Working on the coordinates of BP’s Deepwater Horizon blast

Location of the oil rig dumping into the Gulf of Mexico. Red mark on the center left, just a little to the northeast of the explosives dumping area, is where it happened. Um, the what?

Hello Dear Readers,

Would anyone with some training in geography or cartography or even a little navigation skill please help me out with the latitude and longitude of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? Note the location toward the center left, near an explosives dump in the Gulf of Mexico. When you look you find the gosh darndest things out there. Thanks for your help with this. I am sure someone who has a clue can come up with the accurate info in a few minutes. Note, the precise location would be great — but to have it down to the degree or within one degree would provide an accurate ascendant. The more accurate the better — I am pursuing an astrological theory that requires good coordinates…thanks again.

Eric Francis

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