Chart for Blackbird Incident in Beebe, Arkansas

When I hear about birds falling out of the sky, I think of dioxin. However, scientists being quoted in the press are saying the birds that fell over Beebe, Arkansas, died in midair from blunt trauma. This happened one day after about about 100,000 fish washed up 200 kilometers away near Ozark on the Arkansas River. Again and again, people are claiming that the two incidents are unrelated. Whatever got those birds got them all at once; same with the fish. News journalism likes to present things in a tidy little package, especially if the journalist spends more time in hair and makeup than reading and making calls. Here are a few questions that I haven’t seen addressed, or asked.

Blackbird Incident, time from CTV-Toronto.

1. What were thousands of blackbirds doing flying at 11:30 pm? Nobody has suggested that this is a migratory route. Either some incident alarmed them into flying at night, or the birds were sick and disoriented, and therefore flying at night.

2. Has anyone done dioxin or PCB tests? I haven not seen these particular toxins mentioned; I’ve seen no toxins mentioned by name, just that “the birds weren’t poisoned.”

3. Arkansas is famously toxic. In Pine Bluff, south of Little Rock, right on the Arkansas River, there was a U.S. Army chemical weapons depot — an enormous one — nerve gas, mustard gas, sarin, and many other chemical weapons. Was there a release from this facility?

4. A company named Hercules was one of the most horrendous dioxin polluters during the Vietnam War era. That site, now owned by a shell company called Vertac (associated with Dow Chemical) is located in Jacksonville. Famous for dumping huge amounts of dioxin into the Rocky Branch Creek that drains into the Arkansas, Hercules’ toxins polluted the waterway for 100 miles downstream. Is anybody checking into whether a toxic hot spot was disturbed?

To sum up, this is not an ordinary part of the country where these events happened. There are, in this area, any number of extremely toxic sources that could have caused this. Any thoughts? Do we believe the blunt trauma thing? Are these incidents related or not?

That’s quite a chart — it’s (yet another) Aries Point chart.

— with Carol van Strum

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  1. What astrology is implied by two major die-offs occurring exactly 200 years apart?

    In 1811 birds roosted on limbs so tightly that they stripped trees of their branches. Squirrels from the eastern seaboard migrated, en masse, to the south, crossing the Ohio River on dead bodies of their bretheren and siteren. These and other bizarre natural events, including an 18-month comet ride so flamboyant that it “hissed” in the sky, preceded the New Madrid Earthquake, the largest seismic event in recorded North American history. Zadok Kramer had to revise his just-published guide to the waterways of North America, since the course of the Mississippi was substantially altered by the earthquake.

    Whether this recent and lamentable loss of birds and fish augers man-made karma coming home to roost or subterranean forces on the move, chances are we’re in for a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride of a year.

    I’m a bit surprised no one has suggested UFO as a possible culprit–a pilot who lost his/her bearings on the way to a crop circle mission in Mexico, or the gala opening of a new Bermuda Triangle in Arkansas?

    Surely some have noted that the pins on Eric’s map also happen to be strongholds of right-wingnut activity. Now, if the Bay Area or Vancouver take a hit, we’ll know it’s not due to concentrated negativity, but for now, I suggest you not look over your shoulder if told not to by a dude in a floor-length hoodie. Ya never know …

  2. all good all fascinating; Be and Kyla – thanks for the info wisdom and affirmations – for me too, PW is a safe haven for sharing and I’m grateful for it.

    This isn’t the first in my life I’ve experienced channeling energy intense enough to modify watches or such, but not to have sparks flying out of my fingers. And I don’t practice Chi Gong….;)

    The best part of this whole journey is that it’s so, well Cool! I feel like one of the turtle/s in Finding Nemo; just riding the Gulf Stream….

  3. awordedgewise —

    Just want to acknowledge your report of your energy-surge experiences. I myself and many of my friends have also been registering similar occurrences. I agree that at base this is all an expression of a shift of electro-magnetic balances and that our reality is changing in ways none of us is equipped to predict what it will “look like”. One reason I keep hanging out here at PW is the culture of sort of spiritual self-reliance that is fostered among us, because it is that alone which I believe will be the “way forward” through whatever deep, broad changes we are entering now.

    I really appreciated shebear’s post of the Gerry Rafferty song in the podcast comments last night. That really speaks to the moment, for me, and is still ringing………….

    Riding the waves,

  4. Today its tens of thousands of dead devil crabs washing ashore in Kent, England.

    I can’t quite get into the weapon or bio-bug theories because these species die-offs are happening in every corner of the globe.

    And for all we know they are happening in many other places that are too remote to show up on the Internet right away.

    If there is something to the earth quake theory — which is interesting — it might connect back to the broader idea of climate collapse, because some think all the earthquake activity is due to melting glaciers.

    I think we have a hard time accepting the idea that we humans are collectively killing off the natural world. But like it or not, it’s happening, and we’re to blame.

  5. A friend of mine has a theory that, because the areas affected by the dead birds are also along fault lines for earthquakes, that some kind of of emission from the earth’s interior, possibly detected only by birds, caused the phenomena. You know, like the canary in the coal mine test?

    Astrologically I think it is related to the Gemini (air sign) Lunar Eclipse on December 21, especially the Jupiter (many birds), Uranus (unexpected, unusual) conjunction and the 12 squares associated with them through the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Juno, and Pallas Athene aspects.

    In addition, Hades was/is also at 29+ Gemini, indicating something unpleasant to look at or to think about. wandering yeti’s point about this chart (12/31/10) ruler being also the ruler of the 8th house and in Scorpio is very telling. The Moon had made a conjunction to her earlier that day and Mercury had just stationed direct the day before so was still quite potent, and was sextile Nessus who is associated with death and poisoning.

    Perhaps this is one in a series of wake-up calls to the transformations we are beginning to go through and which were discussed in earlier comments here. Also, Graffiti’s remarks about the climate changes have a bearing on this incident in addition to others, including the Gulf of Mexico tragedy.

  6. and part 2: I personally feel that no idea takes place in only one place at one time. Ideas are born universally and different people tap into them often in similiar ways, often in different ways. Thus, both Nature and The Military, for example, could be “working on” similiar ideas in terms of using sound waves or electronic impulses differently.

    As of last night I personally am experiecing a different and interesting “pattern”. A week ago it was not a pattern, because it takes more than one experience of something to establish this. At that time, upon retiring for the evening, I experienced what we might call “static electricity” for a period of easily 10 seconds – substantially longer than what happens when you rub your feel across the carpet and touch someone. I was astonished….sort of like I had a mini-bolt of lightening attached to my left-handn and it would not give way. Every thing in my surroundings was exactly as it has been for years – same bed, blankets, sheets, pjs etc etc. Gotta say, the cats were pretty startled! And my first and only concern was that I was going to set the bed on fire! But after a moment I realized that this electricity didn’t seem to project “fire” so I just went with it.

    Welll, it happened again last night. Pretty cool. But I figure it’s just “something” that is manifesting in our world right now…….and the timeframe also is inclusive of my personal “radar” being off – out of sync – bumping into things that are obviously “right there” etc. I’ve been EXTRA careful driving because of this. Paying extra attention to everything — because energy is High.

    I feel for the birds – but we are all in this together. I wonder what other ways this “energy shift” is affecting us?

    Anyway – fun times!

  7. There it is; the connection to what NASA didn’t tell us in their announcement of a couple of months ago. Oops, I deleated that part of my post last night. That is, my intuit of a connection between the birds fallign from the sky and what NASA decided not to reveal.

    what is a more interesting question is; what is causing the shift in earth’s magnetic fields. We can all feel it. It cannot be “Just” the planets all lining up on one side of the playing field.

  8. Len, very good. It’s da plane! In Indiana that would be Rolls-Royce, provider of light speed products and services, owned by the Brits of course.

  9. Len, and nor is the tool/weapon being refined in order to take birds out of the sky. Planes perhaps? And ships/n/subs to sink in the water. Or perhaps it is to create “natural” disasters? Or something else.

  10. Amanda, St. Bridget – Methinks the choice of which birds were affected has to do with which bird happened to be in town during the winter (red-winged blackbirds were always around wintertime where I grew up) as well as what frequencies they hear – and what ones would cause them to “startle” and take to the sky – perhaps in confusion – that is, what set them into flight – and then it subsequently bombarded them. They could not have been “hit” if they were not flying, is the way I see it. Whether it was a single “frequency bomb” or a sequence, I cannot say.

    No doubt the available class of bird was targeted and appropriate frequencies used to provide for the “test”.

    But then, this is all just my “hunch”.

  11. I think it’s collapse of the climate. It’s happening sooner than they said it would.

    One of the news stories said a wildlife official in New Zealand said the fish died because they starved to death.

    Colder water temps killed off their food source and they starved.

    Some version of the same thing probably killed the birds.

    It’s crazy weather (“climate chaos”) due to climate change is killing off a gazilion plant and animal species, and mass die-offs is part of how it happens.

    And it may have been going on now for some time, but we know about it because of the Internet — the same event happening at about the same time in the seasonal cycle in far-flung spots around the globe….

    We would never have known about that before the Internet era.

    It’s climate-collapse and degradation of the environment. It’s human-caused.

  12. Dunno. But I’m thinkin’ those Arkansawyers better watch out for a batch of even funnier lookin’ babies than usual bein’ born about 9 months from now……..

  13. yeti,
    You are just a pretty darn good astrologer. Thank you for your proficient explanation.

    The only question anymore (since WW II, actually) is just what is the military and what is not? The lines are blurred, which is the reason for the interpretation i employed. i’m leaning toward domestic “dark” ops instead of traditional military.

  14. The chart points directly at the military. Here’s the snake of associations that lead me to that conclusion: 8th house cusp is Taurus. 8th house is often looked to for cause of death. Ruler of Taurus is in Scorpio further strengthening that association. Mars as ruler and Pluto as having a strong resonance with Scorpio are in Capricorn. Saturn is in Libra, ruled by Venus so this string of rulerships gets caught in a loop that points back to Mars in Capricorn. That’s the martial power of the State in this context so it points to the military. It’s in the 4th house so it’s a part of the military local to the site of the event. But what do I know? I’m just an astrologer.

  15. wow, really!? Fascinating. Thank you so much for posting that because I was totally going on hunch. The latest mainstream articles on Wheeler talk about him being disoriented or something the last time he was “seen” — which could be anything but will definitely assist any coverup if there was (oh god forgive me) foul play involve.

    speaking of that, i also saw a headline about mass bird death in Sweden? did not have time to read it right then.. yeesh. I’m for less of this kind of crapola and more of that mellow vibe Eric was invoking in this morning’s podcast. Yeah!

  16. Kyla –

    My roommate sent me an article (i apologize, I don’t know where he got it from just now) on this connecting Wheeler to the bird and fish deaths. Specifically, the article states,

    “Wheeler’s military career included writing one of the most important manuals on the effectiveness of biological and chemical weapons which led to his being hired in 2009 as a consultant to the Mitre Corporation, whose aviation system development department, the GRU reports, is at the forefront of creating the computer command and control systems used by the US Air Force in their fleet of aerial spraying planes.
    These aerial spraying planes, this report continues, are based at the Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas that over the past few months have been involved with ‘test dispersants’ of poisonous gasses in the Afghanistan War Theater using chemical weapons stocks obtained from Iraq and held at the Pine Bluff Arsenal, also located in Arkansas.”

    Now look, I’m no conspiracy theorist (yeah, they all say that…) but this sounds MORE than just “plausible” but totally on the money.

  17. Okay sorry, since I keep mentioning him I had to go get his name: John Parsons Wheeler 3d. Went missing sometime after December 28 and his body was found on January 1.

    May have nothing at all to do with anything.

  18. Amanda, the one article I read that mentioned other species of birds spoke of grackles and starlings. Haven’t seen any reports of other critters unless anyone wants to consider my float about the ex Pentagon official. 😀 In the conspiracy story mind, his death would have been a convenient removal of one who knew too much and would likely have spoken about this, when the animal deaths occurred, ergo, he had to be taken out. One story I read about him told how he single handedly pretty much shepherded the Vietnam War Memorial through all the permissions it needed to get created and installed, in the face of pretty intense opposition. So, a guy with heart, who might have spoken about something…… whose name I have not recalled…..

    just spinning a tale here, nothing to see folks, move right along….. 🙂

  19. this is what i found here, about redwinged blackbird migration habits:

    December: Mostly on wintering grounds in central and southern states. Some stragglers may remain in northern states and provinces.

    January: Redwings are still on wintering grounds, putting on fat for the coming spring migration.

    February: Non-migratory red-winged blackbirds are in the western US and Central America. Redwings that breed in Canada and the northern US are in the southern US, feeding on grain, putting on fat, and starting to migrate north.

    so they’re not in active migration this time of year — mostly hunkered down for the season.


    the sonic boom theory has a certain, uh, “ring” to it to my ears. that sort of weapons testing certainly messes with oceanic wildlife. but i’m curious to know the percentage of non-blackbird species that have been affected (i’ve heard “primarily red-winged blackbird”s).

    and i’ve love to know if any non-bird animals have turned up dead in large numbers in the marshes there. the birds are obvious because they dropped out of the sky onto lawns and roads. but what about critters that don’t fly (besides the fish)?

  20. blunt instrument, hah. What garbage. While I could understand a couple of birds being startled by fireworks and flying into hard objects to their death – “falling from the sky” is not the same as that – and not five THOUSAND of them, by golly.

    …some kind of “invisible force” sound-bomb ? — a boom we cannot hear – but the birds with their superior hearing could hear it well enough to be violently disturbed into flying meyhem – but has enough force to create the effect of “blunt-trauma once the birds were air-borne.

    Sonic booms are known to cause damage such as to buildings and I saw one article about how they affect crocidile mating behaviour.

    But I’m way “out of school” on this subject.

    Flying in the Dark, fer sure.

  21. Eric,
    Thank you for the chart. Yes, thse Aries Point charts keep popping up and the seems to be an association with credulity or reluctance toward same. Yes, the Nodes keep appearing hugging either side of the MC/IC axis. The earthy dragon on its head.

    This is , of course a night chart, to the extreme. Almost everything is in the dark. Blackbirds in deed. Vertex on the descendant is almost like two dimensions folded into one. Juno just above the horizon – there is something personal about the politics of this. Something about conventional relationship models being raised, coming to light, not at all comforting in this context. Isis-Transpluto and Eris are our only other sources of light. This is like an open safe in a pitch black room.

  22. And there was another incident of dead redwing blackbirds in Louisiana, same kind of situation, dead birds all over the place, etc. No fish in the Louisiana thing though.

  23. Another dot to connect is that these birds were redwing blackbirds which like to hang out in wetlands and marshy areas. I don’t know about the usual habitat of the drum (fish) but I am surmising that something in a marine area or shore where there is enough marsh to support those numbers of that type bird and fish could have busted into both populations at once and the military idea makes sense. We have to know the US military is always doing a ton of stuff they never tell us about or intend to, forget that.

    I kind of wonder (this is really off the wall) if there is a connection with the ex Pentagon official who was found dead in a dump around this same timeframe…… another mystery going on…..

  24. If it was military testing then I wish they would come clean and just admit it. If there was some sort of sonic device used (in the air and in the water) what could that mean for animals walking around on terra firma?

  25. The first thing that occurred to me was that both the fish & bird kills happened close to military installments – Little Rock AFB & Fort Chaffee (which is supposed to not active or hosting active units.) I think is possible, if not probable, that it was some type of weapons testing either gone wrong or misdirected. Some type of sonic device would certainly knock birds out of the air and fish dead in the water.

    I had not heard about the fish in central or southern American, though.

  26. The vet they interviewed that I saw on television said that the birds’ insides showed they had hit something or it hit them. My first thought was some kind of sound wave or something. Some disturbance like that, like someone used this “disturber” or whatever in the water first and then in the air. I do think the two incidents are related. It may not be sonic waves but I think there must be other ways to agitate and disturb molecules in bodies, etc. I don’t know, but I think they’re related and I don’t think it’s necessarily poison, but you never know. And we probably won’t ever really know.

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