Breaking Down the Count Down

By Len Wallick

Things are falling into place for the grand-cardinal-Aries-point-full-moon-lunar-eclipse-cross that will take place this coming Saturday, June 26. Here’s a brief breakdown for you to consider while you hyperventilate.

Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn is applying to oppose the Cancer Sun. Roughly speaking, this happens about once a year and it can indeed be rough. Its resonance has at least one thing in common with eclipses of which it will be a part — a sense of loss. Risk is also a factor, the kind that tempts you. Also, it is not the time to get into an argument with the umpire (or any authority figure) who will be in no mood.

The Moon is in Sagittarius where it will conjoin the Great Attractor today and the Galactic Center tomorrow before its transit into Capricorn. That’s a lot. Our intuitive and emotional connection with the cosmos will still smell of the the great mysteries of the universe when it hooks up with Pluto and, minutes later, opposes the Sun for a Full Moon/lunar eclipse. That’s like sleeping with everybody in the band over the course of two days. Somebody give that Moon a medal.

Today Mercury enters the 29th degree of Gemini. There it will be for a trine (120 degrees of separation) with Neptune (retrograde in Aquarius) and square (90 degrees) Saturn, direct in Virgo. For the symbolic representation of our communicative intellect it’s like attending classes at an Ivy League school during the day and going to Julliard at night. All in preparation for tomorrow’s ingress to Cancer where it will conjoin with the Sun while both oppose Luna and Pluto.

So, along the Cancer-Capricorn axis we are building a complex combined dynamic. First, the two signs themselves. Cancer, cardinal water, fourth house, hearth and home, the parent who lives inside of you now, and what it wants. Capricorn, cardinal earth, tenth house, our place or way in the world, the parent that lives on the outside of you now, and what it wants. One could say that there is a whole lot of the transactional along this axis.

Adding Moon and Mercury to the Sun-Pluto opposition with which we began today’s blog and our heads and hearts could be at odds. Or, they could be confused, having somehow assumed each other’s identity. It does not look easy. Neither does it look boring, if we can avoid getting stuck. If we can avoid getting caught in rapid and savage oscillations between polarities (and those are big ifs, considering what the Moon is going through today and tomorrow ), there should be the opportunity to explore a new way of being. Whether we do it in a ceremonial manner or freestyle is not important. Whatever works for you.

Perpendicular to the axis of the lunar eclipse is the Aries-Libra axis. Hence the image of the cross that is forming up for this Saturday’s festivities. Let’s start with the signs and houses again and then move to the planets at the opposing corners. Aries, what can one say? Cardinal fire, first house: spring, youth, identity identified. It’s what we often squander yet value most. It’s the person you introduce when you introduce yourself. Libra: cardinal air, seventh house. Two is the word. Balance is the grail. Easier said than done. Family of choice. What you introduce when you introduce “us”.

Put them together and it’s a wheel, a windmill, turned by the successive winds of season change. It’s a tipping point, a balance point; tipping at windmills and losing balance or having a buddy to help you keep it.

Take Aries, add Uranus and you have an e-ticket ride, a roller coaster, a rocket ship to shake you up and take a trip. Jupiter magnifies and amplifies while bringing blessings in disguise. Oppose them with Saturn and it’s struggle or snuggle, each oddly similar when looking back, wondering just who was what and whether it mattered.

So how to deal? Do. Do your own thing. Do your own thing with somebody else, or for somebody else. That’s a start. Oh yeah, start. Start something new. Start something new that someone else can share or help you finish.Β  Finish. Finish something that has been holding you back from doing or starting something else.

Also, observe. You will want to remember this time. Count on it. So take it all in and taste it real good. If you can remember the taste or the smell you just might be able to prove something fantastic when you unexpectedly experience this time again on some bright sunny day in another galaxy, far, far away.

Finally, appreciate. In spite of all the abject terror, hardship and fear at the edge of darkness, appreciate.

How amazing to be alive for an event like this. An event that will not pass again. Then look around you and consider that every person you see is just like that, as are you. As a tiny little clue, consider this. Last Monday, the Cancer Solstice took place shortly after 11:28 UTC (7:28 EDT). This coming Saturday, the Sun and Moon exact their opposition at the same time of day.

Now that does not happen every day. On the other hand, something just as amazing happens every moment — you.

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22 thoughts on “Breaking Down the Count Down”

  1. be … I must admit that I’ve seen your name and thought it was a declarative statement. “be” as a verb always felt like such good advice and now I see it’s who you are. πŸ™‚

    I’m continuing to take in the cap full moon and the fact that I’ve been without power for DAYS, having to bunk up with my brother with AC and rules, feels very poignant, as pluto sits on my north node. Becoming my own power-source may be the message from the deep … ?? I’ll “be” with that as we prepare for the total solar coming up.

    thank you, be, for … being you!

  2. Be, is that what that is?! Good to know something is working these days as when I reflect back on my first 39-40 years it didn’t seem like much was at all. At least I have a hard time seeing it very positively, but that’s muddled by my state of consciousness, or lack of, at the time for sure.

    So thank you for that encouragement!

    Glad you liked “cool change”. Me too. πŸ™‚


  3. John,

    Sorry I didn’t see your comment the last time I was here. That’s really a good observation, the countdown before the blast-off! Guess I blew that one. Spent much of the countdown looking through ephemerises regarding a request from Gary B on an earlier thread. An article in the January Dell Horoscope I stumbled across so intrigued me I had to stop and re-read it. The author ties in the 2012 prophecies to Mexico and the Mayans “karmic debt from the human sacrifice that lingers there”. Mind you, this was written in May 2009, so she didn’t know about the BP disaster, and certainly not about this tropical storm blowing over Mexico!

    marymack, glad your Scorpio moon is a thrill seeker and enjoying the ride!

  4. today’s the day (saturday) and I’m getting to this piece late. I’d bet most have moved on to the next thing but I’m just too … gobsmacked to not respond to this massively wonderful gift. thank you to len and so many others who offer up such extraordinary words bursting with love and direction. how can I possibly thank you all for reaching for me during this wild time … namaste, all of you.

    Pluto is transiting my North Node and the transiting North Node is perched on my Natal Venus; I had no idea what to expect from all this grand cross energy, still out there on the upshot frankly, but I will say this: I begin to see how my Scorpio Moon is loving this terror a little… anyway, nothing validates this ride quite like reading your work (Len at al) Bless ya’ll and hope to meet you on my journey.


  5. Moonrose,

    Good for you; sounds like Saturn vs. Saturn is working! Thanks for the words to Cool Change too. Perfect.

  6. Ok. That was a useful exercise. I now have the Cardinal Grand Cross on paper along with my natal planets that are affected. Looks like my natal Mars (in early Cancer) and Saturn and Chiron (in late Pisces) are experiencing aspects, mostly squares and oppositions, if I understand any of this at all that is.

    So, yes, best to try to stay as centered as possible. No wobbles, please. Whew. Right.

    Michele, I don’t know why but when I read your first post the song “Cool Change” by the Little River Band jumped into my thoughts… this verse in particular:

    Well I was born in
    the sign of water
    And it’s there that
    I feel my best
    The albatross and the whales
    they are my brothers
    It’s kind of a
    special feeling
    when you’re out
    on the sea alone
    Starin’ at the full moon
    like a lover

    And especially that last line, brings warm feelings to me. It goes on to tell, “it’s time for a cool change.”

    An acquaintance of mine is an astrologer of many many years and I received an email from her yesterday offering an astrology reading – first ever – for the special cardinal cross occurring. This is one of those ‘don’t know which way to go’ pop-ups occurring around me. On the one hand, I’m waaaaay curious but on the other I don’t want someone else to define a moment for me… and here’s the more important part of that, I want to be able to do that for myself, and be open to it. There was a time when I would have jumped on that, quickly, impulsively, but I am beginning to believe that impulses are often old patterns re-emerging that want to be followed. So very much unlike a soft but constant whisper that is so subtle and yet does want our attention, but doesn’t force the issue. That’s what’s telling me to pass up the reading offer. But I do keep going back and forth about it, in my head, but I know I won’t do it.

    I have another more pressing question pulling on me in two directions, though, that I’m still in a quandary over. Darn it.

    I’m on the lookout for a basic astrology class/course so I can make more sense of this craft and my natal chart, and just a chart in general (as I look at the funny thing I’ve drawn that doesn’t make complete sense to me). Is there a one-stop astrology resource available for such a thing?


  7. LindaGM – yes, great news about the new PM, read about it yesterday. Big changes indeed, hope it works out well for you all out there. Best, H.

  8. Patricia, I love the wobble board metaphor! It feels like mine is coated with sharp glass today. An illusion, but a powerful one. I’m glad my words regarding Monsanto tickled your funny bone. I was feeling a wee bit frisky yesterday, trying to be funny, but I wasn’t sure if I hit my mark or not. Thank you for sharing.

    And thank you, Len, for another illuminating look at what the hell is going on.

    I am seriously considering a subscription, even after today’s horrific Senate vote against the bill extending unemployment benefits. I am tired of living in fear. I mean, am I on the bus or not? On. That tired ol’ monkey on my back isn’t getting a free ride anymore. Ass off, Monkey!

  9. ah, len, thanks. i actually DID need to hear that one more time. (for real.) potential not peril. relish. off i go… batter up.

  10. michele – Think potential, not peril. With your natal Sun in Cancer and natal Moon in Capricorn you are in the proverbial catbird seat. Not everybody gets the opportunity to hit a home run. Somewhere, somehow, your natal Sun-Moon opposition says that is there for you over the next couple days. Please think positive, see yourself as lucky, go for it with relish.

  11. oh. well. that explains the breakdown in the shower over lunch. planet waves summer camp, indeed. any time after july 9th would suit me just fine. i’d rob a bank to attend.

    environmental watchdog by day. actor by night. sun in cancer. moon in capricorn. hyperventilating? maybe a bit? and… yet… people on the street still find me approachable.

    i could read and read and read this piece over and over and over again. i probably should.

  12. “That’s like sleeping with everybody in the band over the course of two days. Somebody give that Moon a medal.”

    Ha ha, thanks for reminding me to laugh, that’s gotta be my ticket to sanity…

    love to all

  13. be:

    I see this as a great cosmic lead in … the big “5 count” count-off leading up too …

    Envision the last five seconds before liftoff at Cape Kennedy, or the last five seconds before the ball drop at Times square, but multiplied by the diameter of the Galaxy.

    5 4 3 2 1 ….

  14. I need to go back over this with a paper and pencil and write and draw all these things happening. It will make more sense to me that way, I’m sure.

    When I read this: “If we can avoid getting caught in rapid and savage oscillations between polarities…” I immediately saw an image of the Native American war shield (which is current chapter, “The Sacred Hoop”, of the book I’m reading). The war shield is circular, with the cross imposed on it making four quadrants, each of the four points being a direction (north, east, south, west) and the very center being Mother Earth. It made me think of how Mother Earth is also enduring her own opposing energies.

    My war shield then morped into a wobble board (which looks like this: found in many gyms. It’s a circular board with a half ball underneath that goes every which way when stand on it. It’s very much about balance, but the main strength component is core strength… drawing all your energy into the center of your being and holding that tight, and from there your energy draws down and you are more likely to find a stable position on the board. Slacken your attention or your energy and you’ll start to wobble again. You have to be very focused. And definitely do not hang out in the extremeties (arms and legs) because you will wobble, a lot, if you do!

    This is the idea I’ll be holding close. Staying centered at home, home on mother earth and home within myself. It will be challenging as my attention span can be short at times and there are many distractions lately.

    I have definitely been watching things pop up around me, things which I’m uncertain about which way to go. And I do hear that small still voice of intuition deep inside at times suggesting what is the route to take, and then I hear my booming questioning thoughts lending confusion. The more it’s happening at this time, though, which is a lot, the more and more settled I feel myself getting into making choices based on that small voice, for better or for worse. Not making a choice is also a choice, but I have found it to be not the wisest way to go, at least not for very long.

    One Native American concept is to “stay in movement”, and keep the energy flowing. Another is, “the learning is in the doing.”

    Key words from Len’s last 3 of 5 paragraphs: Do. Observe. Appreciate. That looks linear, but I don’t understand it as such.

    So a leap of faith is in order. And I have to admit I am afraid. Reading Len’s post and listening to Eric’s audio has raised some of my deeper fears regarding astrology and things not logical, especially when we’re hearing about such potent and torrential astrology. Though I s’pose it doesn’t have to be that way, does it?

    A leap of faith, with awareness, and gratitude. Good thoughts.

    As for fear, Amma the hugging saint, says: “Fear? So what.” I’ve used that before, and I’ll use it again. Like now. :0)

    Writing this right now has really helped a lot. Thank you.


    Paola, I hug you too. πŸ™‚
    JudeBaker, thank you for your response.
    Hazel1, you can do it. Peace. Om Shanti.
    MemoryEchoes, you made me laugh so hard yesterday!! re: Monsanto.

  15. Dear Len,

    This is just beautiful and brings me to tears as I read your concluding paragraphs. This is the recipe, if there is one, for freeing ourselves from fear, from despair, from turgid toxic modern-times diseases of the heart and spirit of all kinds: Do, Start, Finish, Observe, and perhaps above all, Appreciate.

    Oh my, thank you for these words.

    with love,

    Oh and PS I am a triple Cancer with a ton of stuff right on or around those early degrees. Like Uranus for example…… My housemate is a triple Capricorn though I do not know the details of her chart….. We had such an interesting “encounter” the other day in which our “impossibilities” of harmonizing came to a head…. and by God, we got through it and came to a new level of peaceful appreciation of each other even though for a time it seemed utterly beyond the bounds or reach of skill or heart to get there…….

    Just for one small domestic example of this energy at the personal level. πŸ˜‰

  16. I am envisioning a new book:

    “Explore a new way of being!”

    “Now with even more methods-from Ceremonial to Freestyle!”

    Sometimes I wish there were a planet waves summer camp πŸ™‚

    Thank you Len for being here and being you, nice to have your voice out there……been so dark and stormy lately.

    be- i love your idea of taking pictures! a good way to be present and a great stand in for a journal entry.


  17. Thank you Len. It’s all starting to make sense now, what is about to start is something magnificent. I can hardly wait.

  18. I’ll remember the part about not fighting with the umpire when we’re having our first real staff meeting with the new boss, who neither of us respect very much from what we’ve seen of the way she’s done things so far. I’ll try to accept and even enjoy (!) having a major potential metamorphosis of my personal being without taking it personally. I’ll give peace a chance, I’ll look for the peace in things and focus on it when things go cuckoo bananas all about me. Thanks for a really wonderful and encouraging post.

  19. Well, what’s it all about Alfie? I suppose the parent inside would be my dad, causing all this acid in the tummy. What the heck DOES he want? Probably more security and less fear. Do you suppose Mom wants more control? More power? More structure? More change? I can buy that. I think maybe she’ll (?) even wants that medal for all that music she will be making (you are so funny Len!). That WOULD give Dad some stress. Okay, it’s starting to make sense now. But how to balance? hmm…..

    On the one hand, there’s so much happening and it’s all so exciting, but on the other hand, there’s only so much time, only so much energy, only so much money . . . . hmm..

    I think I need a plan. I need to focus. Maybe some guidance. Well, you have given me that Mr. Len; a place to start. Try for some balance and try to be flexible so as not to get stuck. Enjoy the excitement of the ride, but stay tethered to the ground, and observe as much as possible. . take pictures maybe. Keep my wits about me and be prepared to lose something I wasn’t prepared to lose. Oh dear, I hope I’m up for all this. I hope all of you are up for this too, but I’m at a loss regarding the 5 day, almost to the minute, lead-in to this event. This clue. Hope somebody can ring a bell on that one!

  20. Len, do I detect that your rolling eloquent metaphors have become even more exuberant and playful since Jupiter entered Aries? You communicate mindfulness, wisdom and joy at this moment of poise on the threshold of change. thank you

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