Chart for Cheney’s Announcement Confirms 9-11 Role

When former Vice President Dick Cheney admitted his role in the Sept. 11 incident, the ‘guiding star’ of the conspiracy — Mercury — was the highest planet in the sky. Mercury, still moving retrograde in Pisces, was located on the 10th house cusp. This is the angle that deals with the government.

Chart for Cheney's announcement confirms that it's true.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces is the perfect image of a deceptive person changing his or her mind, after an ethical revelation based on their feelings. The chart has Cancer rising, as well as the Moon in Cancer — it’s an emotional chart rather than an intellectual one. The Moon, ruler of the 1st house, is also in Cancer, giving this chart extra emphasis.

One striking similarity between the chart for the 9-11 incident and Cheney’s announcement is that both have a prominent aspect between Mercury and Saturn. In the 9-11 chart, that aspect suggests that the whole thing was an inside job, since the planet for the ‘terrorists’ and the planet for the ‘government’ switch places using a rule called mutual reception. While most people presumed that the United States and the ‘terrorists’ were on different sides, the chart shows that they were functioning as one entity. Now that the former vice president has admitted his role with the incident, this has been factually established.

Planet Waves has long suggested that Sept. 11 was an inside job, publishing numerous articles the incident since early 2002. These have included investigative pieces as well as astrological ones. In recent years, we’ve increased our coverage anticipating the 10th anniversary of the incident.

The chart for the Sept. 11 event points directly to the fact of an inside job — which analysis has passed scrutiny of some of the best mundane astrologers in the world. However, Planet Waves was thrown out of the 9-11 Truth Movement in 2003, despite its staunch advocacy of the issue. Leaders of several organizations objected to the use of astrology as “speculative and unscientific,” and said it would be bad for the credibility of the issue. This, from a movement largely perceived to be made of people who believe that Barack Obama is an alien and that wearing a tin foil hat protects them from cosmic rays.

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