Fitter, Happier

Check out this video from the Pittsburgh G20 protests. It’s the voice…that police voice sounds just like the Radiohead piece Fitter, Happier.

Note the two different protest styles; this is not the Yes Men in the video above.

3 thoughts on “Fitter, Happier”

  1. I’ve been to a lot of protests and this is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. Yuh, definite shades of the Radiohead piece. Doesn’t it end with a cat tied to a stick on antibiotics or something disturbing like that? Where are we headed, and how to keep our wits about us?

  2. real, ragged response to a ruling global elite that doesn’t give a shit about the majority of the world’s population … they’re not doing it for the cameras, they’re doing it to resist … eff the society of the spectacle, make some noise!!!

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