U.S. declares public health emergency over swine flu

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In a news conference today, the US government declared a public health emergency over the recent swine flu outbreak. I’ll post the salient portion of the news conference below this diary. For our purposes, the important part is that the state of emergency was announced today at 12:34 pm in Washington, DC. Thankfully the White House time stamps its documents.

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This chart reminds me of a Jaguar with someone riding the clutch. The engine is roaring and the power is not getting to the wheels. It’s an extraordinarily powerful chart — but the Moon is void of course. That is to say, the Moon has made its last aspect and is essentially drifting through Taurus at the time of the announcement.

Mars is square Pluto to one arc minute — 1/60th of a degree. This is just stunning. Check out the 9th house — that is the house of international things. We are likely to see a big response here. Mars is in the international house and Pluto is in the health house, the 6th. They are in a perfect square and that says action: international response.

Mars, Venus and Pluto are all activating the Aries Point (the personal is political), so this is a chart with far-reaching public energy. Uranus is close behind, in Pisces, right on the 9th cusp, adding a sense of urgency, though it’s in Pisces — more emotional than mental. But the Moon void is the first factor that leads one to wonder where it’s all going. Generally, you need a strong Moon to have a strong chart. The activating agent in this horoscope is the very precise Mars square Pluto.

The second factor that raises doubts is that Mercury is in a tight square to Neptune. Actually this is Mercury square Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron. I have to be cautious describing this aspect; appearing in a natal chart I would want to interpret it carefully in a personal context before saying too much. In a public chart, it warns us that what is being announced simply may not be true. I don’t doubt that there is a flu outbreak; I doubt the importance of the issue, and the relevance of the findings. I know I would look like an ass if the Mexican flu wiped out half the planet, but I don’t think it’s going to do anything of the kind. I have the luxury of talking about this as an astrologer and not a government official responsible for millions of lives. We do NOT know the truth here — the chart is warning this in spades. What is the source of the lie, or the motive? I am not getting data on that, but that group of Mercury aspects is sounding a loud warning.

Death anxiety is the big theme of this chart. Pisces is on the 8th house, and the rulers of Pisces are taking this square from Mercury; Mercury to Neptune being the most precise of the three squares Mercury is making (it is also square Chiron and Jupiter). The Moon is involved; it has just squared Neptune and has made a conjunction to Mercury before going void, which adds to the argument that what we have here is dominated by anxiety and confusion.

Still, this illness has a pretty high mortality rate (about 6% currently, all the deaths being in Mexico) and it is apparently spreading from human to human (such as in New York City, where students seem to be giving it to their parents). There are other issues; this virus is of the H1N1 variety, similar to what killed many people in 1918-19. There are only two labs in the world that can identify it positively — one is at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, and the other is in Canada. So these samples are being shipped from around the world while attempts are made at positive identification of the virus involved.

We don’t know the real disease rate, for example, in Mexico or anywhere else, because many people who may have become mildly sick did not report their case; some did not know. So there may be several thousand cases in Mexico and that would drive down the mortality rate substantially.

Due to all these uncertainties, public health officials face a number of dilemmas. This is not an easy situation and I am sure they feel the doubt that is implicit in this chart. If they make a big deal out of this, and it turns out to not seem so important, they could catch a lot of flak. We would also have little way of knowing whether their efforts actually did prevent the problem from getting worse. They might, or it might contain itself. Clearly the Obama administration is not going to sit on its hands like its predecessor did.

If you find yourself wanting to deal with this homeopathically (this is not medical advice, most doctors think homeopathy is bullshit) you can call up Hahnemann Labs in the Bay Area and get some Influenzinum 30. I will set out the hounds in the homeopathic community and see if anyone has come up with a genius epidemicus. There have certainly been enough cases and the illness is spreading among people — in the “bird flu” days, I was told those are the necessary ingredients to be able to crack the epidemic homeopathically.

Here’s that transcript…

SECRETARY NAPOLITANO: Thanks, Dr. Besser. A number of things going on and the purpose of today, this briefing, is to give you the most current information about what is happening. And as has been mentioned before, this is a changing picture. And so we intend to conduct these types of briefings daily for a while so that, you know, it can help up communicate to the public what is happening and so that with knowledge people know what kind of issue we’re dealing with.

The first thing I want to announce today is that the Department of Health and Human Services will declare today a public health emergency in the United States. That sounds more severe than really it is. This is standard operating procedure and allows us to free up federal, state, and local agencies and their resources for prevention and mitigation; it allows us to use medication and diagnostic tests that we might not otherwise be able to use, particularly on very young children; and it releases funds for the acquisition of additional antivirals.

So you’ll see those declarations coming out today. And when I say “standard operating procedure,” that’s exactly what I mean. We issued similar declarations for the recent floods in Minnesota and North Dakota and for the inauguration.

10 thoughts on “U.S. declares public health emergency over swine flu”

  1. Homeopathy ROCKS!! You do need a practitioner who is skilled at dosing, along with providing changes as needed. I have a machine that reads my body and gives me my own personalized remedy for everything. Homeopathy was SO successful that BIG industry had to shut it down so they could make money on their chemicals. Check out the history and surprise yourself!

  2. and word, about the dissipation . . . America is the great melting pot. I am turning that comment of yours into a big positive for diversity and survival. Not a fact of course, but then again what’s a fact anymore.

  3. I rethought my entry about the dead ancestral children while sitting on the pooper this morning. Ain’t that a great release. Feels so good. Only one other that comes close in comparison.

    Anyway, just wanted to add that my father was born in 1916 and my mom in 1918. I am born of survivors. Oh yeah, and I was born on the tail of a devastating local polio outbreak. Now I ain’t exactly graceful, but my limbs are in tact.

    I am going to do a ritualistic innoculation for the masses today. I have this musty very old attic that is the upper level of this musty very old house. Every time I have gone up there to delete clutter, and gain some semblence of order, I would start feeling sick the next day. I now take my immune boosters before I embark on that dusty mission, the echinacea and golden seal thing works good for me. And a little bee pollen never hurts. What can I say I’m a light weight when it comes to meds. Cheap date at the supplement store.

    So today I am going up there to kick up the dust, breathe it in, and breathe out innoculation. Knew there was a reason I never scrubbed that thing down.

    My small personal way of sending out healing. But I too have a hidden agenda. I want to keep the vision alive.

    Keep the vision going.

  4. Pigs are pretty smart are they not? I’d be stressed if I were a pig today.
    But then, this isn’t about pigs, is it? It is interesting how the virus appears to have been more potent at it’s source (Mexico) but hasn’t yet killed after it’s been passed along once or twice.

  5. Victoria,

    That’s funny that you say that because my husband, upon hearing about the “deadly swine flu in Mexico” said “oh, our government and businesses don’t want people vacationing and spending their money in Mexico.” The funny thing is, now the EU has issued a warning or ban on traveling to the US, what goes around comes around! I am not trying to make light of this but I agree with Eric, as soon as I heard the news, I felt my heart and it said “warning….fear mongering ahead” and I didn’t worry as much.

    I live in a small town and I will be careful, but I also remember the experts saying a few years back that the regular flu vaccine wouldn’t protect against the “deadly bird flu” only to find that people in the US that got it got milder cases of it so I think the flu shot does confer some (that’s SOME) cross immunity. Maybe that and the fact that we have access to antivirals, is why the cases seem so mild here. Or maybe it is because the unreported mild cases in Mexico have skewed the numbers there.

    No matter what, I think it is probably not as bad as we are led to believe AND it just might be a means to an end of some kind…a diversion to allow something else. The whole thing screams “manufactured emergency” to me.

  6. hee haw, hee haw, could be an ass, too, but maybe it’s about justifying funding to someone or something.

  7. where does the media play in this? Are things slow? I was at a tv and the newscasters were all over this like rabid beasts. It sounded like a good lead in to a big scary monster story. Like the outbreak in Mex wasn’t news enough, we need to go worldwide pandemic about it. Story selling. There was no hint of common sense questioning.

    there is so much going on in my world (thank you soooooooooo much eric, for compartmentalization), so I don’t know if this is all just hype or if I am just feared out. Too worked over or too old to be afraid of this one.

    All I know is watching the news again for the first time in three months, I sensed the marketing of pain. And you know maybe I just don’t feel like exercising my muscle to get beyond that, so I watched Paint My Wagon and Mighty Aphrodite (that greek chorus thing, I loved it).

  8. The local historian has a family tree for the maternal side from the mid 1800s arrival to present. My sister noted alot of babies and children that died in 1918. And yes it was the great flu.

    I mentioned this flu thing to the RN and she said she is not worried and named the two flu drugs mentioned in this article. About washing the hands, she said it is airborne, like in the air.

    Fear and the flu. Interesting. I wonder what the pigs are stressed out about. Call in the animal psychic.

  9. First on homeopathy, yes, one can get aggravations and can actually go through a healing crisis where the symptoms become worse before improving. With acute illnesses, like flu, I have experienced going through the whole course of illness in an accelerated manner; the symptoms are more intense but one is better, quicker, and without relapses. Of course, the whole key is choosing the right remedy and potency.
    Second, a comment on the death anxiety you have mentioned several times. Being a practicing Buddhist, one of the very first meditation contemplations, and 1 of 4 fundamental foundations of practice is on Impermenance. One’s death is the ultimate form of impermenance with which we will all have to come to terms with, in one way or another, whether it be the second before dying or earlier, but there is no way out of this one, folks, sorry. Perhaps the death anxiety that seems to be underlying all of the heightened anxiety at this time is an invitation by the universe to start practicing. Events seem to be accelerating, and planets lining up pushing us to get off our lazy a***s and do the work and wake up. If we all really sat down and contemplated our own deaths, and the inevitability of that happening one day, we might begin to live our lives in a different manner; our values would change, priority lists would have to be rewritten, and we might even find the time for more spiritual practice or just stopping for a second in our day to enjoy the blue sky and the sun shining down upon us, with gratitude. As the Lakota said, “Today is a good day to die”. Keep up the good work Eric!

  10. You had a healing crisis reaction to the remedy. The thing with homeopathy is that it has to be prescribed correctly. It is easy to suppress, to aggravate and so on. Influenzinum is an emergency remedy in the event that people around you actually start getting sick.

    The literature on the use of homeopathics in the 1918-1919 situation is compelling. The allopaths lost most of the patients. The homeopaths saved just about everyone who wasn’t already given aspirin.

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