Astrology Today: The Oracle for Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Taurus monthly of Dec 01, 2005

The Oracle.

The Yin-Yang symbol emphasizes that balance is attained by everything in the universe containing an element of its opposite. Balance may exist, but nothing is pure; or rather, what we think of as purity is a state of inner acceptance that we contain some other potential all the time. I don’t mean to sound too high-minded here, but what you have been through the past several months is based entirely on this principle; it appears to be a functioning law of nature. If during the past six months things have seemed backwards, obverse, contradictory or just strange, consider how this applies to your life. Whatever may be the specific story, and whether it was pleasant or not, you have had an encounter with an unusual kind of potential. You have touched and embraced a hidden aspect of your ‘otherness.’ In doing so, I trust that you’ve removed one of the biggest stumbling blocks in your relationships.

(The Daily Oracle is a random selection from one of 10,000 Eric Francis horoscopes. New horoscopes by Eric are published weekly plus twice a month in Planet Waves Astrology News and Planet Waves Light. The Oracle itself is a divination tool available to subscribers to either of these services.)

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