Boston Marathon bombing astrology update

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I am in transit today and working with some friends to suss out the Boston situation. There are interesting discussions going on my personal and our company facebook pages.

Boston Marathon bombing astrology
Bombing of Boston Marathon

Here’s my astrological take on Boston, in a nutshell. First note: we need to take this in the context of all other news with the theme of “militancy” of which there is much, from Wayne LaPierre to Kim Jong-Un.

This story will be told largely by the Moon-Vesta-Mars-Sun configuration, which is too rich for words, but I will try.

But first: nothing says “don’t trust the story” like Neptune on the 7th. It’s like looking into a fog, and you need special vision to see through it.

Moon’s aspect to Vesta (a conjunction) points to a sacrifice. That’s an easy delineation of Vesta in mundane astrology, as is “at home.”

Ascendant ruler is Mercury, which we find in the 8th in Aries, about to conjoin Uranus. That connection — AC ruler to Aries to 8th (cause of death) says “something done to oneself.” The chart reads like a suicide.

Cusp of 12th is Leo, of which the ruler (the secret enemy) is the Sun — that is the king, the president or the CEO; at the least, we can say this came from high up. The Sun is about to make a conjunction to Mars. Mars is the ruler of the 8th. Selfy self self self. Me, myself and I. All through the day, I me mine.

We find the 10th ruler — Venus — in the 9th house. I think the international angle is a ruse. It’s comforting (Venus in Taurus.)

More as the story develops.


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  1. Notice that the 8th house of death is ruled by Mars, and Mars is in this house where it is also accidentally dignified.
    This was a deadly event. People died and were injured by violence.
    Notice that the Sun is within a degree of an applying conjunction to Mars, making it Casimi, or “on fire.”
    This deadly event was of “fire.” The powerful explosions were, of course, of fire.
    Notice that Mercury, the ruler of the ascendant Virgo, is also in this 8th house. This deadly event was a communication by the people of the event itself. The ascendant rules the querent, the people asking the questions, and it is “us.” “We” did it to ourselves.
    This deadly event was not the work of some foreigner. It was a “domestic” event, caused by the very people who were hurt.
    Notice that Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, is also in this 8th house. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius which rules the 6th house of public servants. Such public servants would be people who we would ordinarily think of as working for us – not against us.
    The deadly event was a function of our public servants. Since this is the planet of the unexpected, and of modern invention, it would include unexpected parties – people who would be expected to be “in charge”, and it would also include those who are using modern technologies to do it – like modern media.
    The “cause” of this deadly 8th house event is ruled by the 7th house. The 7th house of open enemies contains Neptune, the planet of liars in its shared rulership in Pisces. The 7th house also contains Chiron, the wounded healer, which indicates that one of the multiple parties involved is a “sacrifice.” The 7th house has Pisces on the cusp and is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. Since Neptune is in this house, he is the more natural suspect – a liar who has been well known to all to have causes such events before. Jupiter, the other ruler of the 7th, is in the 10th house with the Moon, the other party most at effect in this chart. This is the person in “authority.” Jupiter is described by words like “many”, “great in stature” and “highly placed.”
    The people who “caused” this event were many, highly placed and in authority, people who we would ordinarily not suspect would do such a thing.
    The Moon is less than a degree from completing its last aspect before leaving Gemini. This aspect is a sextile to Mars, an opportunity aspect. This means that the Moon’s aspect contains the collection of light of all the other aspects it obtained while in Gemini. This included a conjunction to Jupiter – the great one in authority with whom it is earlier identified, an opportunistic sextile to the Sun – the spiritually powerful resident of the house of death, and an opportunistic sextile to Uranus – the planet of modern inventions, including television that broadcast the deadly event live, an opportunistic sextile to Mercury – the duplicitous communicator ruling Gemini where the Moon resides. The Moon collected light from a quincunx to Saturn, indicating that there is a frustration of the goals of this greater malefic. Finally, the Moon also collected light from Neptune – the liar – as the first aspect of this tragic event, indicating that the liar was the first party to be the cause of it. This event was caused by the well known liar in chief.
    The Moon in the 10th is about some kind of duplicitous change in the authority of the event.
    There is no “next aspect.” This event was essentially to be followed by a void of course Moon. Nothing else deadly may be coming directly from this event – though it will take the difference in the aspect of Moon to Mars – 26/60ths of a degree – of the Moon in a Mutable and Angular house – weeks – before this is clear. That’s about 3 days of “searching” for the “culprits” who will most probably “not be found.”
    Can you think of anybody who is a known “liar”, who is a “public servant”, who is “highly placed” and “in authority”, who might have started the ball rolling to cause this tragic event using many hands to do so, for a reason that has to do with a desirable change in their “authority” ?
    We have very good Astrological reasons to believe that it is the POS in chief, the bastard POTUS himself, who was the prime mover in this little bit of bloody theater. His goal was to have it become a stepping stone to his increase in power and glory. Let us pray that it is not so.
    There is one planet that has not been seen yet. Venus was only hours into its rulership in Taurus, and had not yet been aspected by the Moon leading up to this event. It’s location in the 9th house of the courts and justice is the start of the next cycle of the Moon. In other words, there may be a new cycle starting with the days, weeks, months and years after this tragic event. Venus, the lessor benefic, is still in charge. She is in charge of the courts, of foreign interests, and of justice through such offices. At 0 degrees, it is too early to say whether she will be able to provide the justice we seek. In her Fixed and Cadent position, she may not achieve this justice until all hope is lost.
    The Moon’s next journey is through its rulership in Cancer. This starts in the 10th house of the authority themselves. Change is the watchword here. Emotional chaos and turmoil shall follow.
    Let us pray that we “change” our “leader” through this event.
    Born on Constitution day

  2. The problem with those red herrings is they can lead to violence against anyone “dark-skinned with backpacks” or “a “Saudi suspect’s apartment was searched but nothing was found” kinds of folks. This is not responsible thought; using such red herrings brings more death and violence. Better to say nothing than to say stuff like that.

  3. Ah – I love you Eric! “Selfy self self self. Me, myself and I. All through the day, I me mine”.I me mine I me mine I me mine…

  4. Just discovered this awful news, here on PW. I know Boston well, I fell in love with the city and its people when I spent 2 months there one student summer, working at Steve’s ice-cream in Cambridge. My heart goes out to all you guys out there, and on the East Coast. Thank you for the excellent coverage, as usual.

  5. Ceres and Vesta both stationed retrograde in October,2012; Ceres on the 31st and Vesta on the 21st. Today, Ceres returned to the degree of her station, 3+ Cancer. It is also the same degree as the U.S. Sibly Venus.

    Vesta stationed rx at 25 Gemini 34 in October and last Thursday came back to that degree. From 26 and 27 Gemini she will sextile the Sun and Mars tomorrow. The Moon was conjunct Vesta today when the first bomb went off. She also squared Boston’s Venus at 26+ Pisces, who conjuncts Boston’s Pluto at 28+ Pisces and possibly the Moon at 29 Pisces (for a 12 Noon birth).

    Ceres is thought by some to co-rule Virgo and if so, she co-rules this chart from the cusp of the 11th house of (foreign?) groups. She also squares the chart’s “other” ruler Mercury (2+ Aries) but trines Neptune (4 Pisces) the ruler of the descendant where he also sits. She could even symbolize somebody’s mother.

    I wonder if the bombing had anything to do with a big inVestment(bet) on the race (Eris [bets on bad behavior] septile Jupiter [Olympics]) that didn’t end the way it was supposed to. Or maybe it was just anger (Ceres) at the government (Uranus quincunx Saturn) for taking away (Vertex conjunct U.S. Sibly Pluto) too much money (Venus) in taxes (April 15).

    One can only wonder what makes people do these terrible things.

  6. I actually heard some pretty decent coverage by our local radio sports network, who covered the story as it related to the marathon, but the explosions manifested their selves on the marathon like a very large growth on that back of the marathon’s neck. They covered it because it could not be Ignored.

    One of the things the sports casters carefully speculated was that the news coming from police, federal authorities et al was going to be a ruse. They already are on the trail of who makes the kind of bombs used, and though leaks from police spokespersons about authorities being on the lookout for “dark-skinned suspects with backpacks” and “suspicious rental commercial vehicles”, these are your signal for red herrings. My hunch is this is local. And the authorities are looking for ways to make the suspects cool their jets and then get caught.

  7. Someone I know ran in the marathon today, so this has made an emotional impact on me.

    I’ve been sitting here at my desk before going home,thinking about it all, and the phrase “Boston tea party” pops into my mind.

  8. yes — massachusetts and maine are the only two states that recognize Patriot’s Day as a holiday (maine was part of massachusetts back in colonial days). until recently, it even was recognized by the IRS in terms of when taxes are allowed to be filed, but i think that shifted in some way recently (as in, it may still be recognized for state taxes but not federal — i forget exactly).

    though in boston, most people just call it “marathon monday,” since the marathon and its drunken revelers totally dominate downtown.

  9. This is interesting. I learned on my flight that today is the official commemoration of Patriots’ Day, which is a commemoration of the first battles of the Revolutionary War. It’s a school holiday in Massachusetts, usually celebrated the 19th but now moved to the nearest Monday, which was today. So, this happened on the day of the Boston Marathon, tax day and Patriots. Day.

  10. [Update, 6:49 p.m. ET] Boston cell phone services were overloaded in the wake of the blast, slowing the city’s network dramatically and hampering the investigation in the early going, federal law enforcement officials told CNN.

    Unconfirmed rumors began circulating on social media and elsewhere that law enforcement had shut down cell service to prevent more explosives from being detonated remotely. But mobile companies were saying that was never the case, CNN’s Doug Gross reports.

    “Verizon Wireless has not been asked by any government agency to turn down its wireless service,” a spokesman for that company told CNN. “Any reports to that effect are inaccurate.”

    In other media reports, Sprint similarly denied being asked to shut down service.

    Online, Bostonians were being encouraged to stay off of their mobile phones except for emergencies and even open up their wireless connections to help take the load off of the cellular data network.

    “If you live or run a business in #Boston near bombsite (please) open your wifi for people to use,” tweeted Disaster Tech Lab, an Irish nonprofit dedicated to providing technology to assist in emergency situations.

    [Update, 6:47 p.m. ET] Initial tests indicate that the two bombs were small and possibly crude, with the tests not indicating any high-grade explosive material was used, a federal law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation told CNN national security contributor and former homeland security adviser Fran Townsend.

    The source said the FBI considers the incident a terrorist attack, “but they’ve made clear to me they do not know at this time whether those responsible for the attack were a foreign or domestic group,” Townsend said.

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