Astrology Today: The Oracle for Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Cancer monthly of March 28, 2005

The Oracle.

Don’t be a stress case. Stress is a choice and it’s emotional much more than it is mental. In fact you could say that stress is the result of failing to acknowledge how you feel. Now that you’re feeling so much you better stop at least two or three times a day and take a breath and sort out what’s going on in those fathomless depths of you. You may be shocked and delighted.

(The Daily Oracle is a random selection from one of 10,000 Eric Francis horoscopes. New horoscopes by Eric are published weekly plus twice a month in Planet Waves Astrology News and Planet Waves Light. The Oracle itself is a divination tool available to subscribers to either of these services.)

9 thoughts on “Astrology Today: The Oracle for Sunday, March 6, 2011”

  1. in lak’ech’ J, you’re looking in the mirror!
    charaiveti, charaiveti, oui say 😉
    cheers Love!
    ox ~ s

  2. Ty.

    I won’t stop what is set in motion, only work with it toward my end.

    You are truly badass Stormi.. as someone said recently,”keep on keepin on”.

    Good gal..

  3. bwahahahahaa!!! of all the days to forget to read the oracle… how *does* it do it?

    (jere — i’m only laughing at the oracle, not your comments…)

  4. ..why do people care so much about death? Are we not here to live?

    LIVE dammit! Like this is the only life you’ve got!

  5. .as well as, “come wipe these tears off of me, I won’t shed them anymore. The Sun is setting in western skies, feel like…”

    ..if I get back, it’s on! Shit you not. (I’m so freakin’ free it’s not funny!)

    Love you ALL! No joke.

    Jeremy Nicholas Loscutoff

  6. That’s cool. long as I’m here for a couple more weeks, while I liquidate..

    “..thought I heard a jug band play, do you know who else will? Over on the far side of the hill. All I know, the Sun don’t shine, and the rain refuse to fall. You don’t seem to hear me when I call.”

    ..everyone knows this show..


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