BP was drilling in a mine field

Audio message from Eric to Planet Waves readers.

Map showing the explosives dump near BP rig (rig marked by red star/dot).

Good morning,

I am releasing today’s lead article from Planet Waves Astrology News to the public.

It’s called Tales from Topographic Oceans, and it deals with how BP was drilling for oil in the midst of dumping grounds for unexploded ordnance: old bombs from forgotten wars. We’ve been developing this article all week — and these are our findings.

In the article, I describe how we figured this out and fleshed out the additional facts, while on the way to casting the chart for the incident (which is covered in the article as well). Instead of using a shore point, I was searching maps for the latitude and longitude out in the Gulf, which we finally located using a government database.

If I may ask your help with this: please send this article to as many people as you can. You can send this blog, or the direct URL:


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If you post it to your blog, please add a short synopsis. While understanding one potential cause of this event will not stop the flow of oil into the Gulf, it may well prevent a similar disaster in the future, since basically the entire Gulf of Mexico is potentially an ordnance dump. The original documents are contained in the article.

Thank you to our subscribers for facilitating our independent journalism. In truth, this is what you get when you sign up for Planet Waves: you make this kind of reporting possible.

Let’s get the word out. Comments are welcome, below.

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Eric Francis

18 thoughts on “BP was drilling in a mine field”

  1. From Politico’s Playbook by Mike Allen

    HOW IT MAY HAVE HAPPENED — ‘APNewsBreak: Bubble of methane triggered rig blast,’ by Harry R. Weber on the Gulf of Mexico and Noaki Schwartz in Los Angeles: ‘The deadly blowout of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico was triggered by a bubble of methane gas that escaped from the well and shot up the drill column, expanding quickly as it burst through several seals and barriers before exploding, according to interviews with rig workers conducted during BP’s internal investigation. … Portions of the interviews, two written and one taped, were described in detail to an Associated Press reporter by Robert Bea, a University of California Berkeley engineering professor who … worked for BP PLC as a risk assessment consultant during the 1990s. He received them from industry friends seeking his expert opinion. A group of BP executives were on board the Deepwater Horizon rig celebrating the project’s safety record, according to the transcripts. Meanwhile, far below, the rig was being converted from an exploration well to a production well. … Bea believes that the workers set and then tested a cement seal at the bottom of the well. Then they reduced the pressure in the drill column and attempted to set a second seal below the sea floor. A chemical reaction caused by the setting cement created heat and a gas bubble which destroyed the seal. … The BP executives were injured but survived, according to one account.’

    –BP tells Playbook: ‘We have launched a comprehensive investigation into the incident, and we are determined to understand what caused it. It would be inappropriate for us to comment further until these investigations are complete.’

    –‘AP Investigation: Blowout preventers known to fail,’ by Jeff Donn in Boston and Seth Borenstein in Houston: ‘Cutoff valves like the one that failed to stop the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster have repeatedly broken down at other wells in the years since federal regulators weakened testing requirements, according to an Associated Press investigation. These steel monsters known as blowout preventers or BOPs – sometimes as big as a double-decker bus and weighing up to 640,000 pounds – guard the mouth of wells. They act as the last defense to choke off unintended releases, slamming a gushing pipe with up to 1 million pounds of force. … [I]nvestigators are focusing on the blowout preventer on the Deepwater Horizon rig operated by BP PLC as one likely contributor. … [A] detailed AP review shows that reliability questions have long shadowed blowout preventers.’

  2. The latest “news” is that it was a methane bubble that caused the explosion. This is easily findable in AP/Yahoo news headlines…..

    the link:

    Regardless of this or whether it is a “coverup” I still feel the unexploded munitions info continues to need to be shared widely.

    Also in regard to the question of whether the astro should stay in the article, I am 100 % for keeping it intact. There are a tremendous number of layers to reality that people still asleep at the wheel will need to wake up to here pretty quick and the fact that this earthly zone is not isolated from influences far beyond what is apparent in the dumbed down “nooze” of the world is certainly one layer that needs to begin to be recognized.

    If Eric’s excellent investigative journalism coupled with intelligently presented astrology can open that locked door for some, that is wonderful. And any who would disregard the information for the reason of it being associated with astrology are probably going to need major mind surgery to wake up anyway…… bless ’em.

    my two cents.


  3. Keep in mind that in Prince William Sound it was an oil tanker with a relatively (compared to this) small amount of oil. The sound is still contaminated 21 years later. Hurricane Katrina wrecked a lot, but didn’t coat the coast in toxic sludge that no one yet knows how to clean up effectively. Wind and floods are done and over with. Oil sticks around. It’s been there, waiting underground for aeons. A hurricane is a storm in a teacup compared to this. Especially if it enters the gulf stream. That will carry oil to all oceans, everywhere.

  4. I shared on my FB. After reading it I realized that if oil gets in the gulf stream it will be carried all the way around the planet. Then I flashed on one image from Ragnarok where Thor whacks the Midgard Serpent on the head with Mjolnir. It bleeds to death and drowns Thor in its blood. The image then took on more meaning as I remembered that Thor is the patron of the working class. He’s also half giant but gets to hang out in Asgard because he’s loyal to Odin. As a god of thunder he represents natural forces under the guidance of human will. So in this story Thor is the whole world of machines that run on oil, coal and natural gas, the trapped sunlight, remains of previous biospheres, thunder left in potential under Gaia’s skin and released by the burning machines. The Gulf of Mexico could easily fit the symbol of the head of the Midgard Serpent, the snake that circles Earth. It’s the beginning of the Gulf Stream that carries ocean water all around the planet and helps prevent extremes of climate. The oil rig is the hammer that cracks the skull of the serpent. Will it drown the oil industry and force a complete reconfiguration into clean energy, effectively killing the old empire to build a new world that doesn’t suck in so many ways? There’s still an awful lot of people committed to the suckitude.

  5. I applaud your integrity and courage for connecting this article to your source. It cannot have been easy journalism to carefully investigate and write about such painful devastation in such an honest and timely way. The astrological perspective merely illustrates the “real” situation as it is, like a piece of artwork or a photograph. Contact Bill Maher. This one is on the cuff…

  6. The only thing remotely close to this picture is of Hurricane Katrina:


    or was it the picture I saw of porpoises swimming in oil?

    And since I’ve been in MAJOR arguments with family members who have asked me to respect their wishes NOT to receive astrology related articles, I for one would have to agree with abc123, to let the astrology go for now, and put a link at the end of the “stripped” down version to the current one.

    Think you should send it to the New York Times, Truthout, wherever. Planet Waves has an excellent angle on this story even if this isn’t what the cause of the explosion was. I for one think it was sabatoge. Don’t know if anyone else has looked at it that way.

    I think it should be public knowledge that the Air Force has been using the Gulf of Mexico as a PUBLIC TOILET for unexploded ordnance since 1970. This may be salt in this ever widening wound that this oil spill has caused, but its way past time for the truth to be out. For all we know, oil maybe the life blood of the planet, and we are sucking her dry. Her body is going into spasms methinks.
    Possible tornadoes here tonight, and after two weeks in the 80’s, well, there’s going to be snow here in western PA. Crop failure, Anyone?
    Good luck, and goddess bless.

  7. Ha! I Just “fanned” the Facebook page “Deepwater Horizon-Unified Command” page just so I could post the article above….. Check out my screenshot…I’m sure they’ll take it down any minute and remove me from their “fans.” Oh well, maybe some of the nearly 13k people on this group will figure it out.

    Shoot! Can’t attach it…will send to you Eric. I also just put about 20 comments on posts that other “members” wrote.

    🙂 Feels good to spread the word….

  8. Well, this might just be a moment of Divine comedy, or something…… Just saw on boingboing that the BP oilspill US response etc has its very own Facebook page:


    If I had a Facebook account I would, of course, post the PlanetWaves URL to the dumped munitions article……. but I am not Facebook friendly.

    However I am sure someone here will take this opportunity, or not…….

    So there is a link at the link…..

  9. OKay, well I just Googled “abandoned military explosives in the Gulf of Mexico,” and a few other versions of that. Nothing.

  10. Hi Eric, I just received this on my email…..

    VIDEO: Vatic Note: Bureau of Land management was doing a surprise inspection on oil Rig 2 hours before it exploded
    Posted By: watcher51445 <http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?bem=172720>
    Date: Friday, 7-May-2010 11:38:11
    If you trust the DC Crowd, you might now appreciate any such questions as this video raises.

    Vatic Note: 5/8/2010 – Please pass around to your lists since this is another piece to the puzzle. This may have been that crew that was on the supply ship and would explain who they were.

    Please watch this and go to the link at Liberty cap press shown in the paragraph below. This is unusual and this interviewee is a small oil company owner speaking. The photos are also new and not ones I had seen before
    Bureau of Land management was doing a surprise inspection on oil Rig 2 hours before it exploded


    May 05, 2010 — Exclusive interview of Zac Zimmerman of Zimmerman Oil reveals little-known fact that the Bureau of Land Management was doing uncharacteristic surprise inspections the day of the oil rig explosion in the gulf, and they were on THAT VERY RIG just 2 HOURS before the disaster started! Full interview on Invisible Hand Podcast #6, available at <http://libertycappress.com> libertycappress.com and on iTunes. Go directly here: <http://www.libertycappress.com//?p=2060> http://www.libertycappress.com//?p=2060

  11. I’ve been thinking about your article all day, Eric. The idea that short-sighted greed and uncaring exploitation for material reward has lead to a total disregard for our Home saddens me no end. I live in NYC and was on my way to work on Sep 11 when the first plane struck. This accidental conspiracy is a similar crime. I am hopeful that there will not have to be too many more incidences of total hurt that we have to experience before everybody takes our stewardship for our Home and each other seriously. We are all connected on this rock and from here, connected to everything else in the Universe.


  12. There is a site on face book

    A Billion People for “NO MORE OFFSHORE OIL DRILLING” (snowball effect)

    Maybe you would want to post a link to your article there –

  13. Hi Eric!

    I know you are busy, so I will try and be quick!! First, I wanted to say that I most definitely renewed my subscription to Planet Waves – you have been so impactfull in my life – I am so much happier thanks to you 🙂 Please, continue on your path and aiming positively forward as we all together head into the future!!

    Now for the real purpose for my message: A small article regarding the BP Oil Spill. I know it isn’t much in regards to other aspects of the story (like the ordnance…) but I still feel it is adding to the pile. He had this article up today about how different countries have offered to help us clean up the BP oil mess in the Gulf and the U.S. has so far continued to decline.
    U.S. Not Accepting Help on Oil Spill:
    WHY?!? I don’t see how more and more hands wouldn’t be a positive…..unless it is the more obvious answer of: the powers that be aren’t really concerned with the impact of this ecological disaster (or wish to profit on it’s continued destruction, i.e.: Halliburton just so happened to buy the co. in charge of cleanup a few weeks before the disaster….how fitting – I really think I would have been surprised if this hadn’t of happened….) There are some that would say (and I am inclined more often than not to assume this as well) that this is their plan – exactly how it’s going………….and that is getting much harder and harder to deal with, especially when no one seems to be waking up to the madness.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your willingness to be a guide through this time we spend here on Earth in these physical bodies. Peace and love, Allison 🙂

    [I frequent this blog and find the information much more relevant than the mainstream or semi-mainstream newssites (the author/prevayor of the blog grew up in the U.S., then married his wife and they moved back to her homeland of New Zealand where they currently reside. He also has another blog where he writes about living organically and totally off the grid (man oh man how I wish I could do that!).
    Cryptogon Blog:
    http://www.cryptogon.com <http://www.cryptogon.com>

    Farmlet Blog:

  14. ABC, actually, this article started on the Planet Waves blog as an astrology-free article, and was posted to a central UK blog, Madame Arcati, in that form.

    The issue is less that I have included astrology in the current edition but rather (as I understand it) more that I am an astrologer. The only place I can assure publication, for now, is Planet Waves – which is associated with astrology. All Google searches will turn up…astrology.

    Parsing this logic, imagine a rabbi calls 911 to report a fire but the operator is Christian, and says, “Oh, you don’t believe in Jesus? That building must not really be burning.”

    At the moment it’s Friday, and the story is not moving in the MSM. It’s not going anywhere till the spin doctors come to work Monday morning, unless it kicks around the blogosphere some more. So let’s post it and don’t worry about your friends and I won’t worry about astrological antisemitism and let’s get this turning up in Google. At last check it got about four extra hits off of other blogs, including an About.com blog, one in Greek and a couple of others.

    I may segregate a new version from the longer piece I wrote today for distribution toward the end of the weekend. Meanwhile, readers who think this may help can feel free to extract the portion dealing with UXO and distribute that separately, as long as you link back, leave contact information and let me know what you’re up to.

  15. Molly Hall writes:


    Meanwhile, people on the coast there are moved to go to the ocean, to write messages of love in the sand, meditate, or just enjoy it as it is. In an IReport on CNN from Pensacola, FL, they are saying their good-byes. As one man said, “It is a part of our lives, a part of our souls and many of us are unsure what will wash ashore and what our future will be. We are angry and scared; it is a very bleak feeling.”

    Speaking of feeling, it’s a Moon in Pisces today, tying us all into the Big Heart. There may be an outpouring of compassion, or concern for life.

    There are sextiles to Mercury and Pluto, which may just show us the power of knowing things via the heart. It’s a time when the usual chatter doesn’t work, and we swim in deeper currents, looking for answers. And as B. Medicine Eage said,”There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet.”

  16. Just because I love astrology doesn’t mean the majority of my professional acquaintances, or anyone I’d forward this article to, do. You article stands on its own w/o astrological references. The first rule of communication is: Know your audience. The second is: speak their language, at their level. So with all respect and humility, I would like to request that you provide an astrology-free version of your findings re: the abandoned explosives in the gulf.

  17. http://www.ied-terrorism.com/oil-spill-clean-up-jobs.html

    “If you have found this page looking for job opportunities in the Gulf, you’ve found the right place. Most people on this site are EOD Techs or UXO Techs. We all have to have the OSHA HAZWOPER certification to work on unexploded ordnance.

    Will you be handling unexploded bombs in the Gulf? No! You will be working with those of that do.”

    Oil Spill Clean Up Jobs


    Aerotek E&E will have multiple positions available over the next few days to help with clean up efforts. This contract work could last several weeks or months. Please let me know if you or anyone you may know meets the criteria below and is available for work.

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