Dick Cheney has Heart Transplant with Mercury Retrograde

Dick Cheney came through his heart transplant today, but he’s apparently still being advised by the same astrologer who helped him plan the war in Iraq. He had a new heart installed with Mercury retrograde.

Natal chart of Dick Cheney.

Some have suggested that Cheney’s original heart was also fitted during Mercury retrograde, however this is not true. Still, it failed five times in the past 35 years. A spokesman for his office said it was time to get a new one. The original did not get much in trade-in value — only a dollar.

That didn’t do much to defray the costs of the approximately $1 million operation, which was funded by American taxpayers under Obamacare. A specially appointed Death Panel voted 5 to 4 Friday to approve the surgery.

Mercury retrograde isn’t all that Cheney has to worry about — Mars is also retrograde, and it rules his 8th house, which addresses the nature and cause of death. Mars is currently retrograde in Cheney’s 1st house, and will station direct in about three weeks within one degree of his ascendant. This is suggesting he’s not quite out of the woods yet.

Neptune is also a dominant planet for Cheney right now — it’s exactly on his 7th house, which suggests that medication could be as dangerous as recovering from the surgery itself.

“But Nibiru is with him,” said His Highness Gich Vebvvbbvvvbv IV, a Langley, VA-based Reptilian astrologer who specializes in medical issues in humans and mixed-species entities.

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  1. Good point, Marguerite. It would be interesting to do a chart of the previous steward of that heart. A chart from the time of the transplant might be valid information, too.

    Pschoneuroimmunology (check out Candace Pert’s *Molecule of Emotions* for the story of the beginnings of this field) studies show that memories and emotions come with organs, especially the heart. It has many neuroreceptors and share all their contents – neurotransmitters and whatever else we have yet to identify – with new hosts. What if the previous human was very compassionate, loving, empathic, honest? What if the neurotransmitters “infected” Cheney in such a way that he became noticeably more so?

    A 50 year-old friend of mine received a heart from a young man who died in a motorcycle accident. My friend’s increased interest in thrill-seeking activities could have been attributable to a new very-young heart and more robust health than he’d had all his life. But a sudden craving for cokes and cheetos could not, nor could panicky dreams that woke him with a frantic refrain going through his head: “I’m too young to die!”

  2. -Wonder if the new heart could warm up that cold, cold reptilian soul. Could Mr. Highness Gich Vebvvbbvvvbv IV contribute a few insights of interest about Mr. Cheney’s birth chart and path of karma? To me it looks like many lifetimes of militant alliences with socially sactified power-structures (Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus, ninth house; also Aries Venus-South Node in the eighth in trine with Pluto in Leo; also being energized by an undercurrent of righteous, dogmatic rage at whatever or whomever isn’t under sufficient control by sanctioned authority (Sag Mars in fourth house in square to Pisces Moon, seventh house). This chart would seem to reflect a soul that would have no particular interest or practical need for developing an authentically honorable set of values or a more eglitarian, balanced relation with humanity at large (North Node in Libra, second house).

  3. I’m so tired of picking up the tab for his pasty lardass. No anesthesia this time–it’s not like he can feel anything anyway!

  4. Here’s a really scary thought….if Cheney had won the election, instead of Obama, he would have still needed this operation and that would mean he would be out of commission, which would mean that Sarah Palin the VP would NOW be our commander-in chief if that time-line had unfolded.

    Just a little something to ponder…. ๐Ÿ™‚

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