing email.

Remember that while we’re all a little or a lot psychic, we need to play by the rules of the physical plane and not expect people to be mind-readers.

If you’re traveling home from UAC in the next few days, take extra care with your wallet, ID, tickets and travel arrangements.

For new readers, below are two usually daily features — a list of the day’s aspects calculated by Serennu; and the Oracle selection of the day — a horoscope from some time in the past nine years selected at random from more than 7,000 individual sign write-ups.

Remember — tonight is the Full Moon and the Sun is approaching the last degree of a sign — so that means pay attention.

From the United Astrology Conference, this is

Eric Francis

Monday Oracle: Jul 05, 2004 Scorpio – Weekly

Even if you’re not staying late at the office every night — which I don’t advise by the way — I suggest you keep a lookout for professional opportunities. You are an outstanding person and right now you are really standing out. You have a stronger than usual air of accomplishment and competence. This is not an act, but the results will demonstrate that fact. This is a time of potentially great achievements in your life, and at the very least, a time of planting their seeds in your life. Look around: it’s your world.

Minor planet aspects for Monday 19th May 2008

Mars (4+ Leo) semisquare Ceres (19+ Gemini)
Eros (9+ Gemini) trine Sisyphus (9+ Libra Rx)
Asbolus (4+ Taurus) quincunx Hylonome (4+ Sagittarius Rx)
Sun (28+ Taurus) sextile Apollo (28+ Cancer)
Venus (23+ Taurus) quintile Mars (5+ Leo)
Arachne (29+ Virgo) quincunx Pallas (29+ Aries)
Mercury (19+ Gemini) square Logos (19+ Virgo Rx)
Mercury (19+ Gemini) semisquare Mars (5+ Leo) – Near Miss Only
Eros (9+ Gemini) quincunx Hidalgo (9+ Scorpio Rx)
Apollo (28+ Cancer) sesquiquadrate Ixion (13+ Sagittarius Rx)
Juno (26+ Sagittarius Rx) conjunct Galactic Center (26+ Sagittarius)

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