Bombing the Moon – enough

Before I get into today’s astrology in the next post, first a brief comment about NASA bombing the Moon on Friday.

At Planet Waves, we consider ourselves the friends of astronomers. Astrology the way we do it is closely wedded to astronomy; for example, our involvement with newly-discovered planets requires that we keep up with news from astronomy and maintain a dialog with astronomers when possible. Their experiments are usually clever and many are doing some great work without ever using an ounce of rocket fuel.

Last minute before impact of LCROSS spacecraft on the Moon Friday morning. Photo: NASA via BBC.
Last minute before impact of LCROSS spacecraft on the Moon Friday morning. Photo: NASA via BBC.

Friday’s experiment, involving plunging two rockets into the Moon, was different. In case you missed this episode, NASA first crashed a rocket into the Moon in an effort to raise a huge dust plume, then look at the dust reflected in sunlight and see what was contained in it. Then a second rocket plunged into the same crater, in an effort to raise more dust that would be looked at by a deep-space telescope; same basic concept. The rockets hit where and when planned, but, unexpectedly, there was no cloud of dust. This was the fourth experiment involving crashing a rocket into the Moon (that we know of) since 1965. And NASA tried to bomb the Temple 1 comet in 2005.

It’s sad to think of the eternal stillness of the Moon being disrupted suddenly by impact explosions on the surface. (There was no sound, as the Moon has no atmosphere to convey sound waves.) One of my friends compared it to raping one’s mother, given the sacred place given to the Moon by so many cultures, religions and spiritual practices.

I have no idea the motives behind this experiment. Obviously the boys are thinking ahead; be it prison colonies or an escape hatch if the Earth doesn’t make it or a staging area for deep-space travel. The asteroid Atlantis, often associated with the abuse of technology and the fear of losing civilization, was at the midheaven of the first impact chart. This suggests something apocalyptic is on their minds, rather than what you might call ‘scientific’. I’m not alone when I say, this is a disgusting idea and needs to stop.

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  1. Yes, Ktchup; agreed – we are no longer living in world of “bad guys” and “good guys” — true that so many people today acknowledge that we have both the dark and the light in us – and that there is a whole bunch of gray as well where boundaries we used to think were clear-cut are continually shape-shifting. Keeps life interesting…..;-)

  2. Don’t worry, wordedgewise, I’m far from putting responsibility for my well-being in the hands of government! (yikes) I agree fresh water issues appear wholly profit- and power-driven, and cluelessness-driven in a lot of cases.

    And yet, more and more I’m questioning the clarity of the divide between the good guys and the bad guys. This isn’t a depressing recognizing-our-shared-capacity-for-evil kind of thought, but a freeing thought: everyone is complex, just as complex as me, and everyone has the freedom to make surprising evolutionary leaps forward.

  3. me too Jere. Don’t you think we came from another planet? Some other place where they blew themselves up and had to leave fast? Seems to me like NASA is in an awfully big hurry to find a new home

  4. Upon the waterfront, (or at least the hypothetical one, once the San Andreas gives way), we, as humans, already have methodologies of purifying h2o. We, I, you, have to take in to account your placement and needs, of resources. If you choose to live in a desert, shall I choose to bend the waterways too accommodate you? How much shall we carve out mother nature, too create our utopian (or, just plain, standard of living) society? (I would give you my all, but, you gotta check how difficult you’re making it for me.) I want to help, but when folk demand the unreasonable, (not that it can’t be done, I’m a sucker for groovy, life-changing ideas), It’s disheartening too find the bigger picture relegated to mere mental masturbation. (And NOT, kick-ass, feel good, spiritual-everything, masturbation. Which, IS good shit!)

    Don’t ever Fear this. (Fear is antithetical)

    As the rockets to the Moon,. And as the wars that wage globally, locally, and in our hearts, minds, and souls,. We are awareness.. that’s all (not too bad a gig!). This freakin’ thing is huge, please don’t think I’m not fingering the now, or the future, but, there’s a comfortability level we are all stepping across right now. A realization moment. If you’ve ever felt the weight of the world, it’s now. (Don’t stress, relax, we’re in the now. It may not be pretty, or feel good, but, we can make a difference, FIRST in our own lives. Where we become aware (thank you P.W. for your contributions) of “our surroundings”. Then, we realize we are here to be individuals. THEN, we realize we’re here to participate collectively, (don’t get ahead of yourself and skip the process), it’s important too put one foot in front of the other.

    Across lifetimes,.. and quantum reality planes,.. You’re here now, enjoy the hell of the fight! Good times! (Don’t ever let fear incapacitate you..) Smile with your eyes! Say, “I Love you. To anyone!” Be You, That, I Am.

    Thoughts for the moment.. (too space’d to continue..)

    I Love You All!


  5. Ketchup, living in LA as I do – I would think “Mullhollalnd”.

    I believe I read recently that even Burbank sells water off to Los Angeles (whle crying “drought” to its population).

    The sucession of the San Fernando Valley was strongly opposed by Mullholland’s decendant – dare I ask why? Even if not based in any personal greed, water rights in this area are all tied up in money and politics. Talk about messes that cannot be unraveled.

    Financial motives and power are yet on the fingertips – if not the lips – of our governments and other financially powerful people; I think we best not be delusional about thinking that responsibility to Life has yet become their M.O.

    Suzzana, I heard nothing either until it was happening and then I think it was here at PW….we must ask more often “what else is happening that is being kept from us” stay alert and grateful to entities like PW for keeping us so.


  6. I would not be surprised if the need for fresh water were driving this moon-bombing business. There’s growing public awareness that mismanagement of our natural water resources means that soon there will not be enough potable water for everyone on our planet. There already is not enough in many areas of the world. Growing public awareness appears to trail highest-level governmental awareness by what, 20 to 40 years? That’s just a guess. I think government has known for a while that push is coming to shove in re: drinking water. I’m not arguing that bombing the moon is the best course of action, but I’m also not convinced it’s strictly profit-driven. I can see how it might be an attempt to mitigate the effects of profit-driven insanity here on Earth.

  7. I heard about this event from someone’s FB status, and only a short time before it was supposed to happen. I wondered how I missed this in the newspaper and on the internet…why hadn’t I heard about it? That still throws me.

  8. I thought it had to do with reducing the need for fuel on the rockets – less fuel, less weight, safe take-off. The technology to produce fuel from water is already here, but i doubt we see it publicly until defense has something even better to take its place – like light travel through the magnetic tunnels that go through space or whatever. They had the pentium processor for 35 years before it was given to the public, and email has been around since WW2. Who knew? Have to think in term of possibilities. These guys are a little like 6th graders playing around with black powder to see what they can come up with – full of wonder and verve and joyful experimenting. Problem is an awfully big lot of science has so disturbed our balance there is no turning back, and no cure. At this point I’d reckon that finding a new planet is not a game, but a necessity.

    I’ve often found that I can take a fairly realistic clue from people who are slightly learning disabled. My daughter supervises a 30 year old man who is severely dyslexic and to whom everything has to be explained. She asked him if he was going to have the swine flu shot and he said, ‘no I don’t think so. It’s hard telling how they will want to use it against us 10 years from now.’

  9. Eric,

    Your disgust is well taken. For how long has this idea of dominion over, of manifest destiny be allowed to prevail over common decency and common sense? The moon is not just an inert rock. It stabilizes the orbit of the earth (like a gyroscope) making it the ultimate source or govenor of the seasons, the tides, the procession of the equinoxes, all the cycles of life. It really functions like a mother. It’s not an empty woo-woo metaphor. If the Moon were suddenly gone we would literally be in a world of hurt. Do we need to have that happen before we get it?

    Good catch, also on the Atlantis position – wish i have thought of looking for that. The technology needed to do this sort of thing is more than four decades old, rather primitive by modern standards, yet the motivation is more recent with a palpable sense of priortized urgency and that does indeed tell some sort of tale.

    Mystes, i was up too, outside, looking – She seemed so above it all, so serene.

    Jere, you are not alone. There’s a lot going on. In such times, your devotion of choice will tide you over. No need to apologize, just keep breathing slow and deep.

    Love to all,

  10. I’m okay with folk shooting rockets at the Moon. I’m not going to go into what’s wrong with this picture, it speaks for itself. What I will say is, experimentation is the mother of invention. When viewed through the avarice of corporate, the potential is staggeringly bleak. In, wide-eyed, open, humble, loving (not all “fireworks” are “bad”) service to the understanding of, the entirety of vibration, ..Life is just that. Living. Nothing is good or bad, but, thinking makes it so. The World exists as it is. We can alter perceptions, to alter actions, but all actions exist, and (timing and) perception are consequence of existence. My view at this moment is, there is nothing inherently wrong with nuclear energy.. just, some buggers got ahold of the formula. Such as, blowing shit up,.. depends on your intentions, time, and space. We can all nit-pick reality, but, can we live the One that we truly exist, the one that shapes reality evolutionally (I know it’s not a word, don’t care too find the right one, propriety’s not my bag), the path, that is, the mojo that emanates, vibrates, Lives, through the Vibratory creations/emanations/coconspirators that we Truly, inherently, are, in the here, and now? That, in my opinion, is the real question.

    (Apologies for dumping hard baggage lately, I’ve been pretty fucked. Eventually, my shit’ll come together.)


  11. I woke up after a long night (and early morning) of writing at around 7 my time, sat up and went into meditative equipoise. Felt the first hit, it was rather mild – the second one was the doozy.

    Efforts were underway in the esoteric community to ‘deviate’ the mission and were moderately successful. The LCROSS lost 2/3 of its fuel about 3 weeks ago, and word on the street was that it was enough to abort the plan. Unfortunately that move backfired, as NASA had not originally planned to jettison the craft into the crater. That decision was a result of not having enough fuel to complete their mission as planned (I don’t know for sure that they were going to put the module into orbit, but that’s my sense).

    Both hits produced mild, then a stronger sense of euphoria – but I’ve learned that the bloom of euphoria in deep meditative state doesn’t necessarily mean that ‘good’ things are happening. I just have a robust interpretive system, so sometimes what would normally inspire ‘fear’ releases a high alert that is like a bolus of lovingkindness.

    Anyway, we haven’t seen or felt the last effects from that strike. I would say –in the late words of Terrence McKenna– do not your mantras fumble.

    Apocalypse means unveiling. Don’t be afraid to see what you see.



  12. They were looking for water–apparently there is evidence of frozen water particles on the surface and they believe there may be some below the surface. The reasoning is that water is very heavy to transport and if there is a natural supply they will move quickly to colonize the surface, or as I suspect this is where the new plutocracy will be relocating after some man-made apocalypse.

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