Dr. Mercola: Bacon is Miracle Food

By Dr. Mercola

Many people have asked me what I actually eat. Since I cut high fructose corn syrup, any and all grains, fruits, cow dairy, vegetables and McDonald’s out of my diet during the past 20 years, many people think that when my family sits down to dinner, we enjoy a feast of Coenzyme Q 10 and goat cheese.

Well, we had that for lunch but it’s not all we eat. What do we eat? What does Mrs. Mercola cook up while Dr. Mercola is at work writing these articles, seeing thousands of patients and fighting off the hundreds of lawsuits filed against us by big pharma?

I’ve recently discovered bacon as a miracle food. Not just any bacon — organic, free-ranging, grass-fed bacon is the ideal food. It contains all the important nutrients that the human organism needs to live, including vitally important animal fat and animal protein. I don’t believe that vegetarian diets are healthy for anyone. Even dolphins, which are vastly intellectually and spiritually superior to humans, live on meat. But note that it’s organic free-range fish, not Fillet-o-Fish sandwiches. Those contain gluten, which dolphins know is bad for them.

I don’t ever advocate a one size fits all approach to nutrition, but everyone should eat bacon — including dolphins. I put our research team to work, looking for the best-ever, healthiest, most wonderful bacon made, and we’re proud to be offering 100% parve, kosher, halal Mercola Bacon. Click here to order.

7 thoughts on “Dr. Mercola: Bacon is Miracle Food”

  1. If miracles elevate the soul, then bacon, for me, truly is a miracle food. I can’t bring it into the house because I’ll eat it ALL. That, and Velveeta. And Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Good thing I can’t swim, I’d be a terrible influence on those dolphins, they’d start to de-evolve immediately upon meeting me. I have that corrupting effect. Hey, it’s a living.

  2. but the real joke is that no one knew it was – or celebrated – Columbus Day, right?


    even the checker in the grocery store shrugged when I inquired if today was a special day of some kind. they always know (’cause of sales)

  3. ah, a new PW tradition: the columbus day eve joke article. it’s the april fool’s day half-birthday!

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